The crisis is designed for the objective

Politicians sometimes create a crisis out of sheer stupidity but more often than not they create a crisis in order to use it.  They will dutifully nurture their artificial crisis until the public demands action at which point one and only one solution will be offered.  It will of course be the solution the crisis was created for just as the COVID crisis was created for the COVID vaccines.

Justin Trudeau is creating a crisis of homelessness and Canadians really need to be asking why.  What “solution” does he want to implement?

He concluded it with, “Today, we come together as Canadians to keep our country a welcoming place and help build a safer world for everyone.”

His high-minded words are near impossible to square with the current scene unfolding in downtown Toronto. Asylum seekers, including families and children, are being effectively abandoned on the pavement outside of 129 Peter St., a City of Toronto assessment and referral centre for those experiencing homelessness.

By bringing thousands of foreign nationals to Canada and dumping them on the sidewalks Justin Trudeau is creating a highly visible crisis.  It will not be long before the public demands a solution.  Of course the obvious solution of not enticing people to come to Canada and then dumping them on the street will never be offered.  For a politician the solution to a crisis is never to stop creating the crisis.  The solution is always a monetary or political objective.

So what is Trudeau’s objective?  He could be making money off this but I think it is more than that.  His ultimate objective is confiscation of private property.  Since becoming Prime Minister Trudeau has followed the WEF playbook step by step.  A central tenant to the philosophy is the elimination of private property.  His carbon taxes and EV quotas are designed to eliminate private car ownership.  Unrestricted immigration is designed to eliminate private home ownership.

Of course Trudeau will never admit that his goal is to confiscate property just as no politician will admit mandatory vaccination was always the end point of COVID.  Elimination of private property will be accomplished the same way mandatory vaccination was; by slowly eliminating all other options.  It will start with an appeal to the good nature of Canadians.  Remember how all good Canadians agreed to stay home for 2 weeks to save their grandparents?  But just as with COVID, appealing to our better nature will be only the beginning.

Some people will voluntarily open their homes.  The media will then dutifully report what an enriching experience it has been while downplaying reports of any “guests” who are more demanding than grateful.  Trudeau will continue to pour people on to the streets and they media will start printing stories about how not enough people are stepping up to “do the right thing”.  Lists will be compiled of people with spare rooms and they will be publicly shamed.  Taxes or fines will be introduced for anyone selfishly hoarding their private property.  Fines will be introduced until no one but the elite living in empty mansions can afford not to give up control of their property.

Sounds terrible right?  Yes it does and I could be wrong but before you write this off you need to ask some very important questions.  In March of 2020 did you know “2 weeks to flatten the curve” would result in 2 years of rotating business closures and increasing restrictions?  Did you realize that the only way to stop the arbitrary and destructive restrictions was to consent to an experimental treatment that you did not need?  If you had understood their real motivation would you have agreed to any restrictions in 2020?

And, lastly, the most important question that I asked earlier.  What does Justin hope to achieve by creating this particular Crisis?