COVID Exposes Just how Broken Western Society is

I just watched this report from Austria and all I can say is wow.  At this point the western world is broken beyond repair.


The video opens with brief interviews of people who support the house arrest of unvaccinated.  Calling these people clueless is too polite.  They think unvaccinated should be locked down to curb the viral spread but not one of them knew that vaccinated people can spread the virus just as easily as unvaccinated.  I am certain not one of them knows anything about the Jab that they took.  If the government told them to drink battery acid they would.

In contrast to those clueless useful idiots are the unvaccinated couple.  Their position was quite thoughtful.  The contrast was stark.  Thoughtful decision making vs blind media driven obedience to government.  That much I expected so I did not find it that shocking.  What I did find shocking was the last 10 minutes.

The report ends with an academic who has based his career on human rights.  Given that you would think this man understood human rights but he was clueless.  At one time he worked for the UN and was very concerned with the rights of terrorists detained at Guantanamo bay.  He is not at all concerned with the rights of unvaccinated people.  Maybe if the unvaccinated would kill a few people they could gain his sympathy.

This left wing lunatic was very concerned about how divided society has become.  He lays the blame for the division squarely at the feet of anyone who does not agree with the government.  He repeatedly states that we must find a way to bridge the divide and his solution is to obey government.  If Austria’s government was to take a sharp turn right I am sure his solution for bridging the divide would be for everyone to oppose the government.

Frankly the last 10 minutes of this interview made me lose all hope for humanity.  You cannot fix this level of stupid and this man holds an influential position.  Austria like Canada is broken beyond repair.


The Nazis were successful because so many Cooperated

First they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—because I was not a socialist.

Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out— because I was not a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Martin Niemöller

Martin Niemöller was a Nazis.  He was an enthusiastic supporter of the third Reich until the day he realized the Nazis were not going to stop with Jews.  The Nazis also had him under surveillance.  That is what vaccine Nazis need to understand.  Their turn is coming.

Hitler was Austrian.  After what he did you would think Austrians would disassociate themselves from his policies and ideology.  Sadly that is not the case.  Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg is an obvious admirer of Hitler’s work.  Austria has now placed 2 million citizens under house arrest for being unclean.  The same charge Hitler used against the Jews.

The world cannot let this stand.  If Austria can imprison people for the imaginary crime of being unvaccinated then they can imprison anyone for any reason.  Thankfully at least some Austrians are cognizant of their own history.  The army and police have announced they will not enforce the segregation and division of their society.

Unfortunately this does not mean the fight is over.  This will undoubtable trigger a power struggle in the government.  Tyrants like Scallenberg will maneuver to replace senior police and military officers with more compliant servants.  This is something they should have done before trying to arbitrarily imprison their citizens.  That is precisely why Joe Biden is purging the US military of any non-woke or non-vaccinated.  Creepy Joe is an idiot but the people behind this are not.  They are preparing the military to be turned on the citizens.

According to polls 70% of Canadians agree with firing unvaccinated front line workers.  Over 80% of Canadian adults are vaccinated so that means almost 100% of vaccinated people agree with this.  How long will it be before those lunatics call for unvaccinated to be imprisoned?

A few days ago on LinkedIn one of these lunatics posted just that.  Unvaccinated people should be subject to house arrest.  5 people liked his comment.  I replied saying unvaccinated people are not the problem, government is.  I got 10 likes.  This is a very small sample size but still it indicates 1/3 of Canadians would support imprisoning unvaccinated people.

You might disagree with me calling these people lunatics.  If you think that characterization is unfair I would be inclined to agree with you.  A more accurate description is dangerous lunatic.  These people simply don’t get it.  This is not about unvaccinated people.  This is about keeping us divided and fighting with each other.  It is a perfect way to distract us while the government continues to solidify their power.  Vaccinated people need to wake up and re-engage their brains.  The government will not stop at imprisoning unvaccinated people.  History is clear on that point.

Good Times created COVID Soy Boys

This video is an 8 year old speaking at a school board meeting.


