Moderna, Pfizer, and Government are not your Friends

A friend sent me this heartbreaking video of a young woman describing her vaccine injuries.  Prior to her 3 COVID jabs she had a small problem with eczema.  Now she has a serious life altering problem with eczema.


The jabs are the corporate gift that keeps on giving.  This poor woman must purchase expensive medications to manage a chronic condition caused by the Jab.  The same pharmaceutical companies that caused the problem will now profit from it for the rest of her life.  No industry has a more profitable business model.  Make your customer sick and “manage” their condition forever.

There are over 2000 possible side effects of the jabs.  No one knows exactly how the jabs are causing any of them or if there is any way to help these unfortunate people.  Governments knew even less about these jabs than the Pfizer and Moderna but they mandated them anyway.  Complete ignorance should result in caution but with government that is never the case.  People in government are entirely too comfortable with ignorance.  Their incredible ignorance is the source of their arrogance.  Justin Trudeau is always the least intelligent, least knowledgeable, most arrogant, and most confident person in the room.

People in government simply do not understand anything and they do not care.  Government is not your friend.  That is something this poor woman learned the hard way.