Choose your Friends Wisely

Yesterday in my post I accused the pharmaceutical industry of selling expensive drugs to manage rather than cure illnesses.  As I was posting Tucker Carlson was scorching the pharmaceutical industry for exactly the same thing in his opening monologue.


The Pharmaceutical industry is not your friend.  They have a long history of selling expensive drugs that do not work, that you do not need.  With COVID it is even worse than that; now they profit from drugs used to manage vaccine injuries that they caused.  It used to be taboo to discuss the consequences of our over medicated society but COVID may have just changed that.  Maybe someday we can even discuss why all the teen age shooters are on mood altering drugs.  Which came first the psychotic shooter or the Ritalin?

Theoretically institutions like the FDA or health Canada exist to protect the public.  They should ensure that pharmaceutical companies profit by eliminating not causing misery. Unfortunately there is so much profit in causing misery that some it finds its way in to the pockets of bureaucrats in these organizations.  That is a bold statement but how else do you explain that drugs get approved for children with absolutely no testing?

The government and permanent bureaucracy will not protect you.  They don’t even like you.  They are not your friend and neither are the pharmaceutical companies.  How many lives need to be ruined before people figure that out?