It is Time To Fire Deena Hinshaw

Two nights ago, I was watching Laura Ingraham.  She was discussing how European countries are moving back towards lock downs.  She showed these bullet points.

Isn’t it comforting to know that governments now think Covid 19 gives them the right to tell you what you can do in your own home?  I remember years ago, when the first Idiot from the Trudeau family was in charge, he famously said “there is no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation”.  Unfortunately, the bedroom is the only room in the house these left-wing globalists do not think they should control.  They might be willing to stay out of our bedrooms, but they need only the flimsiest of excuse to crawl into every other orifice. 

Notice also how smart the virus is in Europe.  In France, the virus can tell time and knows it is not allowed to infect anyone before curfew.  In the Netherlands and Germany, the virus can count and knows that it is only allowed to infect excess visitors.  The Virus even knows the different limits in the different countries.  We now have a virus that can tell time, count, and respects international borders.  In Canada, our prime minister can’t do any of that.  If our political leaders in this country were only as smart as this virus our country would be in much better shape right now.

It would be bad enough if this silliness was just re-occurring in Europe, but Restrictions have already been re-imposed in some provinces even though Canada does not have a problem.  Below are the cases and deaths in Canada.

The blue line is cases per day and the orange is deaths.  You can see that we now have more cases per day than in late April when we had our last peak.  Most of the increase in cases is because we are doing 16 times as much testing as we did in April.  If we compare where we are now to where we were in April, Cases are up 40% and deaths are down by 850%.   People are just not dying like they were in April and there are good reasons for that.

  1. The most vulnerable have already died and you can’t die twice.
  2. The virus mutates with time and can become less deadly
  3. Doctors and Nurses are not stupid; in the absence of government interference they will figure out better and better ways of treating patients.

Canada does not have a problem.  In fact, this is exactly what you want to happen.  The virus is working its way through the population without causing many deaths.  There are people who will maintain that even one death is unacceptable but that is simply not realistic.  You can not hide from a virus; it is not going away.  This only ends when most people have been exposed to it.  That happens either naturally or through a vaccine.  Today we do not have a vaccine and by the time we get one we will not need it.  Bill gates will have to find another way to make his next 100 billion.

We are also seeing cases increase in Alberta and yesterday Deena Hinshaw stated that our hospitalizations are increasing by 3% and if it hits 5% restrictions will be applied.  Alberta’s hospitalizations can be seen below.

Hospitalizations have risen to the highest level since March, but Deena needs to take a pill.  120 people in the hospital in a province of 4.4 million is not an emergency.  Since even simple things seem to confuse Deena, I will do the math for her; 99.997% of Albertans are not in the hospital with Covid right now.

It is even easier if we just look at the most severe cases, those people who wind up in the ICU.

We have more cases now but fewer people in the ICU and far fewer people are dying.  It is not tragic when someone gets sick that happens every day.  All you can hope for in a pandemic is to limit the number of deaths through early detection and treatment; as I said the virus is not going away and it is juvenile to think we can hide from it.  With that in mind the most interesting thing about this farce is the total deaths see below.

Incredibly Alberta does not have any excess deaths.  You can not say that anyone has died from Covid in the province.  Cases are up, ICU admissions are flat, and arguably not a single person has died of Covid in this Province, yet Deena Hinshaw wants to return to a lockdown.  This is made worse by the fact that we know people died from the previous lock down and people will die from the unemployment another lockdown precipitates.  We did not save anyone with the first lockdown, we have no reason to believe we will save anyone with a second lockdown.  Deena Hinshaw is advocating, again, for policies that will kill more people than the virus.  She is either evil or incompetent either way it is long past time to fire Deena Hinshaw.  No single politician or Bureaucrat in Alberta’s history has done more damage than Deena Hinshaw.