The crisis is designed for the objective

Politicians sometimes create a crisis out of sheer stupidity but more often than not they create a crisis in order to use it.  They will dutifully nurture their artificial crisis until the public demands action at which point one and only one solution will be offered.  It will of course be the solution the crisis was created for just as the COVID crisis was created for the COVID vaccines.

Justin Trudeau is creating a crisis of homelessness and Canadians really need to be asking why.  What “solution” does he want to implement?

He concluded it with, “Today, we come together as Canadians to keep our country a welcoming place and help build a safer world for everyone.”

His high-minded words are near impossible to square with the current scene unfolding in downtown Toronto. Asylum seekers, including families and children, are being effectively abandoned on the pavement outside of 129 Peter St., a City of Toronto assessment and referral centre for those experiencing homelessness.

By bringing thousands of foreign nationals to Canada and dumping them on the sidewalks Justin Trudeau is creating a highly visible crisis.  It will not be long before the public demands a solution.  Of course the obvious solution of not enticing people to come to Canada and then dumping them on the street will never be offered.  For a politician the solution to a crisis is never to stop creating the crisis.  The solution is always a monetary or political objective.

So what is Trudeau’s objective?  He could be making money off this but I think it is more than that.  His ultimate objective is confiscation of private property.  Since becoming Prime Minister Trudeau has followed the WEF playbook step by step.  A central tenant to the philosophy is the elimination of private property.  His carbon taxes and EV quotas are designed to eliminate private car ownership.  Unrestricted immigration is designed to eliminate private home ownership.

Of course Trudeau will never admit that his goal is to confiscate property just as no politician will admit mandatory vaccination was always the end point of COVID.  Elimination of private property will be accomplished the same way mandatory vaccination was; by slowly eliminating all other options.  It will start with an appeal to the good nature of Canadians.  Remember how all good Canadians agreed to stay home for 2 weeks to save their grandparents?  But just as with COVID, appealing to our better nature will be only the beginning.

Some people will voluntarily open their homes.  The media will then dutifully report what an enriching experience it has been while downplaying reports of any “guests” who are more demanding than grateful.  Trudeau will continue to pour people on to the streets and they media will start printing stories about how not enough people are stepping up to “do the right thing”.  Lists will be compiled of people with spare rooms and they will be publicly shamed.  Taxes or fines will be introduced for anyone selfishly hoarding their private property.  Fines will be introduced until no one but the elite living in empty mansions can afford not to give up control of their property.

Sounds terrible right?  Yes it does and I could be wrong but before you write this off you need to ask some very important questions.  In March of 2020 did you know “2 weeks to flatten the curve” would result in 2 years of rotating business closures and increasing restrictions?  Did you realize that the only way to stop the arbitrary and destructive restrictions was to consent to an experimental treatment that you did not need?  If you had understood their real motivation would you have agreed to any restrictions in 2020?

And, lastly, the most important question that I asked earlier.  What does Justin hope to achieve by creating this particular Crisis?

A Corporate global take over

Lockdowns do not work.  We have known this since 1918 yet we tried them any way and guess what we found?  Nothing has changed since 1918; lockdowns still don’t work.

Overall, our meta-analysis fails to confirm that lockdowns have had a large, significant effect on mortality rates.

Overall, we conclude that lockdowns are not an effective way of reducing mortality rates during a pandemic, at least not during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our results are in line with the World Health Organization Writing Group (2006), who state, “Reports from the 1918 influenza pandemic indicate that social-distancing measures did not stop or appear to dramatically reduce transmission

Lockdowns also cause enormous collateral damage.  That is something we also would have known had we taken the time to consult anyone other than Anthony Fauci.

The doctor who was once the country’s most senior medic has told the UK Covid-19 Inquiry that lockdown “damaged a generation” of young people.

She said that, during the pandemic, she now believed the Government would have benefited from weighing up the wider impact of measures and listening to people like economic experts, not just scientists.

