The West is Weak because our Leaders are Weak

Hard times create strong men.  Strong men create good times, Good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.

I don’t know who said that first but it is a universal truth and unfortunately the west is currently in the wrong part of that cycle.  Times have been good and people are weak.  Nowhere is that more evident than in our political class.  The west is controlled by elderly and second generation professional politicians; people who have never known hardship or even done a single day of hard work.  They are soft, weak, and frankly under intelligent.  Every one of them is ushering us back to hard times.

The thing about weak people is that they know they are weak.  They try to hide their weakness behind false bravado.  That why you hear so much tough talk about Russia.  The weak political elite want to prove their toughness by sending you or your offspring to die in the Ukraine.  Each day they move us closer to a war we cannot win.  They have already ensured our defeat by destroying our economies and militaries.

To win a protracted war you need 2 things, a strong manufacturing base and a strong military.  The west has neither.  The US did not win World War 2 because they had the best military.  They won because they were able to produce more bullets, bombs, planes, and tanks than the Nazis.  For every one that was destroyed they built 2 more.  Germany’s superior military had no chance.

The west no longer has a strong manufacturing base.  We let China take it and China supports Russia.  We don’t even have the capacity to re-build a manufacturing base.  Woke, green policies have made Britons so poor they must ride the bus just to stay warm and in Canada nothing can be built without consulting “indigenous knowledge”.  The big problem being that no one can define what indigenous knowledge is.

Among the new procedures for approving projects is the requirement for impact assessments to consider “Indigenous knowledge.” In the previous environmental assessment law, this was optional. Now, Indigenous knowledge is one of the primary factors in deciding whether a project is likely to cause significant adverse environmental effects.

In the event of war you cannot build a weapons factory in Canada without consulting something that has no legal definition.  Do you think Putin is worried about how many Canadian Tanks he might face?

The same woke/green policies that have destroyed our economies have also been applied to the military.  Our political elite have been demonizing white men for years.  Young White men used to be the backbone of the military but now they are unwilling to defend a country that hates them.  Military recruitment is down across the board in western countries.  So much so that countries are discussing mandatory conscription.

Western politicians are pushing for war at a time when they do not have the men they need to fight it.  They don’t have the weapons either.  We have emptied our armories by sending everything to the Ukraine where most of it never got pointed at Russian troops.  By some accounts corrupt Ukrainian politicians sold more than ½ of it to our enemies.  If we go to war in Ukraine our soldiers will be killed by weapons we supplied.

We are certainly headed into hard times.  The good news is that the cycle will repeat.  Good times will return but unfortunately not in our life time.  The damage these weak politicians have already caused will take decades to repair.  The longer we take to get started the longer it will take to fix.  The first step is to purge our society of the trouble makers.  And by trouble maker I mean professional politicians.