Omicron should be the Final Nail in the COVID Narrative

The Omicron Variant has already been identified in multiple European countries.

Politicians are scrambling to close their borders.  I doubt this will have any affect.  We have been to this movie before and we already know how it ends.  Over the next few weeks we will find out that it is already in every country.  It is pointless to try and keep out something that you have already let in.

Don’t get me wrong.  I am not advocating for permanently closing borders.  If we did we would still be dealing with Variants just domestic rather than international variants.  What I am advocating for, again, is common sense.

You cannot stop a virus, especially an RNA virus, from mutating.  You also can not eliminate a virus that has animal reservoirs.  Even if we had a vaccine that worked, to eradicate the virus you need to vaccinate or exterminate every possible host animal.  We simply cannot do that.

We need to face facts; let’s start with the most glaring fact that Omicron presents.  All of the cases so far have been identified in people travelling from Africa.  Media has been quick to blame this on how few people in Africa are vaccinated since 94% of Africans are unvaccinated.  The media is just following orders and once again obscuring the truth.  The real story here is that the virus was carried and transmitted by vaccinated people.

100% of the people with Omicron have been double vaccinated.  This is not surprising since you cannot travel internationally without being vaccinated or tested.  Unvaccinated, tested people are the only ones that we can confirm are not infected.  By closing our borders we are admitting that the vaccines do not prevent infection or transmission.  Closing our borders proves vaccine passports and mandates have nothing to do with stopping the spread.

These are the facts that we finally must consider.

  1. Very few people are at risk from this virus. If you are under 70 and not managing a serious health condition Influenzas poses a bigger risk to you than COVID.
  2. The Vaccines do not prevent infection, transmission, disease, or death. They do afford some temporary protection that will require regular boosters.  This means that there are no public health benefits to the vaccines.  Your vaccine does not protect anyone else.  It barely protects you.
  3. Viruses mutate. It is only a matter of time before one of these mutations will be completely unaffected by the vaccines.  The virus can mutate faster than new vaccination can be formulated.  This is a race the virus will always win.  There is a reason why there has never been a successful vaccine for any RNA virus.
  4. This virus is very treatable and the treatments have proven to be quite robust. Unlike the vaccines, treatment Protocols like the McCullough protocol have been extremely effective against every variant encounter to date.
  5. Like every other respiratory virus the SARS CoV-2 virus is airborne. I have been harping about this since March of 2020.  Canadian health authorities still won’t discuss this but almost all of the transmission is due to aerosols.  There is simply no way a virus transmitted by droplets could spread this quickly or broadly.  Airborne viruses are not affected by partial lockdowns, masks, or social distancing.  That is why none of those measures has worked anywhere.

We need to take these facts and consider the following to develop an effective pandemic strategy.

  • Since there is no public health benefit to vaccines they should be offered but not coerced. Let each individual do their own risk assessment.
  • With an airborne virus the only effective measure is better building ventilation. The government should offer incentives to improve building ventilation in public buildings.
  • Carbon taxes on heating fuels and electricity should be dropped. It is impossible to increase building ventilation without increasing heating and cooling costs.  We should not punish building owners for doing the right thing.
  • Secure supplies of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and antihistamines. Make sure that hospitals are kept apprised of the proper application protocols and any other promising developments.

You can distill this strategy down to 4 simple principles.

  1. Personal responsibility
  2. Proper building ventilation
  3. Do not tax responsible behavior.
  4. Prepare hospitals and circulate TRUTHFUL INFORMATION.


We had all the information we needed to build this plan in March 2020 yet we chose a path 180 degrees in the opposite direction.  We are closing in on 2 years and we still have not done any of these things.  It is way past time to start asking why, and while we are at it we need to ask why we are still listening to this monster.