So why did we go against a century of knowledge and impose lockdowns when we knew lockdowns would cause more harm than good?  That dear reader is the only question anyone should be asking about lockdowns.  We need to ask that question because the answer gives us a glimpse to the future and the future is not bright.

While the WHO’s 2019 recommendations were based on the assessment of decades of knowledge by an expert panel, its Covid-19 lockdown recommendations were based solely on reported experience from one city in China.

In promoting lockdowns, the WHO was not only following China, but a group of powerful Pharma-related interests who have been pushing these approaches for over a decade. They have established public-private partnerships such as the Swiss-based CEPI, channeling taxpayer funding to promote their authoritarian approach to public health.

We used lockdowns because the private interests that fund the WHO wanted lockdowns.  To them lockdowns was the only way of selling their products.  It would have been impossible to sell their dangerous definitely not vaccines without the coercion of lockdowns.  Lockdowns were never about a pandemic.  They were always about profits and your government wants to give the WHO the power to mandate lockdowns and vaccines whenever they want.  Politicians are lining up to sign away national sovereignty to the vaccine pushers funding the WHO.

For the new more wide-reaching pandemic accord, member states have agreed that it should be legally binding for those who sign up

It will soon be legally binding for you to take a vaccine any time Pfizer’s share price drops.  Get ready for more of this in your future.


Canada is one step from dystopia

Why would a prime minister intentionally destroy his country’s economy?  It is a question Canadians would ask if Canadians were not so incredibly clueless because Justin Trudeau is intentionally destroying the Canadian economy.  The answer could simply be that Trudeau is a terrible human being and an even worse prime minister but that is only part of it.  Trudeau is destroying Canada’s economy because he is a true believer.  Justin and the WEF crowd fervently believe that only they and their friends should have wealth.

The big stumbling block to the WEF goal of eliminating private property is that people already own things.  It is impossible to get to “you will own nothing” until the government takes away everything.  That is why WEF acolytes like Justin Trudeau implement policies designed to slowly take everything from average people.

COVID was a perfect example of that.  COVID policies were designed to kill as many people as possible.  As long as people were dying the emergency could be extended.  Emergency powers made it ridiculously easy for the prime Minister to funnel taxpayer money to his friends and impoverish people with the economic destruction.

COVID did eventually lose its appeal as public fear wore off.  As a result government had to pivot back to their next best option for destroying the economy; climate change.  Climate change provides endless opportunities for Trudeau to syphon money from bank accounts.  Justin raises taxes on ordinary people so that he can give the money to uneconomic “green” industries.  Industries no doubt controlled by his close group of WEF friends.

When one company is subsidized over another, it doesn’t contribute to economic growth, it merely moves resources in the economy away from efficient investments towards inefficient ones, and discourages firms from producing for the market, encouraging them to produce for the government instead.

If Stellantis was driven by market forces, it wouldn’t need a guarantee of government incentives to the tune of $6 million a job to invest. The very fact that it agreed to the deal because of public supports, raises the question of how sound the business case is for this factory.

If green industries really were profitable they would exist without subsidies.  This is self-evident but Canadians are the world champions of denying reality so no one stops Justin.  Our ambivalence is allowing Justin to destroy the country at a breathtaking pace.  Taxation and the accompanying inflation are making Canadian’s poor so quickly that now 1/3 of Canadians is less than $200 away from financial crisis.

One-third of Canadians say they cannot cover their bills and debt payments, while more than half state they are $200 or less away from being unable to cover their financial obligations, according to a new survey.

Canadians should be upset but they are not because they are Canadian.  The average Canadian will lose everything while blaming climate change or greedy CEOs without ever questioning government.  Sadly the entire government, including the opposition parties, is in on the crime.  There is not a single elected politician trying to prevent the financial collapse.  In fact the only solution offered is euthanizing seniors.

The disturbing images actively promote euthanasia in a package of information for seniors regarding their pension packages.