She has been suspended over 30 times for refusing to wear a mask and she persisted.  Her persistence paid off.  The school board has since rescinded the mask mandate.  This little girl won a great victory for human rights.  Once more we see children standing up and doing what adults are too cowardly to do.  Adults are supposed to protect children not the other way around.

3 generations ago hard men and women went to war against tyranny.  They faced incredible hardship and prevailed.  They did something that by today’s standard is simply incredible.  Battles were fought by men.  At no time did they insist that children should be sent to the front lines in order to protect adults.  That is something that the soy-boys of the subsequent generations will never understand and it shows.

It has been said “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”  There are differing opinions of the origin but the quote is 100% true.  The hard times of World War 2 created strong men who went on to create very good times.  The post war era was perhaps the greatest period of prosperity in history.  Those good times have created 3 generations of soy boys that led us to where we are today.

We have had so few problems since WW2 that the soy boys had to invent them.  Now we are afraid of warm weather and flu season.  Worse than that, when confronted with these imaginary dragons we hold children up as shields.  Children had to wear masks and get vaccinated to protect adults.  We may as well have led them to the tops of volcanos and cut their hearts out to appease the virus gods.

This little girl should be celebrated.  All of the adults that stood around and watched her do all the heavy lifting need to be ridiculed.  It is way past time for the soy boys to grow up and be adults.  Even the ones in their 60s.

A COVID Perspective from Jordan Peterson

A friend sent me this short Jordan Peterson interview.  I like Jordan Peterson but I do not find him to be the great sage his admirers believe him to be.  I think Jordan often gets things wrong and doesn’t always think things through.  Still he speaks his mind and always pushes back in defense of human rights.  I respect him for that.

True to my expectations Jordan does not hold back and gets most things right.  Please take the time to watch.


Jordan is spot on when he says the government broke the agreement with vaccinated people who were told if they got vaccinated they could go back to normal.  That did not happen and Jordan is now suffering from buyer’s remorse.  This remorse is sure to increase when twice yearly boosters become necessary to keep vaccinated status.

He is also correct when he says our charter of rights and freedoms did not protect our rights.  I also agree that we would have been better off with just British common law tradition but this is where I think he misses the point.  The charter is doing exactly what it was designed to do.  Pierre Elliot Trudeau gave us the charter of rights to eliminate our rights.

The Canadian Charter of rights starts with the weasel worlds that our rights are subject to the reasonable limitations of government.  That single statement negates everything in the document that follows it.  Had we stayed with British common law removing our rights would have been a slow process.  Each Right would need to be eliminated separately with a law debated 3 times in parliament.  By enshrining in the constitution that all rights can be limited by government, rights become simple privileges that can be removed at the whim of government.

There is a reason why Justin Trudeau is a tyrannical communist; his father was a tyrannical communist.  That applies to either man who may have sired him.  Pierre Elliot Trudeau had no interest in individual rights, his only concern was concentrating power in the hands of government.  From that respect the charter of rights really was his crowning achievement.  With one simple document he eliminated individual rights and gave government carte blanche to do whatever they want.

I also disagree with Jordan’s assessment of Pierre as an intellectual.  You hear this a lot in Canada.  My response to that is how smart could he have been if everything he did was wrong?  Canada actually had double digit inflation and unemployment at the same time under Pierre.  Even the best economists struggle to explain how that can happen.  Pierre was smarter than his moronic child but that bar is very low.  Half the monkeys in the world clear it easily.  It is sad that 32% of Canadian adults do not.

The place where Jordan misses the mark by the widest margin is his naïve assessment that COVID policies are just weak politicians carried by the wave of public opinion.  I thought that at first but that assessment falls apart after the first few weeks.  I agree that the initial reaction was understandable.  As Jordan points out the consequence of over reacting to a threat is usually low but at what point does it transition from reaction to deliberate action?  The herd may all run when the first Karen bolts but in the animal kingdom the herd stops running before they all die from exhaustion.

We are way past the point when the herd should have stopped and we are not still running because politicians are following the polls.  The average politician is led by polls but that is not the case for the most successful politicians.  To successful politicians polls are a report card grading the effectiveness of propaganda programs.  Take this Angus Reed Poll.

