If you love your Children ignore Government

A few days ago I noted that some governments have stopped recording COVID statistics by vaccination status.  Vaccine failure was obvious from the numbers which is a real problem for government since they still want to vaccinate you.  The solution to the government’s problem is simply to hide that the jab you are being forced to take makes you more likely to die from COVID.

For some reason England is still reporting data by vaccination status.  Their attempts to hide the problem are rather mild.  They still report the numbers but they no longer do the math for you which is not a problem if you can do grade school math.  The math on the English data is horrifying, especially when it comes to children.  The best way to increase your child’s chance of DYING is to give them a COVID Jab.  The plot below is from the linked article.

Children 10 to 14 who have been jabbed are more likely to die of anything, including COVID.  The more jabs you give your child the worse it gets.  Triple Jabbed children are 45 times more likely to die than unvaccinated children.

You don’t need the data to understand that giving your healthy child an experimental vaccination for a mild disease is a bad idea.  After seeing this data you would really need to be a moron to inflict this harm on your child.  Unfortunately for many Canadian children their parents truly are morons; according to the CBC Ontario parents are elated about the prospect of jabbing their babies.

Ontario parents expressed excitement and relief Thursday as the province opened COVID-19 vaccine bookings for babies and preschoolers

The only solace I can take from this article comes from the knowledge that the CBC is enormously dishonest.  If the CBC tells you something is black there is a 99% chance that it is white.  For the sake of Canadian Children I sincerely hope this is not the 1% time when the CBC is accidently truthful.


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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    Horrifying indeed!
    At the rate the mortality is changing, by the time a child gets a forth shot there will about a 1% chance if it killing them. By the 5th shot a 5% chance.

    History will not be kind to our era. When people look back in 100 years at the sweep of human history, they will say “this was humanity’s worst hour”

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