The Jabs Threaten another Lucrative Career

Justin Bieber has cancelled concerts due to facial paralysis from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome.  Ramsay Hunt Syndrome is a rare condition related to shingles.


Emergency room physician Dr. Kashif Pirzada said it’s “very unusual” for someone Bieber’s age to be diagnosed with the virus.

“Usually it affects people with compromised immune systems”.


Gee I wonder what could have compromised the immune system of a vaccinated world traveler.  Just another one of life’s mysteries that seem to pop up regularly since January 2021.

Justin’s problems have developed only a few months after his wife had a stroke due to a blood clot.  So this young celebrity couple have dealt with a nerve damage and a stroke after taking medication known to cause nerve damage and strokes.  No one including the Biebers are linking their conditions to the vaccines but let’s be honest, this was absolutely caused by the vaccines.  In the absence of the vaccines what do you think the odds are of a young husband and wife both being afflicted with different, equally rare, conditions in the same year?  The Stupid really does burn.

Ignorance and Apathy allow Government Rot to Grow

Governments that persecute religious leaders, control media, suspend due process, and deny rights are oppressive regimes.  Canadian Governments do all of those things.  Canadian citizens are willfully blind to this but that does not keep politicians in foreign countries from recognizing Canada as an oppressive regime.


People refuse to believe that we live under tyranny because Canada is a democracy.  What Canadians don’t understand is that democracy only works if you use it.  The only way for voters to bring tyrannical politicians to heel is through the ballot box, something that Canadians steadfastly refuse to do.  Doug Ford just got re-elected with another majority government.  After 2 years violating rights and destroying lives Doug Ford should not be in charge of anything let alone the largest province in Canada.  Doug Ford is a criminal who should be in prison.

The sad truth about Canada is that criminals like Doug Ford and Justin Trudeau are in office because Canadians keep putting them there.  Ignorance and apathy are the allies of these Tyrants.  Low information voters make their world go round.  Canadians are the very definition of low information voters.  Every day our media deluges us with government propaganda and most Canadians accept it without a moment of thought.  Sadly it is voters not criminals like Ford and Trudeau that make this country dysfunctional.

Decades of ignorance in Canada have allowed the rot in our public institutions grow so deep I am not sure this country can be fixed.  Recently Albertan’s scored a pyric victory by getting rid of a career criminal.  Albertans can’t celebrate that the demonic dwarf is leaving because he has pledged to remain on long enough to ensure his successor is no better than he is.  So far it looks like things are proceeding as per Jason’s plan; the people vying to replace him may as well be his clones.

One of the candidates, Danielle Smith, calls herself a libertarian.  This would be encouraging but Kenney also claimed to be a libertarian and he was in reality a big government, Justin Trudeau Fan boy; the exact opposite of a libertarian.  Because of Alberta’s past history of communists in libertarian clothing I decided to test our latest “savior” with a few simple questions.  In fact it was the same question applied a few times.  Below is the email I sent to Danielle.


We have never met but you might remember we exchanged emails about COVID several months ago.  I am writing to ask a couple questions about your leadership bid.  I joined the UCP specifically to vote against Jason Kenney.  I have no intentions of staying with the party if they do not choose a pro-freedom Candidate as the leader.  I saw your Rebel news interview and I think you could be that candidate.  That brings me to my question; how far are you willing to go for freedom?


It is easy to say there will be no more lockdowns.  You might even keep that promise but the next person may not.  Preventing another lockdown even after you leave is simple.  Abolish the emergency management act.  No free society should have a law that allows a politician to bypass all other laws by declaring an emergency.  The law needs to be scrapped or re-written to state that after 14 days the emergency cannot be extended without a unanimous vote in the legislature.  If it was a real emergency a unanimous vote would not be a problem.


Albertans were deprived of their rights for 2 years because of this ridiculous piece of legislation.  COVID was a problem but at no time did it rise to the level of an emergency.  COVID was nothing more than a bad flu.  Before you push back on that statement go look at deaths from all causes.  The spike in 2020 was roughly equivalent to the 2017/18 cold and flu seasons, the next 2 winters were completely average.  Virologists might argue that COVID acts differently than influenza but the net result was the same.  We did not have a single season where the deaths are outside the normal range.  Jason Kenney will tell you that is due to the restrictions but that is just another lie.  The research is clear lockdowns had little to no effect viral spread and actually increased the number of deaths.  You cannot hide from an airborne virus.  It is that simple.


