Sudden Vaccine Death Syndrome is coming to a Toddler near you

The FDA approved COVID vaccines when both the Moderna and Pfizer data showed mRNA vaccines cause at least one death for every COVID death they prevent.  In terms of lives saved the vaccines were then neutral.  In terms of years of life preserved they were highly net negative.  COVID kills ill seniors while the vaccines kill healthy young people.  Remember this was data from an abbreviated 2 month trial.  Since the roll out of the vaccines and the advent of “SADS” it is apparent that the vaccines continue to kill young people for much longer than 2 months.  If the original trials had been run for more than 2 months far more people in the vaccine group would have died than in the placebo group.

So the FDA approved a vaccine that causes more deaths than it prevents, this was all done to reduce the load on hospitals.  Since people dying of Sudden Vaccine Death Syndrome (SVDS) rarely make it to the hospital you could argue that hospital loads were decreased albeit at a horrible cost to society.  Unfortunately even that is not the case.  Based on Pfizer and Moderna’s own data the COVID jabs produced 3 hospitalizations due to non-lethal vaccine injuries for every COVID hospitalization prevented.

The Jabs were approved for Adults even though they increase hospitalizations and deaths and now we want to give them to toddlers.  Are we nuts?  We should not expect the data for children is any better and guess what, it isn’t.  Data submitted by Pfizer and Moderna shows that in children the jabs increased both infections and hospitalizations.  Thankfully no toddlers have yet died of SVDS but it is only a matter of time.

Even if the data were better vaccinating children is asinine.  Every medical procedure carries risk.  Why would you ask any child to incur risk to protect them from a disease that does not affect them?  Are we going to start vaccinating toddlers for shingles?  There is no public health benefit to a vaccine that does not prevent infection of transmission.  There is certainly no public health benefit to a vaccine that increases infections and hospitalizations.  This is not about a virus or public health and more people are starting to notice.


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