Monkey pox or COVID whatever it takes for the Great Reset

Theresa Tam is staying in shape this summer by quarantining people who do not have monkey pox to protect the country from monkey pox.  She needs to stay in shape because she is certain COVID will be back.  Dr. Tam is warning that Canadians need to be prepared for the 7th wave of COVID. By prepared she does not mean expanding hospital capacity, disseminating early treatment options or anything else that a competent chief medical officer would do.  This is Canada after all, so the Trudeau government is preparing to destroy your remaining rights to keep you safe from freedom.

To do this we are no doubt hiring more health bureaucrats to draft more nonsensical mandates.  We are also hiring more police officers to beat and intimidate anyone who points out the distinct lack of science behind the new mandates.  You can rest assured Trudeau will be very prepared for the 7th wave of PCR testing.

And guess what they are preparing to do with your house while you are in a quarantine camp?  There are thousands of newly naturalized liberal voters who need housing and you won’t be using yours will you?  According to the Trudeau liberals paying for a house does not give you the right to own it. That is a right reserved for liberal voters who did not pay for your home, or anything else for that matter.

Canadians can expect a complete elimination of all rights this winter and we have no one to blame but ourselves.  For reasons that will baffle historians, Canadians elected a man who openly admires communism not once but 3 times. A man whose childish antics reveal his sub simian IQ.  You really do reap what you sow.  Canadians are in for a terrible harvest, and they deserve what is coming.