The steady March to Extinction

The only person in North America trying to hold any of the corrupt chief medical officers accountable is Senator Rand Paul.  Rand Paul is an MD and his favorite whipping boy is the lying weasel Anthony Fauci.  Here is Rand Paul grilling Fauci again about vaccinating children under 5.


What Rand Paul is grilling the high priest of COVID about is the concept of immune-bridging.  The Pharmaceutical companies, and the evil bastards writing the scripts, are desperately trying to justify jabbing every child on earth.  This is not an easy task since Children are largely unaffected by COVID.  It does not matter how large your test groups are, it is unlikely that anyone in either the vaccine or placebo groups will die or require hospitalization.  How do you prove your vaccine reduces severe illness, the new bizarrely low standard for vaccines, when there is no severe illness in the first place?

The fact that there is no severe child illness to address should be proof the jabs are not needed for children, but where is the profit in that?  Fortunately for Bill Gates and the other Moderna shareholders, proof of efficacy is no longer a criteria for vaccine approval.  Now all you need to show is even a slight antibody increase.  By this standard unlimited boosters will now be approved since you will see a response with every shot.  You will also see a lot of vaccine injuries and COVID.

Increased COVID infections in children is one tangible conclusion that you can draw from Moderna’s data.  The only children to get infected more than once were vaccinated.  The boosters were especially effective at producing re-infections.

Jabbing children will keep the virus circulating among children.  It will also no doubt produce all of the injuries we see in adults.  There is absolutely no way a sane society would subject children to these jabs but in some way it is a moot point.  We won’t be jabbing children for very long since we will quickly run out of children to jab.  Young adults are also not at risk from COVID but governments coerced almost all of them to be jabbed.  Now it seems they are finding it difficult to produce any more children.


The evidence used to justify jabbing adults was very poor and we see serious problems manifesting from the jabs.  The evidence for Jabbing children is even worse than that.  It is so weak that it is non-existent; something Ron DeSantis lays out in a way no Canadian politician would ever dare to do.


At this point anyone defending these jabs is definitely part of the problem and nothing more than a useful idiot.  Our biggest problem right now is the sheer number of useful idiots and their prevalence in news rooms.  Too bad more people were not willing to call them out as James Delingpole does here.