What Jason Kenney did fell under the act but in my mind it was still criminal because there was no actual emergency.  Just a man who is too much of a coward to do the right thing.  So again how far are you willing to go for freedom?  The best way to ensure no more lockdowns is to punish the people responsible for this one.  That goes up to the highest levels of our government and bureaucracy.  The biggest threat to freedom in our country is the size and overreach of government.  Saying no more lockdowns will not ensure freedom.  Government’s wings need to be clipped.  The government that governs least governs best.



So in summary I asked if this libertarian candidate would be willing to

  1. Eliminate legislation that allows government to operate outside the law.
  2. Punish the people who abused their authority during the fake COVID emergency.
  3. Reduce the size and power of government to ensure this can never happen again.


Someone from the Danielle’s staff answered that they would target the regulations.  Why target and not eliminate?  There was no commitment to abolishing legislation that allows a premier to suspend rights by declaring a fake emergency.  I can only conclude that means Danielle wants to preserve this power to use later.


Notice also I received no answer for the last 2 questions.  So in a nut shell the laws won’t change, no one will be punished, and government will continue to grow.  In other words no change in the status quo.  Albertans will not get their rights back and they damn well better behave.  This is from the libertarian candidate.  Just imagine what the other guy will do.  If this is the best our democratic process can do then we are royally screwed.  I mean Prince Andrew on an underage girl kind of screwed.  Canada is broken beyond repair.  We need to trash the whole thing and start over.


Monkey pox or COVID whatever it takes for the Great Reset

Theresa Tam is staying in shape this summer by quarantining people who do not have monkey pox to protect the country from monkey pox.  She needs to stay in shape because she is certain COVID will be back.  Dr. Tam is warning that Canadians need to be prepared for the 7th wave of COVID. By prepared she does not mean expanding hospital capacity, disseminating early treatment options or anything else that a competent chief medical officer would do.  This is Canada after all, so the Trudeau government is preparing to destroy your remaining rights to keep you safe from freedom.

To do this we are no doubt hiring more health bureaucrats to draft more nonsensical mandates.  We are also hiring more police officers to beat and intimidate anyone who points out the distinct lack of science behind the new mandates.  You can rest assured Trudeau will be very prepared for the 7th wave of PCR testing.

And guess what they are preparing to do with your house while you are in a quarantine camp?  There are thousands of newly naturalized liberal voters who need housing and you won’t be using yours will you?  According to the Trudeau liberals paying for a house does not give you the right to own it. That is a right reserved for liberal voters who did not pay for your home, or anything else for that matter.

Canadians can expect a complete elimination of all rights this winter and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  For reasons that will baffle historians, Canadians elected a man who openly admires communism not once but 3 times. A man whose childish antics reveal his sub simian IQ.  You really do reap what you sow.  Canadians are in for a terrible harvest, and they deserve what is coming.

The very definition of Insanity

I saw this headline today.

If I could make a suggestion to the Israelis it would be that while you “consider” the 5th Jab you should consider the results of the first 4.

Every vaccination program coincided with a surge in COVID deaths.  Not only that, there were more deaths per dose administered with each successive booster.  So which came first the chicken or the egg?  Did the boosters cause the deaths or stop a surge in deaths that would have occurred anyway?  Since the deaths were from a disease that the Jabs were supposed to have prevented in the first place I have a hard time crediting the boosters for saving lives.

Israelis need not worry however, Moderna has developed an even better booster.  Seriously, when will people just say no?  How much longer can we deny reality?  You cannot find a single place in the world where these vaccines have resulted in fewer cases and deaths.  With every new release of government data the booster story gets worse and worse.  The data out of Canada again shows taking a booster is a particularly bad idea.  Hospitals and morgues in Canada are seeing a disproportionate number of people who were foolish enough to trust Justin Trudeau and Theresa Tam.  From May 8th to 22nd 82% of COVID deaths were from the 48% of the population that were boosted and the data from the rest of the world is no better.

COVID simply was not much of a problem until government made it a problem.  COVID was and is still a disease of the elderly.  Vaccines have not changed that at all.  We could have chosen to protect the elderly, instead we chose to let them die as we stripped everyone else of their rights.


