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I suspect this Stew Peters documentary will be re-posted hundreds of times today.  The film deals with the dramatic rise in sudden death.  Even though I have already discussed most of the data on this blog there were still things that stunned me.  Things like;

  1. The Canadian Embalmer who stated 100% of the cadavers she has worked on in the last 12 months have contained the strange fibrous clotting material. Also of note is that she would not appear without distorting her image.  In the Liberal Democracy of Canada it is not safe to tell the truth.
  2. The high risk pregnancy physician who revealed that babies are now suffering heart attacks in the womb.
  3. Or finally, if you try to give the CDC vaccine injury data they will call the police and have you arrested.

I have already said too much about a video that speaks for itself.  Please share this with everyone you know.