Included in the slideshow was text on “expressions of wanting to die,” saying that it could be used to “promote a sense of control” as well as talk of being able to die by euthanasia in only a “day.”

Canada is without a doubt the most screwed up country in the developed world.  We are leading the charge to “you will own nothing” and are only one step away from Soylent Green.

Potential harm was never a consideration

In previous posts I discussed the recent discovery that mRNA vaccine vials were contaminated with DNA.  This is obviously not a good situation but I was not sure what problems, if any, this contamination could cause.  Then 2 days ago my friend sent me this article.  The article is a layman’s summary of an explanation Dr. Bhakdi gave in an interview for the Health Care Channel.  The video interview is also linked in the article.

The layman’s summary is almost not necessary because Dr. Bhakdi is very good at explaining complex science in very simple terms.  It is really not hard to follow his explanation in the video and the main point can be summarized even more succinctly than the article does.  Basically the DNA contamination is incredibly harmful because RNA is unstable and temporary but DNA is stable and permanent.

The idea of the mRNA vaccines is that the RNA teaches some cells to produce spike proteins but degrades quickly so the cells only produce a limited amount of spike proteins for a limited amount of time.  That was the theory but in reality testing showed that some people produced spike proteins for a very long time.  Dr. Bhakdi says this is likely due to the DNA contamination.

The DNA carries the same spike protein instructions but it does not disappear and can replicate if the invaded cell divides and replicates.  In a worst case scenario your body could continue to produce spike proteins for the rest of your vaccine shortened life.  This is bad news because the spike protein is toxic and your own immune system will attack cells with the foreign DNA.  This can trigger AIDs like autoimmune disease.

What I found both alarming and disgusting was how the contamination happens.  The DNA is an inevitable result of the mRNA manufacturing process.  From the description given of the manufacturing process it would seem that producing an uncontaminated product is next to impossible.  Everyone involved must have known this.  They also must have known that the contamination could be deadly.

This has become a constant theme of the plandemic.  At every turn we find that they knew what they were doing was harmful, even deadly, and they did it anyway.  It is time to lift the liability protection and start sending people to prison.

Politicians steal because we let them

I have never been a fan of government; that makes me highly unusual for a Canadian.  Canadians are the most pro government population on earth.  For some bizarre reason Canadians believe that government is some sort of benevolent parent that will coddle and protect us from cradle to grave.  When Canadians are confronted by any problem they wait for “the government to do something about it” even when government caused the problem in the first place.

Canadians are hopeless; we will never wake up to the realization that government is a poorly trained dog that must be kept on a very short leash and put down when it bites.  Thankfully the whole world is not Canada.  In many parts of the word people are starting to acknowledge how damaging the corruption and incompetence of government really is.

For now, just think about how we seem to have the most cowardly, corporatist, incompetent and self-serving ruling elites of any of our lifetimes. 

The thing about government is that it starts bad and only gets worse until people start saying no.  It is time to say no.  Government has never been good but it has also never been this bad.  Western politicians are thoroughly corrupt and worse than that I doubt they are even in charge.  Most of them like Trudeau, Biden, and Macron are unintelligent, even senile, sock puppets.  They do the bidding of the puppet masters and what the puppet masters want, among other things, is all of your money.

The global pandemic response was not global.  It happened mostly in wealthy countries and that was by design.  The pandemic response was never about a virus or public health.  It was always about wealth transfer and it worked brilliantly.  It was the single largest wealth transfer in history.

The gap in net worth between the most and least wealthy increased 1.1 percentage points in the first quarter relative to the same time a year before, marking the fastest increase on record.

COVID was a great excuse for governments to spend and waste a lot of your money.

“Crucially, an estimated 25 per cent of Canada’s COVID spending ($89.9 billion) was wasted in the form of overpayments, money being sent to ineligible recipients, and/or those that weren’t in genuine need.” 

