The Japanese Prove the Power of Common Sense and Ivermectin

The Japanese diet is high in vitamin D.  As a result very few Japanese are vitamin D deficient.  In previous Posts I presented data showing nations with high overall vitamin D levels like Japan and Norway had very few problems with COVID.  Infections and deaths were very low.  The plot below shows how Japan compared to other countries on Dec 31st, 2020.

Despite their obvious lack of a problem Japan decided to vaccinate anyway.  I will give you 3 guesses about what happened next.

The Post Vaccination wave in Japan was 4 times higher than any previous wave.  57% of all covid infections have occurred in the last 5 months, since the start of dose 2.

Every country in the world saw a post vaccine surge in infection.  The plot above shows Canada having the same surge.  The surge in Canada was significant but smaller than the previous “waves”.  I can think of 3 reasons why the post Vaccine wave was smaller in Canada.

  1. More Canadians had already contracted COVID.
  2. Canadians went 4 month between 1st and 2nd doses instead of the recommended 3 to 4 weeks. This was due to Trudeau’s incompetence but may have inadvertently dampened vaccine adverse events.
  3. Vaccinated people were not getting tested. There may have been far more than the reported cases.

The smaller post vaccine surge in Canada is not the only difference between the two countries.  It is also not the most important difference.  The most important difference is that the Surge is over in Japan but not over in Canada.  The plot below isolates the post vaccine surge for both countries.

Canadians should be asking the simple question, “What did Japan do that was different than what we did”?  The two strategies were very different and produced dramatically different results.  This is the Canadian strategy.

  • Immediately blame unvaccinated.
  • Enforce another lockdown because the first 3 were somehow not enough.
  • Implement vaccine passports.
  • Coerce people in to accepting booster shots.
  • Finance multimillion dollar ad campaigns to demonize unvaccinated.

The Japanese strategy was simple common sense.  The Japanese took a step back to assess the situation.  I am sure somewhere in Japan the conversation went something like this.

Smart Japanese citizen #1 (SJC1) – “Before vaccinations we did not have much COVID.  Now after Vaccinating we have much more COVID”.

Smart Japanese citizen #2 (SJC2) – “The Vaccines have obviously made the situation worse”.

SJC1 – “Fauci is recommending boosters.  Trudeau has already bought 2 years’ worth of boosters for Canada.  That seems pretty stupid to me”.

SJC2 – “Yes only an idiot would do more of what did not work last time.  We need to stop vaccinating and try something different”.

SJC1 – “Several countries are having success with Ivermectin.  Why don’t we try that”?

SJC2 – “How much will that cost”?

SJC1 – “Almost nothing compared to what we have already spent on Vaccines”.

SJC2 – “Ok let’s do that.  How soon can we start distributing Ivermectin”?

SJC1 – “We can be up and running by September”.

The Japanese made the simple decision to stop doing something that was not working.  Canadians instead decided to double down on Stupid.  That is not surprising from a country that has already tripled down on Stupid in Federal elections.

This Winter Canadians will have to Choose, Freedom or Lockdowns

On Sept 24th I wrote this.

In a post Jab world asymptomatic transfer is very real and now probably the dominant transfer mechanism.  Not to worry though, this will be short lived.  There is a high degree of natural immunity in the un-jabbed population.  The virus only has so many places to go.

Then on October 31st I wrote this.

Most jabbed Canadians will lose their protection this winter.  We could see a very bad flu season which politicians will use as justification for another lockdown. 

I have not always been right but I think my track record has been very good.  Below is the testing data from Alberta.

As predicted the surge in infections due to vaccinated super spreaders was very short lived; and now we are in act 2.  COVID infections are increasing again.  These predictions were very easy to make.  I only needed to understand 2 things.

  1. The COVID Jabs are not vaccines. They do not prevent infection and the protection is temporary.
  2. Coronaviruses are seasonal. COVID will re-appear every cold and flu season.

The seasonality of corona viruses is something that is consistently ignored yet explains almost everything we have seen.  Here is a very good article pointing that out.

This is the most important point of the entire article.

i’m actually struggling to find anyplace highly vaxxed that has come into season and has done much better than previous season.

The COVID jabs have failed.  Most people just have not noticed yet.  The unusual early season surge due to vaccinated super spreaders and seasonality of the virus has managed to obscure the failure.  In a few weeks that failure will be painfully apparent to anyone with normal intelligence.  This season will be as bad as or worse than last season.  Thankfully last season really was not that bad.

We are going to see high levels of COVID infections this winter; that much is certain.  I also have no doubt that the government will lock us down again.  That prediction is easy to make if you understand the tyrannical nature of Canadian government.  The only thing that is not certain is whether people will accept another lockdown.

