This is what Truth Sounds Like.

Politician’s lie.  Bureaucrats that work with politicians lie.  Only a fool expects the truth from either.  Even by that low standard though, the last 2 years has been exceptional.  In Alberta the demonic dwarf and wicked witch of the west have spewed nothing but lies to an eager media.  The analogy that comes to mind is a volcano that smolders for years then suddenly erupts.

Thankfully, volcanic eruptions do eventually end.  I wish I could say the same about the eruption of lies from those 2 disgusting individuals.  Albertans have become so accustomed to lies that they might find this video disturbing.  Here is the Surgeon general of Florida doing something that would make Deena Hinshaw break out in a rash.  He is dropping a cluster bomb of truth.

I would trade every politician and bureaucrat in this country for that man.  There is something wrong with a country that can’t produce a single health bureaucrat capable of dispensing truth the way he does.