25% lost to the ether is not the whole story.  The reality is that 100% of COVID spending was fraud because none of it was necessary and the waste is not over.  Most western countries signed long term contracts for boosters no one will take.

July 7 (Reuters) – Novavax Inc (NVAX.O) said on Friday Canada will pay $349.6 million to settle the forfeiting of certain doses of its COVID-19 vaccine previously scheduled for delivery.

The wealth transfer will continue until we stop it.  Had enough yet?  Or do you think Klaus is right and you should own nothing?

Chaos is a precursor to total control

Socialism leads to communism, communism leads to mass murder.  A system that always results in mass murder should not be desirable yet communism is very popular among academics.  Colleges and Universities are full of communist sympathizers who churn out armies of indoctrinated youth.  These indoctrinated youth are true believers but ½ the population does not go to university so what about them?  How do you get the people who have not been subject to 4 years of brainwashing to accept a system that will make them poor?  The answer is chaos.

The four steps of the Cloward-Piven Strategy:

  1. Overload and Break the Welfare System
  2. Have Chaos Ensue
  3. Take Control in the Chaos
  4. Implement Socialism and Communism through Government Force

Overburden the bureaucracy to break the system, create controlled chaos, usurp power as civil unrest peaks, and offer government aid as the only solution. This was the basis behind the Cloward-Piven strategy created by sociologists Frances Fox Piven and her husband, Richard Cloward. The couple published their theory in The Nation Magazine on May 2, 1966, entitled “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.”

According to Cloward-Piven chaos starts by overloading the welfare system.  The best way to do this is unrestricted immigration.  Flood the country with immigrants who can’t or won’t find work and chaos ensues; just ask any Frenchman.  France has been engulfed with Riots and the French military is threatening to “take control in the Chaos”.

According to several senior officers, the French army are prepared to temporarily seize control of the government and detain the Young Global Leader over his deliberate failure to maintain law and order in France.

The media is labeling the riots as a civil war but nothing is further from the truth.

As a result, the once hushed and dreaded phrase “civil war” is becoming less taboo. “To defend themselves, the French may one day take up arms as a result of forty years of a disastrous immigration policy,” politician Marion Maréchal wrote in the newspaper Le Figaro.

This is will not be a civil war because it will not be Frenchmen against Frenchmen it will be French against invaders who are not and never wanted to be French.  The French government imported foreign fighters and waited patiently for the fighting to start.  The average Frenchman was not aware that the government was stoking civil unrest because it was sold as multiculturalism.  Sadly, the French are not alone in this.  Almost every western government is using multiculturalism to destabilize their countries.

Let me be clear: large-scale immigration and poor integration simply do not work. That is why we are now changing the Swedish migration policy to the EU’s strictest.


Until now, public opinion was effectively unanimous, at least outside of Quebec, that more newcomers represent an absolute good.

Any realist would see something has to give. Canada can’t have it all when it comes to immigration while shortages of basic goods and services persist.

For decades, citizens of western democracies have been sold a lie.  We were told that diversity and multiculturalism are desirable.  “Diversity is our strength” is a mindless slogan that Justin Trudeau uses every day.  Canadians accepted this despite the fact there is no evidence for it.  In fact history shows that diversity and multiculturalism always descends into violence.

Leaders like Trudeau are too stupid to understand this but his puppet masters are not.  This is all part of their plan.  Chaos gets them to their goal.  Chaos will frighten the population straight in to communism, AKA the great reset.  Get ready to suffer as much diversity as it takes to subjugate you and your family.

We are governed by criminals

It is not unprecedented for approved drugs to be later recalled.  This has unfortunately been quite common.  Even extensive testing still does not guarantee there will not be serious or even deadly long term side effects.  History should have told us that forcing everyone on earth to take a new treatment was a very bad idea but unless you are part of the ruling “elite” it was criminal to even entertain those thoughts.

