Canada Tries out an Already Failed Narrative

The Canadian Government desperately wants everyone to take a COVID booster but they have a problem.  Canadian’s are just not sold on the need for boosters.  Our declining interest in COVID vaccinations is apparent in the plot below.

Over 80% of Albertans were coerced in to taking the first Dose.  So far less than 20% have taken a fourth and they have been available for almost 11 months.  Vaccine hesitancy is growing quickly.  Extrapolating this trend would force you to conclude no one will be willing to take a 5th dose.  This is a real problem for a government that has already purchased 10 doses per citizen and wants you to be jabbed every 6 months.

I predicted this growing vaccine hesitancy months ago.  By now many Canadians are questioning the usefulness of a treatment that does not stop infection that comes with serious side effects.  The government has been denying the existence of side effects, but that no longer works because too many Canadians know someone who has been harmed by the jabs.  Clearly the government needed to construct a new narrative.

The new narrative is that the side effects are real, but minimal, while the risk from the virus is substantial.  I doubt this will work since other countries tried this story months ago with no success.  Still the odds of it working in Canada are not zero.  Canadians are less intelligent than other people and the Canadian government has an ace in the hole.  In Canada the government owns academics and the journals they publish government propaganda in, are owned by the pharmaceutical industry.

Universities in Canada are government funded which makes academics government pets.  Pets that are unleashed any time the government wants their ridiculously unscientific policies to sound scientific.  To be fair not all academics will cooperate but when those pets bite the government quickly euthanizes their careers.  It is not surprising then that the Canadian government was able to find a large group of academics to publish a paper that concludes the rewards of COVID jabs outweigh the risks.

Although observed rates of myocarditis were higher than expected, the benefits of vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 in reducing the severity of COVID-19, hospital admission and deaths far outweigh the risk of developing myocarditis

So myocarditis is not a problem even though they found 12 times more than normal level after only 7 days.  What if they followed these patients for 8 days?  How about a month or two?  The short duration of the study is not the only problem with this government propaganda masquerading as science.  The authors somehow did not notice that the Myocarditis risk is highest among the people with the lowest COVID risk.  The risk/reward for young males definitely does not justify vaccinated that group.

The sweeping generalization on vaccine risk/reward is obviously not valid for young males.  In fact the generalization does not work for any demographic because the authors failed to recognize one very important point.  Myocarditis is not the only possible vaccine injury.  Sudden death and debilitating neurological injures are also possible.

When all the possible injuries are considered using these jabs would be criminal even if they worked, which they definitely do not.



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  1. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    The drastic reduction in the percentage of people taking the jabs in Canada is most likely due to the fact that MANY people had adverse side effects and are scared to take it again. Many will never admit it publicly but they are speaking with their feet.

    You feel pretty foolish to admit something like that when you ostracized, ridiculed, or bullied others who wouldn’t take it. So most never will publicly.

    I wonder how this goes, …. The powers that be want their vaccine passports, Will they be able to coerce humanity again? Seems like they are going to need a pandemic that is more lethal to scare people into their injections.

      • richardsuffron
        richardsuffron says:

        Shelley thanks for commenting. I have said many times I don’t know anyone who had a serious problem with the virus but I know several people who have had a serious problem with the vaccine. Sooner or later even the most gullible will stop believing this ridiculous narrative that a treatment which does not prevent infection but could cause sudden death is somehow your best option.

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