Put the Inmates back in their Padded Cells

I can’t think of anything that encapsulates the COVID story better than this short clip from a Canadian Radio Talk show.  The Radio host tries to interview a doctor who is also a government official (school board trustee); the interview quickly spirals out of control.


The host starts out essentially saying that there is no COVID emergency.  This statement is 100% factually correct.  In fact there was never a COVID emergency in Canada.  At no time in the last 3 years did COVID ever rise to the level of emergency.  A bad flu season is not an emergency.

It is odd that anyone in Canadian media says anything truthful, so this factual statement likely caught Dr. Nili Kaplan-Myrth by surprise.  She did not, however, let her astonishment keep her from her sacred duty as a Canadian Government official.  Dr. Nili immediately and angrily defended the official Canadian government COVID narrative.  COVID will always be an emergency, you will never get your rights back, and you damn well better shut up and listen.

Dr. Nili’s reaction was completely normal for a Canadian government official.  They will stamp down the truth whenever it surfaces.  What happened next though was not normal for Canadian media.  The host, Bill Carroll, tried to push back and force Dr. Nili to defend her statements.  This enraged Dr. Nili who responded by shouting over the host and refusing to let him speak.

That is the story of the last 3 years.  Anyone who challenged the narrative or wanted to discuss science was attacked and shouted down by the government.  If this interview had happened in 2021 Bill Carrol would have been fired and had his bank account frozen.  Thankfully this is 2022 and even Canada is waking up; Bill Carroll ended the call.  I mean, WOW, Canadian media shut down the government narrative when the government refused to substantiate what they were saying.  Hell really has frozen over.

If Dr. Nili sounded unhinged in that short tirade it is because she is.  Dr. Nili is a COVIDiot.  She is a mask wearing, boosted, neurotic completely disconnected from reality; the prototypical Canadian bureaucrat.  The last 3 years have been so painful because the inmates have been running the asylum.  In a world gone mad the rational man appears insane.

All over the western world lunatics like Dr. Nili sit in judgement over others.  In their insane minds it is the rational person that is dangerously insane and must be dealt with.  The Ontario College of surgeons is controlled by lunatics like Dr. Nili and in their opinion unvaccinated should be medicated in to compliance.


I don’t know if any Canadian doctors acted on this insane advice but I do know that it happened in Switzerland.


Every western Country has the same task ahead of them.  We must purge all of our public institutions of dangerous lunatics like Nili Kaplan-Myrth.  If we don’t we will never break this deadly cycle of masks and non-stop toxic injections.



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  1. Derek
    Derek says:

    There are a number of partisan lunatic doctors and judges that are going to have to be sorted out soon. They are as much of a threat to our way of life as the politicians and bureaucrats. The Ontario college of physicians and surgeons is a good example. These people are unhinged and not fit for their roles.

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