Norway Bans a Vaccine they do not Need Anyway

Norway has banned AstraZeneca COVID Vaccines and is advising young people not to get Vaccinated.

Finally, some sanity.  Norway recognizes that the virus is less risk than the vaccine for young people.  COVID was a complete nonevent in Norway.  Officially Norway has had 146 COVID deaths per million.  The 3rd lowest in All of Europe.  Norway did not have a single excess death from COVID.  The plot below is from Euro Momo.  You can clearly see the spring 2020 and winter 2020/21 covid spikes in the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden.  There are no COVID spikes in Norway.

So how did Norway have such great success?  For more than a year we were told the only way to stay safe until a vaccine comes is to lockdown.  To achieve this kind of success Norway’s lockdown must have been brutal, right?  The reality is that Norway did even less than Sweden.

I have no doubt that less restrictions are better, but Norway does not owe their Success to the absence of lockdown.  Their success is due to Vitamin D.  In 2019 these researchers found Norway had the highest average vitamin D level of any country that participated in the study.

Average Vitamin D Levels by Location among GrassrootsHealth Participants – GrassrootsHealth

Norway was 15% higher than the next highest country.  That is a little odd, don’t you think?  Vitamin D is the sunshine Vitamin.  How does a northern country like Norway have such high vitamin D levels?  Well, another good source of vitamin D is fish oil and Norwegians eat a lot of fish.  Iceland is the only country in Europe that eats more fish that Norway.  Iceland had 87 COVID deaths/million, the lowest in Europe.

In Europe there is a very strong correlation between fish consumption and COVID deaths.

The importance of vitamin D was discovered very early in the pandemic.  As time goes on the evidence gets even stronger.  What our governments did with respect to this information was criminal.  We all could have been Norway.  COVID would have been a nonevent everywhere.  All it would have taken is a single honest person in government.  Is that too much to ask for?