Last year unvaccinated first responders were heroes for handling an imaginary emergency.  This year 70% of Canadians believe that unvaccinated first responders are criminals for prolonging the same fake emergency.  This remarkable turnaround in opinion only came after a relentless government campaign to demonize unvaccinated.  Government will use this poll to justify their actions but they are not reacting to it or following public opinion.  They and their media allies created this public opinion.

Jordan Peterson was absolutely correct when he said that bureaucratic overreach is the number one public health problem right now.  He just failed to connect the dots back to what makes this over reach possible in the first place.

We are well on our way to Genocide

This is not about a virus.  This is about control and control is a lot easier if you eliminate people who are predisposed to think.  Getting rid of those people is a process.  A process with well-defined steps.

By my count steps 1 through 6 are complete.

  • Independent thinkers are identified by their lack of vaccination passports.
  • Unvaccinated are denied employment and basic services.
  • Governments are hiring private security to enforce this discrimination and financing add campaigns to demonize unvaccinated for spreading the virus.

Governments have been so successful in demonizing the unvaccinated that vaccinated people believe all outbreaks are due to the unvaccinated.  Even outbreaks in fully vaccinated events which exclude unvaccinated.  COVID is the first disease in history that can be spread by people who don’t have it and are not even present.

This irrational fear of unvaccinated people will make the next steps easy.  On Monday step 7 starts.  The first out of the gate is Austria.

Unvaccinated people will be subject to house arrest for the crime of not believing government.  The justification for the complete elimination of rule of law is the surging COVID cases.

62% of Austrians are vaccinated.  That has resulted in the highest level of infections the country has ever seen.  Most highly vaccinated countries in northern Europe are now seeing record levels of transmission.  Logic would indicate that the jabs have somehow made the situation worse.  Unfortunately this has never been about logic, science, or even a virus.

We are 70% of the way to genocide.

When will people stop believing Government Lies?

The Alberta Government just mailed a COVID Vaccine Information pamphlet to every household in the province.  The pamphlet is designed to convince you to take the Jab.  Of, Course if COVID really was a problem everyone by now would either be jabbed or dead.  So how do you convince independent thinkers to take a treatment they obviously do not need?  For government the answer is obvious; you lie.

As we have come to expect, the Pamphlet is full of dangerous lies and half-truths.  Here is what it says about pregnancy and vaccine safety.


The vaccine and your pregnancy

There is no evidence that vaccines are harmful when pregnant or breastfeeding.


This is a lie.  There is definitive evidence that the jabs are harmful to pregnancy and fertility.  First there is a Japanese study to consider.

According to the data in the Japanese study, lipid nanoparticles were found in the whole blood circulating throughout the body within four hours, and then settled in large concentrations in the ovaries, bone marrow and lymph nodes.

The lipid nanoparticles are what carries the mRNA in to your cells.  They are supposed to stay in the shoulder but they do not.  If the carrier chemical escapes the shoulder does the mRNA?  Not necessarily but this result should concern everyone.  Vaccinating women of child bearing age should stop until we can determine how harmful this could be.

To be fair, this information is disturbing but does not necessarily mean there is a problem.  For evidence of a problem we can turn to this study that specifically addressed pregnancy and vaccine safety.


82% of women in their first 2 trimesters suffered miscarriages after vaccination.  The Jabs are just about as efficient as the morning after pill.

When the Jabs started the tin foil hat crowd pointed out the people advocating for the jabs are the same people advocating for population control.  The Jabs have not controlled COVID but if they terminate 82% of all new pregnancies they will certainly control population.

It is tiresome to keep making the same point but there is no way the Alberta government does not have this information.  Both of these studies were published in respected medical journals.  Jason Kenney knows the vaccines are harmful to pregnant women and he is lying about it.  When does this pudgy little tyrant get charged with murder?

Viral Behavior is as predictable as Political Behavior

Cold and flu season has starting and guess what, COVID is back again.  Northern European nations like Germany have seen an explosion of cases.