The Jabs have not worked yet we are barreling towards mandated boosters.  The irony is that if the Jabs were simply ineffective we would not be doing this.  The problem is that the Jabs are ineffective and Deadly.  Young people are dying from the Jabs which makes all of this criminal.  The choice for government was clear.  Admit that the mandates killed thousands if not millions or cover it up by continuing on as if nothing is wrong.  More people will die because no one in government has the moral courage to face the consequences of their actions.



Life Imitating Art

I have stated multiple times that since March of 2020 we have been living in some sort of dystopian science fiction novel.  I was a little off the mark.  It is actually an Xfiles episode.


Life really is now imitating art.  We seem to be oscillating between Xfiles and Idiocracy.  How intellectually stunted must you be to not understand the origins of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome.  We forced the entire world to inject experimental chemicals multiple times each; really what could go wrong?

Even Idiots eventually get slapped in the face with the truth.  Sooner or later even the most oblivious are going to notice taking a booster made things worse.  In a perfect world the media would be reporting this rather than trying to obscure the truth.  CBS news wants you to think that people who take boosters are only getting sick because of all their risky behavior.

“So, one of the dynamics here is that people feel, after vaccination and boosting, that they’re more protected than they actually are, so they increase their risks,”

I am no psychologist; maybe that is why I find this hard to swallow.  I highly doubt that people who allowed the media to frighten them like children cancelled their sky diving lesson to be first in line for the boosters.  Risky Behavior?  We are talking about people who have not removed their mask or touched a loved one for 2 years.

The reality is that the highly risk adverse who lined up for boosters were indeed involved in very risky behavior.  They trusted government.  Only fools and daredevils do that.


Qui bono?

A few days ago I posted that the Uvalde shooter did not act alone.  Someone obviously gave him the money to purchase all of the equipment.  This mysterious financing has been noted by multiple internet contributors but mainstream media and the FBI are strangely oblivious to it.  The external financing source proves this was not a random shooting by a mentally ill shooter.  This was terrorism, the question is by which organization?

Terrorists often use young mentally unstable people as stooges.  While the trigger person might be insane the terrorist organizers are not.  They are purposeful in their actions.  There is some expected benefit from killing innocents.  Traditional terrorist organizations seek to destabilize and frighten their enemies in to submission.  That is why they immediately claim responsibility.  Their enemy needs to know it was them for it to have the desired effect.  No one has claimed responsibility for the Uvalde shooting.

Uvalde was not then traditional terrorism.  To understand Uvalde we need to ask 2 very important questions.  What kind of terrorist organization wants to remain hidden and how did they benefit?  Qui bono?

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks politicians reflexively react with rules and policies designed to curb terrorism that never work.  They just make life more restrictive for their own citizens.  The terrorists understand and exploit the inherent uselessness of politicians.  They can count on politicians blundering in and making things worse.  That is one way killing a dozen people can impact the lives of millions.  So what do we see politicians doing in the aftermath of this shooting?  Gun control.

Terrorists definitely benefit from gun control; it makes subsequent attacks easier.  The question now is why no one has taken credit for this.  What organizations benefit from gun control but must hide their intentions?  The only answer that comes to mind is Joe Biden, the democrats, and the left in general.

The Democrats have a looming problem; the midterm elections.  Their disastrous policies are making life very difficult for voters.  There is no way they can hold power without cheating.  I have no doubt they plan to cheat but for cheating to work it can’t be so blatant that no one believes.  There needs to be an issue that they can claim resonated with voters more than expected.  They had hoped that issue would be abortion but it failed to rile up enough people so they had to default to killing children.

This might sound a little extreme but remember these people have already shown they are willing to kill to get what they want.  They have already killed far more Children with COVID jabs than the 19 shot in Uvalde.  Can you think of anyone else who benefited more from this tragedy?  Can you think of anyone else who could have pulled this off?  This was easy for the democrats, they just had to turn to their favorite fixers in the FBI.

