Safe and Effective has always been a Lie

There is a new study in preprint from the Netherlands.  The researchers looked at vaccine effectiveness by comparing counties with different vaccination rates.  The researchers were unable to find any evidence that the vaccines helped reduce COVID deaths.

After  both  vaccination and  booster  campaigns,  we  did not  observe  the negative  correlation between  mortality  and  vaccination  expected  for  an  effective  vaccine.

They did however discover a strong correlation between the jabs and unexplained excess deaths.

We did find a 4-sigma-significant mortality-enhancing effect during the two periods of high unexplained excess mortality.

The jabs are neither safe nor effective.  They went searching for evidence of a cure and instead found evidence of mass murder.  How many boosters will people be coerced to take before the public wakes up?

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    A 4-Sigma event will only happen 1 time in 31,560. This means it is not a coincidence, it is causally linked to the jab. And it can’t be that the excess deaths caused those people to get jabbed. Therefore it is proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the jab kills people. Just what we already knew.

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