It is not fraud when the Government wastes money on purpose

Just when you though the courts could not be any more useless along comes another judge who says “hold my beer”.  Brook Jackson was suing Pfizer under the false claims act.  Brook worked for a company hired by Pfizer to conduct COVID vaccine trials.  She could see that the trials were fraudulent.  Brook went to the FDA with what she knew only to be ignored and fired.  Brook sued and her case was just thrown out of court.

He (the judge) acknowledged the evidence Jackson offered but said her complaint did not “identify any safety risk that was hidden from the FDA in the data from the Ventavia sites, any symptomatic participants who Ventavia did not properly test for COVID-19 infection, or any COVID-19 infections in vaccinated participants that Ventavia falsely reported to have occurred in the placebo group.”

Basically the judge ruled that there was no fraud because the government knew the jabs were unsafe and ineffective when they signed the contract.  Remarkably this was Pfizer’s defense all along.  Since everyone involved in the transaction knew the product was defective there can be no fraud.  The only party that was defrauded was taxpayers and they don’t count.

People had their lives ruined and ended by this defective product that was forced on them by people who knew it was defective.  Somehow their lives matter less than Pfizer’s profits.  The system cannot be more corrupt.  They all must go; the politicians, bureaucrats, and judges.  We will never have a functioning society or any justice as long as they remain.

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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    Well, the establishment is using the legal system to go after Trump because he was blackmailed 7 years ago by a whore, meanwhile Anthony Fauci walks free and continues to get tongue-bathed by the media.

    I think it’s safe to say the system is set up to serve the establishment’s interests.

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