Do you think Mark Zuckerberg is vaccinated?  Do you think any top politicians are vaccinated?  Of course not; why would they do something that any fool knows was potentially dangerous?  Mark Zuckerberg can go unvaccinated because he owns friends in high places; ordinary people did not have the same option.  Politicians forced a needle in to every arm attached to a person not able to finance their next campaign.

Against all common sense commoners were vaccinated.  It did not take long before serious vaccine injuries were identified.  If the intent of the Jabs was to save lives they would have been banned by now.  As stated previously banning dangerous treatments is quite normal; so why have the jabs not been banned?

If you wanted to be charitable you could ascribe the vaccine mandates to fear and wishful thinking.  Decision makers mandated a product they were not willing to take themselves in the irrational hope that everything would work out.  But everything did not work out, and their behavior since has been criminal.  Instead of banning the jabs they are banning information about vaccine deaths.

A study showing 74% of post vaccine deaths were caused by the vaccine has been censored in less than 24 hours.

A review of 325 autopsies found that the COVID-19 vaccine was the cause of death in 73.9% of the cases – the vast majority had damage to the cardiovascular system.

None of these deaths were attributed to the vaccine.  That is hardly surprising since the CDC was altering death certificates to make sure vaccine was never listed as the cause of death.

In a post COVID world we always chose people over profit.  We no longer live in that world.  Now an individual life carries a value less than the profit from the jabs.  The entire COVID response was criminal conspiracy that led to the jabs.  The efforts by government agencies to conceal negative jab information prove they are active co-conspirators.  Why are these criminals still in positions of power?


Don’t let Government blind you with Science

The go to argument for politicians is that they are following the science.  This statement is used not because they are following the science but because it intimidates people in to silence.  The irony of our technologically advanced society is that very few people understand science so when science is invoked people go along rather than ask questions.  This situation fits the criminal aspirations of the average politician perfectly.

But what can a person who does not understand much about science do?  How do you know when it is science and when it is just another politically expedient lie?  Well in my mind you can do a broad analysis that works 99% of the time or a more detailed analysis that works 100% of the time.  The broad analysis uses 2 simple screening criteria.

  1. When the media presents someone as an “expert” they are not an expert. Do not believe anything they say.
  2. When the media and the government tell you the same thing it is a lie. The truth is likely to be found in the exact opposite direction.

This simple approach is probably enough for most people but if want a more rigorous approach the detailed method is really not that much more complicated.  The rigorous approach starts with asking the question, “Are they using the scientific method”?  If they are not using the scientific method then you are following someone who is not following the science.

So what is the scientific method then?  Here is how the University of Waterloo explains it in an introductory science course.

Please look carefully at that flow chart and tell me on what step do you find consensus or peer review?  Peer review and Consensus are not part of the scientific method so they are not part of science.  Now ask yourself; when someone says they are following the science do they discuss how rigorously they applied the scientific method or do they speak about peer review and consensus?  If it is the former listen carefully to what they say.  If it is the latter laugh at them.  Treat them like the village idiot that they are.

Consensus is politics not science.  Before Galileo there was a consensus that the earth was the center of the universe.  The consensus mob hounded Galileo to his death rather than accept science.  Peer review is a modern concept.  None of the really important scientific discoveries were peer reviewed unless you call the mob that hounded Galileo on his death bed as peer reviewers.  Peer review was supposed to be a quality control step before findings were published.  In reality peer review is just a way to market junk science.

So when the government tells you they are following the consensus, peer reviewed science what they are really telling you is that they are lying.  You do not need to be a scientist to come to that conclusion.



Manufactured emergencies require real bodies

COVID restrictions were never designed to save lives.  It was always about economic opportunities for wealthy politically connected sociopaths.  Government always manufactures emergencies because emergencies provide endless opportunities for corruption.  Government never spends money prudently but during emergencies spending is even more chaotic.  Huge amounts are spent with little to no accounting or oversight.  Inevitably millions, even billions go missing.