Post-vaccination Germany has a higher rate of infection than anything that happened pre-vaccination.  A sane person would look at this data and conclude the vaccines are not working.  An insane person will tell you that this means we have not vaccinated enough people.  Can you guess which side of the sane/insane line Angela Merkel lands on?

At 69% Germany is the least vaccinated country in Western Europe (see plot below).  Still 69% will mean that more than 80% of adults are vaccinated.  So, what Merkel is really saying is that it is time to start jabbing children.  What is it with these tyrants and children?  All of the world leaders are just like Joe Biden; they can’t keep their hands off of kids.

Of course Merkel wants you to believe that this is perfectly reasonable.  This is my favorite quote from the article.

Merkel, speaking at the invitation of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern at an Asia-Pacific business summit, said it was the task of politicians to make the case for serious interventions by being honest with the public.

If you think that statement means Merkel has had a sudden transformation and will now be honest with the public you are a hopeless optimist.  Angela Merkel, like every western leader is incapable of telling the truth.  She is lying about telling the truth.  Her own data says the jabs do not prevent transmission but she still insists that that they do.

None of the pharma companies claim that their vaccines prevent infection or transmission.  The way they work it is impossible for that to happen.  All the jabs do is give you a head start on recovery as long as you are infected in the first 6 months.  The claim made by the manufacturers is that the jabs protect against severe disease.  Politicians drop the word severe and just say that the jabs protect against disease.  Even Pharmaceutical executives are more honest than politicians.  That should scare everyone.

What the jabs do prevent is massive, unnecessary, over-testing.  Unvaccinated people are practically dragged off the street for testing.  Many companies now require un-jabbed employees to be tested multiple times per week.  If we subjected the jabbed to the same rules we would find no difference in the % of positive tests.

There is also one more very important thing that the jabs prevent; herd immunity.  The jabs suppress natural immunity and train your immune system to respond poorly to COVID.  As long as we keep Jabbing people the pandemic will never end.  Being honest with the public is obviously not an objective for any politician.  The objective of politicians like Angela Merkel is to prolong the pandemic.  The Jabs are the best tool for that.

All things COVID are very predictable.  Seasonal virus will return each season and politicians will be lying, murderous, bastards.  Bastards with an unhealthy obsession with other people’s children.

We Forgot almost Immediately

Today is the Remembrance Day; a day set aside for us to reflect on the sacrifices previous generations have made for us in wartime.  We did not get this holiday quite right.  It is not important to remember the sacrifice if we don’t remember the reasons for it.

Previous generations fought and died so that we could maintain freedom.  These people are/were true heroes and patriots.  It is too bad their children and grandchildren turned out to be such assholes.  They celebrated freedom others bled for by giving it back to government.

I have been on this earth for nearly 6 decades.  Since I have been old enough to understand I have watched freedoms be eroded by government.  With each passing year government became larger and the rules more onerous.  I was always alarmed by this because the trend never changed.  It did not matter which party was in power, they all did the same thing.  It was obvious that they were slowly eroding freedom yet most Canadians did not notice.

Most Canadians were too concerned with planning their next holiday to realize that they soon will not be allowed to take holidays.  Our borders are sealed for some and the Moronic Man-child is openly musing about limiting how far anyone can travel.

I know the government is not my friend.  I have known this since I was a teenager.  This has made me very cynical about anything government yet even I was shocked at how quickly things have moved in the last 2 years.  More shocking than that, though, is how many Canadians still don’t get it.  For those of you who still refuse to understand I will make it simple for you.  82 years ago Canada joined a war.  45,000 Canadians died fighting a government that did this.

Everyone one of those people are rolling in their graves right now.


It is easy to Fool Those who want to be Fooled

The Alberta government is stoking hatred against unvaccinated people.  They have financed an advertising campaign insinuating medical procedures are being postponed because the hospitals are full of unvaccinated COVID patients.  A few days ago I asked why we even bother admitting COVID patients.  Doctors are not allowed to treat COVID patients in Alberta.  Why do you fill hospitals with patients you are not treating?

