There must be a reckoning

I watched this great presentation by Ivor Cummins yesterday.  The video is recent but I am not sure of the date.  Ivor goes through his COVID checklist so to speak.  There is nothing in the presentation that is new to anyone who visits this blog but what I found interesting is that in 35 minutes Ivor clearly makes a point without actually saying it.  The same point I have been making on this blog for more than 2 years.  There is no way this was an accident.  Even people who work for government cannot possibly be this stupid.

In the spring of 2020 almost every government in the western world threw out their existing pandemic management plans and proceeded to do absolutely everything wrong.  This was not a coincidence and it was not people acting irrationally out of fear.  Any objective analysis of the data clearly showed there was nothing to be fearful of.  The fear, like the “mistakes”, was deliberate.  The Pandemic response was not a cascade of errors by fearful and stupid people.  It was a carefully enacted plan by amoral people.

There are many people who still will not agree that the pandemic was faked.  After all many people did die but did they die from a virus?  No unfortunately a virus did not kill them; their own government did.

Dr. John’s claims are supported by a Care Quality Commission report that found 34% of NHS staff were pressured into placing “Do Not Resuscitate” orders on Covid patients with disabilities and learning difficulties. The policy led to people with disabilities and learning difficulties accounting for 3 in every 5 Covid deaths according to official ONS figures.

This testimony from an NHS staff member suggests that the public was being lied to regarding the official narrative of the NHS being overwhelmed during the pandemic.

I know People just want to move on from COVID but that would be a mistake.  The entire COVID pandemic response from lockdowns to mandatory vaccinations was a crime; the largest criminal conspiracy in history.  If these criminals are not punished they will not stop.  In fact they have not stopped.  Our political “leaders” are still discussing vaccine passports and yearly COVID vaccinations.

The only way to move on from COVID is to start putting people in prison; not the people who organized protests but the people who planned the pandemic.  Criminals don’t stop being criminals just because we choose to ignore them.  If they go unpunished their next crime will be even bigger than this.