The ignorance is intentional

Canadian Officials have admitted that COVID vaccine injuries are under-reported.  Then in almost the same breath they state that the COVID jabs are safe.  How could they possibly know that?  They just admitted they do not really know how many people have been injured by the jab therefor they do not know anything about the safety of these treatments.  Canadian governments are still forcing certain groups to take a treatment with an unknown safety profile.

It has been 2.5 years how can the safety profile of these treatments still be unknown?  Willful ignorance, that’s how.  It is not difficult to get a better estimate of vaccine events.  You just need to comb emergency room visits that correlate to vaccine events.  The Epoch time did that and this is what they found.

The Epoch Times analyzed data collected by CANVAS that was released in an article published in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases in March. It shows that for 1,173,748 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered and surveyed, there were 3,276 reported “serious health events” requiring an emergency department visit or hospitalization.

This represents one serious health event for every 358 doses, or 0.28 percent of all doses surveyed for the study.

0.28 % does not sound bad but it is 25 times higher than the official Canadian government number of 0.011%.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) says as of May 26, 2023, it has received reports of 55,145 adverse events following immunization out of 98,194,601 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered (0.056 percent of all doses administered).

Out of those, 10,906 were deemed serious (0.011 percent of all doses administered). One report counts for one person, who could have reported multiple adverse events. Adverse event reports can be filed by doctors, nurses, or pharmacists.

Keep in mind that this number is also a gross underestimation.  It is based on emergency room visits only and many vaccine injuries never see the emergency room.  People who die suddenly or visit their GP after feeling poorly are not accounted for in this analysis.

This is a constant theme with COVID isn’t it?  Government tells a lie that is easily proven with their own statistics.  The problem is no one in government or legacy media bothers to look.  That task is left up to independent media and private bloggers who have been shouting from rooftops for months without notice.  But all that is changing; the public is starting to notice.

All this is happening after mass vaccinations with a novel biotechnology drug. How long are we going to go on without acknowledging the elephant in the room or more especially tabulating how many among those dying are vaccinated or unvaccinated?

The Irony is that the jabs have been killing people for 2.5 years but the public is only noticing now as the excess deaths are starting to return to normal.  The plot below is from Euromomo that shows excess deaths lower than the previous 2 years and flattening out in the summer as it should.

So why didn’t the public notice the problems before when more people were actually dying?  The answer to that is not how many are dying but who is dying.  The high excess deaths in 2021 and 2022 were driven by excess deaths among seniors.  No one notices when a senior dies because most people who die normally are seniors.  Excess deaths among seniors are finally returning to normal but sadly that is not the case for young people.  Excess deaths for young people are higher now than they have been since the start of vaccinations.

The problem is hard to ignore because many of the deaths and injuries of younger people have been on camera or involved high profile public figures.  The latest victim happens to be the son of Lebron James.  It is sad that so many people had to be injured before the public could acknowledge that the government lied.  The question now is what do we do about it?  What do you do about a government saturated with liars who are not just indifferent to death and suffering but actually cause it?