Defiance MIGHT lead to our Destruction, Compliance WILL lead to our Destruction. You decide.

It is really odd that during a time when being “woke” has such prominence that so few people are really awake.  We are fast approaching 2 years and the majority still believes this is about a virus and vaccines.  There is a small number of people who know that is not true.  They can be divided in to 3 groups.

  1. Pharmaceutical companies
  2. Government
  3. Independent thinkers

Things are horribly wrong now because of the significant financial interdependence between groups 1 and 2.  Governments take money from pharmaceutical companies and in return they force citizens to use products developed by pharmaceutical companies.  But not just any product.  Only the products that are still under patent with obscene profit margins.  Products with expired patents find themselves mysteriously banned if they compete in any way with a patented product.

Despite their interdependence Pharmaceutical companies and Governments still view this fake pandemic differently.  For the Pharmaceutical companies this is entirely about profit and why wouldn’t it be?  It is really hard to look past $65,000 per minute profit with guaranteed repeat business.

For Pharmaceutical companies virus variants represent centuries of inflated profits.  The virus will never stop mutating so they can constantly tweak the vaccine formulations which keeps them from ever coming off patent.  These vaccines will always be expensive and we will always be forced to use them.  We could have saved ourselves a lot of misery by just allowing Pfizer and Moderna to print money.

To Government this fake pandemic is not about a virus, vaccine, or even profits although I am sure none of them will refuse kickbacks from Pfizer.  For Government this is about vaccine passports, or rather what the vaccine passports will allow them to do.  Once everyone including children are forced to carry a digital ID, the government can start linking that ID to everything.  The Vaccine passports will transform entire financial and societal norms.  Vaccine Passports are the gateway to the great Reset.

I got this interview from another of my growing list of helpers.  Melissa Ciummei discusses ways that vaccine passports will be used to consolidate control and irrevocably transform society.  There really is nothing here that Catherine Austin Fitts has not already said but Melissa does make one very important point.  Our compliance guarantees our destruction.

Small business has been scrambling to comply with all the ridiculous regulations.  They are desperate to please government in order to continue operating.  Melissa’s message to them is simple, stop complying.  What is the worst that can happen?  Yes the government can close your business but that is the end game anyway.  If you stop complying you might lose your business, if you keep complying you will lose your business.  The choice is difficult but simple.  This is a powerful message that everyone needs to hear.  We are going in to lockdown season (formerly known as cold and flu season) difficult future defining decisions need to be made.