Consider this; 2 days ago the FBI arrested a 17 year old Canadian for threatening to shoot up the gay pride event in West Palm Beach Florida.  All threats of violence should be taken seriously but this threat had very little chance of coming to fruition.  There is no way a 17 year old could cross an international border with a weapon and travel over 2000 Km to this event.  The lack of a realistic opportunity made this threat level very low yet the FBI jumped in to action anyway.  Why didn’t the Uvalde shooter get the same attention?  He also made threats on social media and his target was very accessible.  The FBI just demonstrated that this was a very preventable crime, so why didn’t they prevent it?  Are they not tracing the origins of the money because they already know where it came from?

Uvalde was about politics and the second amendment.  Joe Biden is fond of saying that no amendment is absolute.  Americans should be very wary of this; even the ones who don’t like guns.  Joe Biden and the democrats are trying to establish the principal that government should be able to curb rights.  They are trying to turn the American bill of rights in to the Canadian Charter of rights; a useless document not worth the paper it is written on.  The Canadian charter of rights establishes that Canadians do not have rights only privileges bestowed by government in return for compliance.

To my American readers, I beseech you, do not let Joe Biden do this to your bill of rights.  This is not about guns, this is about all off your rights.  The democrats are just starting with guns because that is the right that protects all other rights.  Do not let your country become Canada.  A country that strips guns from the hands of law abiding citizens while declining to punish criminals that use illegal weapons.

No government on earth values self-reliant citizens.  They want you defenseless and dependent on government.  Once they achieve that they can do anything they want and you will have no choice but to accept it.  Gun control does not eliminate guns.  It just concentrates guns in the hands of criminals and government, neither group gives a damn about you.


Unleashing a Bomb for Profit

Giving everyone on earth, including children, and experimental treatment that does not prevent either infection or transmission is an enormously bad idea, yet we did it anyway.  Now we have a virus that will not go away and thousands of people suffering and dying from vaccine injuries.


Only a moron could think that this would not have caused problems.  So why did we do it then?  This was clearly not done to improve public health.  Was it, as Dr. Cole suggests done strictly out of greed?  I might not be the right person to answer that question since I am in no position to profit from the suffering of others.  Maybe we could ask Jacinda Ardern as she leaves the American head office of BlackRock Investments.


Curious that she would fly halfway around the world to visit a private investment firm during a pandemic isn’t it?  I guess she prefers cash to wire transfers.

The Precautionary Principle facilitates Government Oppression

In this short Video an Oxford professor explains the inversion of the precautionary principle.  We employed lockdowns we knew were enormously harmful to stop a virus that might be harmful.


Anyone with an ounce of common sense knew that we should not have used lockdowns but almost every government did.  We were told that it was out of an abundance of caution yet they employed no such caution when it came to the damage from Lockdowns.  Acting on the abundance of caution or using the cautionary principle is the dominant theme in our modern world.  Too bad the precautionary principle is just another destructive invention of the left.

The media and modern governments have convinced people that the precautionary principle is some sort of scientific principle that must be applied to all situations.  This is just another government lie.  The precautionary principle has no place in science.  In fact it is contrary to the accepted principle of first do no harm.  The only branch of science that the precautionary principle belongs to is political science.

COVID is not the first time the precautionary principle has been invoked to steal your rights and wealth.  It has been justification for climate regulations for decades now.  People have been conditioned to accept that the “science is settled” and that you must endure hardship now to avoid a theoretical future calamity.  This is just another lie propped up with the fabricated precautionary principle.

To start with science is never settled.  300 years ago Sir Isaac Newton proposed that gravity was caused by mass.  250 years later Einstein proposed that gravity was a warp in space/time.  For 250 years the science of gravity was considered settled even though it was not.  It did not matter though because the science, while not settled, was repeatable and that is the more important consideration.

Newton developed a set of equations from his theory, using Einstein’s explanation results in the same equations.  These equations have been proven and engineers have been using them for hundreds of years.  That is the point, science may never be settled but once it is repeatable we call in engineering and we use it.  If the science of global warming was indeed settled it would be repeatable.  There would be a set of equations that would give the same answer every time and engineers would be using them to hold atmospheric CO2 concentrations at the optimum level.  Do you see a lot of climate engineers doing that right now?

A plot of model predictions vs actual temperatures clearly demonstrates that climate science is neither settled nor repeatable.