Once an emergency is manufactured politicians will do everything possible to extend the emergency to keep the gravy train rolling.  That was the purpose of the COVID restrictions; to make sure people continued to die. Your life is not more important than their income.  This may sound outlandish but if COVID restrictions helped in any way shape or form, how come people who ignored them fared better?

Meanwhile, recent studies have shown that specific communities of people have not suffered any mysterious sudden deaths or heart attacks.

America’s Amish citizens have not suffered any excess deaths from Covid or any increases in cardiac arrests.

The Amish people completely ignored CDC guidelines during the pandemic.

Therefore, they didn’t vaccinate, wear masks, engage in lockdowns, or partake in any other restrictions.

Researchers have not been able to find a single definitive case of an Amish person dying from Covid after analyzing tens of thousands of people.

From a political perspective then, the problem with COVID was eventually people stopped dying of COVID.  The gravy train coasted to a stop; a new manufactured emergency was necessary so it is not surprising that there is now a war in Ukraine.  Don’t get me wrong the war is a real emergency but the war itself was manufactured for the same reason COVID was manufactured; to make the rich richer.


The Ukraine crisis has the same limitations as the COVID crisis.  To keep it going people need to die and eventually there will be no more Ukrainian men to slaughter.  The hard limit on Ukrainian casualties will force western politicians to make a choice.  Either manufacture a new crisis or prolong the Ukrainian war by sending men from other countries to die in the Ukraine.

During COVID we let governments kill our countrymen at home.  Will we now let them kill our sons and fathers abroad?  As always the choice is ours.  Just for shits and giggles, this time why don’t we make the right choice for once?

It was money not a virus that drove COVID policy

I know people who have been severely injured by the COVID vaccine.  I even know people who I strongly suspect were killed by the vaccine.  When I made this comment recently someone I did not know told me that I did not know anyone who had been injured by the jabs and that I was a liar.  That was a bizarre thing to say since there is absolutely no way for them to know who I did or did not know or if any of them had been injured.  Not only did they accuse me of being a liar, it was said with such conviction that I have no doubt they do not believe anyone was harmed by the jabs.

Sadly this person who was so quick to label me a liar is not alone.  Many people refuse to believe the COVID jabs are anything other than a miracle drug that saved mankind from extinction.  I would bet they all know someone who has been injured but they ascribe those injuries to simple bad luck; something that would have happened anyway.  There are a couple of things that makes it easy to mistake jab injuries as just the normal problems of being human.

  1. Because the injections do not stay in the shoulder and can go anywhere, damage can happen anywhere. There are over 2000 different vaccine injuries.  It is difficult to believe that different injuries have the same cause.  It is easier to believe that the injuries are unrelated.
  2. The media has been intentionally either ignoring vaccine injuries or ascribing them to other causes.


Pierre Kory is absolutely correct.  The media has been part of the COVID conspiracy.  They have worked hard to make sure the public is either ignorant or misinformed about every aspect of the pandemic.  I expect they will continue to do so for as long as it is profitable.  That could be forever.  As long as Pfizer is able to sell vaccines there will always be money to buy the media.

I have been saying this for more than 2 years.  Money was behind COVID tyranny.  Pfizer buys the media with add revenue and NGO’s with charitable donations.  Not a single part of the COVID response makes sense if money was not changing hands and I am certain that the money did not just go to people who could only influence the decisions.  People who made the decisions got money as well.

We need to start looking at the bank accounts and stock portfolios of politicians and senior bureaucrats.  These are the people who enforced vaccine mandates.  They forced people to take a treatment that they did not need.  A treatment with no public health benefits and unknown long term health consequences.

I can think of no reason for them to do this if it was not for profit.  They chose profit over your welfare.  To make it worse they even made you pay for it.  These criminals took billions of your tax money gave it to Pfizer and then Pfizer gave some of it to the decision makers.  People have died from the jabs so this whole enterprise was a criminal conspiracy to commit murder.  Murderers belong in prison.