Qui bono?

A few days ago I posted that the Uvalde shooter did not act alone.  Someone obviously gave him the money to purchase all of the equipment.  This mysterious financing has been noted by multiple internet contributors but mainstream media and the FBI are strangely oblivious to it.  The external financing source proves this was not a random shooting by a mentally ill shooter.  This was terrorism, the question is by which organization?

Terrorists often use young mentally unstable people as stooges.  While the trigger person might be insane the terrorist organizers are not.  They are purposeful in their actions.  There is some expected benefit from killing innocents.  Traditional terrorist organizations seek to destabilize and frighten their enemies in to submission.  That is why they immediately claim responsibility.  Their enemy needs to know it was them for it to have the desired effect.  No one has claimed responsibility for the Uvalde shooting.

Uvalde was not then traditional terrorism.  To understand Uvalde we need to ask 2 very important questions.  What kind of terrorist organization wants to remain hidden and how did they benefit?  Qui bono?

In the aftermath of terrorist attacks politicians reflexively react with rules and policies designed to curb terrorism that never work.  They just make life more restrictive for their own citizens.  The terrorists understand and exploit the inherent uselessness of politicians.  They can count on politicians blundering in and making things worse.  That is one way killing a dozen people can impact the lives of millions.  So what do we see politicians doing in the aftermath of this shooting?  Gun control.

Terrorists definitely benefit from gun control; it makes subsequent attacks easier.  The question now is why no one has taken credit for this.  What organizations benefit from gun control but must hide their intentions?  The only answer that comes to mind is Joe Biden, the democrats, and the left in general.

The Democrats have a looming problem; the midterm elections.  Their disastrous policies are making life very difficult for voters.  There is no way they can hold power without cheating.  I have no doubt they plan to cheat but for cheating to work it can’t be so blatant that no one believes.  There needs to be an issue that they can claim resonated with voters more than expected.  They had hoped that issue would be abortion but it failed to rile up enough people so they had to default to killing children.

This might sound a little extreme but remember these people have already shown they are willing to kill to get what they want.  They have already killed far more Children with COVID jabs than the 19 shot in Uvalde.  Can you think of anyone else who benefited more from this tragedy?  Can you think of anyone else who could have pulled this off?  This was easy for the democrats, they just had to turn to their favorite fixers in the FBI.

Consider this; 2 days ago the FBI arrested a 17 year old Canadian for threatening to shoot up the gay pride event in West Palm Beach Florida.  All threats of violence should be taken seriously but this threat had very little chance of coming to fruition.  There is no way a 17 year old could cross an international border with a weapon and travel over 2000 Km to this event.  The lack of a realistic opportunity made this threat level very low yet the FBI jumped in to action anyway.  Why didn’t the Uvalde shooter get the same attention?  He also made threats on social media and his target was very accessible.  The FBI just demonstrated that this was a very preventable crime, so why didn’t they prevent it?  Are they not tracing the origins of the money because they already know where it came from?

Uvalde was about politics and the second amendment.  Joe Biden is fond of saying that no amendment is absolute.  Americans should be very wary of this; even the ones who don’t like guns.  Joe Biden and the democrats are trying to establish the principal that government should be able to curb rights.  They are trying to turn the American bill of rights in to the Canadian Charter of rights; a useless document not worth the paper it is written on.  The Canadian charter of rights establishes that Canadians do not have rights only privileges bestowed by government in return for compliance.

To my American readers, I beseech you, do not let Joe Biden do this to your bill of rights.  This is not about guns, this is about all off your rights.  The democrats are just starting with guns because that is the right that protects all other rights.  Do not let your country become Canada.  A country that strips guns from the hands of law abiding citizens while declining to punish criminals that use illegal weapons.

No government on earth values self-reliant citizens.  They want you defenseless and dependent on government.  Once they achieve that they can do anything they want and you will have no choice but to accept it.  Gun control does not eliminate guns.  It just concentrates guns in the hands of criminals and government, neither group gives a damn about you.