The various lines are from the various climate models.  If the science was really settled all the models would produce the same predictions and it would closely match the observed temperature.  They aren’t even close to each other yet alone close to reality.  The solution is to average all of the models and present that as the “settled science” even though the average (red line) has no bearing on reality.  Averaging 100 numbers spit out of 100 different random number generators does not somehow magically produce the correct answer.

Climate science is obviously not settled yet the precautionary principle is invoked to justify transferring your wealth to politically connected business that produce windmills and solar panels.  Our easy acceptance of junk climate science and the wholly manufactured precautionary principle paved the road to lockdowns.  Once again we allowed the government to damage our lives now to remove the threat of some future event that real science tells us is unlikely to ever happen.

The public accepts these absurdities because they are trusting and ignorant.  Trust seems to be intrinsic to humans.  Ignorance on the other hand is cultivated by the government and media.  The combination of trust and ignorance makes humans easily led sheep.  Our motivation to accept carbon taxes and lockdowns is our desire to be part of the herd, but what is the government’s motivation for imposing these destructive policies?  Well that is simple, our governments hate us.

I have stated many times we are at war with our own governments, most people are just unaware that it is happening.  They still think they are saving others and the planet.  If people ever woke up and considered the data the conclusion is inescapable.  Western governments are actively destroying western society.  Thankfully others are finally waking up to that reality.



Vaccine Fraud in Europe

An investigation has uncovered over 2000 Wealthy Europeans possess fraudulent vaccine passports.  Frankly I am not surprised by this and I am sure the number is much higher.

I sincerely doubt that any senior government ministers or Davos elite are vaccinated.  Why would they subject themselves to their own conspiracy?  Of course I have no evidence to support my belief but don’t you find it suspicious that none of them have died or been injured?  Deaths are up everywhere.  Insurance companies verify this and every day another athlete or B list celebrity “dies suddenly”.  Is it just a coincidence that no one from the Trudeau, Johnson, Ardern, Macron, or Biden administrations have “died suddenly”?

A real investigation would uncover 10s of thousands of fake passports but I doubt this was ever meant to be a real investigation.  This investigation was meant to find a few sacrificial lambs.  People who had the money but not the influence.  The sole purpose of the investigation is to convince the public that vaccine fraud will be punished so that no one notices the rampant vaccine fraud among the Davos elite.

The rules will always apply to you, never to them.

It is time to Rename Canada Day

People are finally starting to wake up to the fact that the vaccines do not work.  This gentlemen uses Irish government data to ask some very uncomfortable questions about the vaccines.


It is not 100% correct to say the vaccines are ineffective; they are very effective at producing profits.


The clown doing the Prat fall in the commercial knows all about the profit generating ability of the vaccines.  Rumor has it that he is the major shareholder in the Canadian company that holds the patent on the lipid Nano particles that make mRNA vaccines possible.  Every time someone is vaccinated the clown makes money.  Unfortunately that clown is also the Prime Minister of Canada and is in a position to force vaccinations on Canadians, multiple times per year for as long as he holds power.

In a normal functioning democracy this would be investigated but Canada is not a normal functioning democracy.  In the last federal election 4 out of 5 eligible voters did not vote for Justin Trudeau.  He does not really speak for the country yet he is somehow able to rule as a monarch.  He has even introduced a caste system in Canada without a peep of protest.  Unvaccinated Canadians are now untouchables who have no legal rights.

The secret to Trudeau’s power is not voters.  He is held in power by indifference and other public figures who adore him.  People like the soon to be departed Jason Kenney and Jagmeet Singh.  Jagmeet might be the only person in the country that wants to have sex with Justin Trudeau more than Jason Kenney does.


Jagmeet and Jason truly admire Trudeau and would do anything for him but indifference is really what keeps Trudeau in power.  Canada is not just a dysfunctional democracy it isn’t even a real country.  50 years of liberal policies have removed any trace of Canadian cultural identity.  Unrestricted immigration coupled with multiculturalism have turned Canada in to nothing more than a hotel.  A place where ethnic enclaves sleep close to each other but share nothing more than proximity.  50 years ago a Canadian could tell you what it means to be Canadian.  Now being Canadian is simply defined as not being American.  The problem is we are not anything else either.

July 1st is Canada Day.  Since Trudeau has driven the last nails in to Canada’s coffin we should think about renaming it.  Not America Day doesn’t really roll off the tongue but it is accurate.