Profits over People

For 3 years the medical establishment was silent on all things COVID.  There were only a few brave souls who spoke out and they all paid a high price for contradicting the will of the elite.  Even suggesting something is amiss is enough to have a medical license suspended.  The tide is slowly changing however and more doctors are finding the courage to speak out.


I could not agree with Thomas binder more.  The entire pandemic response from lockdowns to the vaccines is the greatest medical crime in history.  The vaccines and the mandates are nothing short of murder.  Edward Dowd is right something horrible is going on and no one wants to admit that it is the vaccines.


It is absolutely insane that we injected billions of people with a medication that, as Dr. Binder pointed out, we cannot control.  Everyone will get an unknown dose for an unknown time produced in an unknown location.  We should have known better.  We had all the information we needed before the first needle went in the first arm to know that the jabs would do more harm than good.

In 2021 we knew that mRNA jabs provided only temporary partial protection and that the lipid nanoparticles do not stay in the injection site.  This meant that in return for a low level of protection we risked damaging every organ and system in the body.  You did not need to be a medical professional to understand this.  I am not a medical professional and I came to these conclusions in 2021 with just a basic understanding of biology and some logic.

I know many people who have taken the vaccine.  Most of them have had no problems so they have no issues with vaccine mandates.  It is true many people, the majority even, had no immediate issues with the vaccine.  The problem is that this vaccine is a game of Russian roulette.  5 people never have a problem; the 6th person, not so much.

The reason for the wide range of vaccine complications was explained by Dr. Yeadon in the video I posted previously.  There is no way to control how many spike proteins any individual produces.  With a traditional vaccine a finite amount of dead or weaken virus is injected.  Everyone gets the same amount.  With the mRNA treatments everybody will react differently.  Some people will produce very few spike proteins while others will produce a lot.

So some get a little and some get a lot.  There is no way to predict what will happen.  You simply take your chances.  That is what makes these treatments the deadliest vaccines in history.

There is no way the people pushing the jabs thought that they would work.  They had the same information I had and way more medical knowledge.  The Jabs were absolutely not safe or effective.  This was never about a virus or public health.  It was always about profit with no regard for human life.