So is the government creating a capacity problem just to blame the unvaccinated?  The answer to that question is on their own website.  First let’s start with this plot on the vaccine outcome page.

This proves the government’s argument right?  65% of COVID patients in the hospital are unvaccinated.  This has got to be a problem right?  If 100% of the people in hospital are COVID patients the answer would be yes.  So how much capacity is used for COVID patients?  Here is hospital capacity.

Only 8.3% of non ICU beds are occupied by COVID patients, 65% are unvaccinated.  Unvaccinated people are clogging the hospitals by occupying 5.4% of the available beds?  Why the hell are we cancelling surgeries?  Even this number does not tell the whole story.  Researchers have already determined that the #1 source of infections are institutions; senior’s homes and hospitals.  A significant fraction of the 5.4 % were likely infected after they were admitted to the hospital.

The truth is in the numbers and the truth is no capacity problem exists.  Once again reality would not cooperate so the government has settled for creating the perception of a problem.  Unfortunately Jason Kenney knows that for COVID Zombies perception is reality.  He knows he can lie and get away with it.  The COVID Zombies will never check the data.

The Skip the Dishes Line

Regular readers will know I often ask the same question.  Are you tired of this yet?  Really what I am asking is do you have a line in the sand?  Is there anything that the government can do that will make you say no more, I am done?

So do you have a line and has that line changed?  2 years ago if the government had told you that you can’t enter a restaurant without their consent that would have been over the line for everyone.  Today the majority dutifully produce their papers to prove they have the government’s permission to be in a restaurant.

If I worked for the government I would believe that there is no line I cannot cross.  I just needed to inch up to it and then watch people re-draw it further back.  The world does not end with a bang just a whimper in a fog of red chalk dust.

I ask this question again because I had an interesting and humorous meeting last week.  I met 2 people for coffee that I have not seen for a 3 years.  One of my coffee companions was a woman who can see the humor in everything.  She even laughs at her own naivety.  She laughs about her perfect record of predicting the end of the pandemic.  After every lockdown she is convinced it is over only to find she is 100% wrong.

True to form she is absolutely certain it is over.  I told her that I think we will be locked down before Christmas and that it will be harsher than any previous lockdown.  At that point the conversation steered to red lines.  She was willing to accept another lockdown on 2 conditions.  Daycares don’t get closed and skip the dishes is allowed to operate.  In her words “If I have to stay at home with my family and cook there will be violence”.  She was of course joking but the point she inadvertently made was no joke.  It is well past time for people, especially parents to draw a line in the sand.

By the time the vaccines started they were no longer necessary.  Doctors had already proven that with early treatment no one is at risk of dying from COVID-19.  Vaccinating people for a virus that is 100% survivable is an odd decision.  Vaccinating the entire world with an untried technology that was rushed through testing is insane.

The vaccines should have only been offered to high risk groups.  Instead they were forced on everyone.  Now they are being forced on children.  Parents need to decide where they draw the line.  It is time to stop accepting the government propaganda about vaccines and turn your brain back on.  Parents need to ask, if the vaccines are safe why the drug did companies need to falsify their trials?

Last week a whistle blower came forward to testify that there were so many adverse events in the Pfizer trials that they could not document all of them.  They stopped even trying.

Now this week stories are emerging that the Moderna trails were also gamed.  The researchers in the Moderna trial were diligently documenting adverse reactions only to have Moderna executives delete them from the data base.  The justification was that the adverse event was investigated and the vaccine was found to be not guilty.  Apparently they used the same jury that found OJ to be innocent.  Here is a case that Moderna decided was not caused by the vaccine.

Maddie De Garay was a perfectly healthy 13-year-old until her hopelessly deluded mother volunteered her for the Moderna trial.  Her life has now been ruined.  She is permanently disabled.

Parents need to step up and start protecting their children.  The lockdowns have already caused psychological damage to children.

Parents sat on the sidelines and watched government destroy their children’s mental health.  Do not let government now damage them physically.  The jabs are not necessary and they are not safe.  It is time to protect your children.