At this point I am only 90% certain that Canadians will accept another lockdown.  After 2 years and 4 lockdowns that number should be 0% but Canadians are very compliant and not very bright.  Despite my high confidence interval I desperately hope this prediction is wrong.  Canadians need to understand that if we allow another lockdown it will likely be that last one, because it will not end.

We kill Babies to Protect Seniors

A friend sent me this interview 2 days ago.  Dr. Nagase is the central Alberta doctor who was fired on the spot for prescribing Ivermectin.  It is a firing offence in Canada if a doctor tries to prevent COVID deaths.  A reporter caught Dr. Nagase at a freedom rally.  Dr. Nagase had some interesting things to say about vaccines and pregnancy.

13 still births in a single day at a Vancouver hospital and no one is investigating.  In Waterloo there is a hospital that has 86 still births in the first half of 2021.  Normal would have been 2-3.  Still births are 30 to 40 times higher than normal and all the mothers were vaccinated.  Why isn’t this being investigated?

Not only are governments refusing to investigate vaccine deaths and injuries some are even making investigations illegal.



How do you investigate vaccine injuries when no one is allowed to speak ill of the vaccines?  The answer to that is obvious, deaths like the ones in Vancouver and Waterloo will never be investigated.

Throughout this dangerous farce the mantra for COVIDiots has been “if it saves only one life it is worth it”.  Well I know how to save thousands maybe millions of lives.  Stop vaccinating, lift lockdowns, and imprison every politician in the world currently holding any elected office.  A very simple prescription that will not result in any more still births.

Australia is leading the world in COVID Tyranny

Australia has started to remove people from their homes to COVID concentration camps.


This is insane.  Not only are you imprisoning people for the crime of getting sick but this is a seasonal virus and summer is coming.

Australia did not have a high infection rate until the vaccination program started.  Their low pre-jab infection rate was credited to the harsh lockdowns that were employed.  This winter with lockdowns and vaccines their infection rate was 5 times higher than last winter.  This is either proof that

  • Jabs accelerated the viral spread.


  • Even when lockdowns work they don’t work.

My guess is that it is a little bit of both.  We have seen without exception that cases surge after vaccination programs begin.  Australia started giving second doses in June, cases exploded in July.  This fits the pattern so vaccines are a contributing cause but I believe the lockdowns are the bigger problem.

There was simply a lot of fresh meet for the virus in Australia.  Very few people had been exposed to the virus.  Prior to winter (remember Australia is in the southern hemisphere so their winter starts when our summer does) only 0.1% of Australians had been infected.  For more than a year their low infection rate was heralded as an example of how effective a harsh lockdown could be.  Australia was to be emulated.  Keep your population locked down until we have a vaccine.  Well now Australia has a vaccine and a lockdown, how well has that worked?

When lockdowns started I asked the question, what is the end game?  Even if they work the virus is still out there.  Sooner or later you will be exposed to it.  I had many people tell me that we must lockdown until we have a vaccine.  I told them that was a terrible idea.  You may as well say we need to be locked down until we colonize Mars.  It would be the same thing.  Your end game was an outcome that may never happen.

We are now 20 months in and we still don’t have a vaccine, not one that works anyway.  We will probably never have a vaccine; as Dr. Chetty pointed out there has never been a successful vaccine for any RNA virus.  Clearly vaccines and lockdowns have not worked.  We should be changing course.  Instead Australia is accelerating down the same destructive path.

Do you want to know how incredibly insane Australia’s quarantine camps are?  Even after their worst winter so far not even 1% of Australians have been infected and only 0.007% have died of Covid.

Australia is imprisoning people to stop the spread of a virus that has killed almost no one.  A virus that won’t spread easily in the summer anyway.  This is so not about a virus.



The COVID Vaccine Narrative reads like bad Science Fiction

In my previous post I showed how the vaccines are not preventing COVID deaths and Governments are using math tricks to cover that up.  The vaccines have failed.  That news alone is very bad, unfortunately it is not the end of the story.  The Vaccines are not just ineffective, they are deadly.  Here is new data from the UK showing All-cause mortality for vaccinated people is twice as high as unvaccinated.

I took this data from this post.

A difference of only 1 death/100,000 for a country as large as Britain is 30,000 excess deaths per year, but this data does not tell the whole story.  In the UK if you have had only one dose you are considered unvaccinated.  We saw in the Irish data even one dose causes problems so if one dose was considered vaccinated the separation between these two lines would be larger.

I found this plot in an article by the UK telegraph that shows the same thing a different way.

This comparison of the same period last year to this year is very disturbing.  Last Year no one was vaccinated in the UK.  This year almost everyone is vaccinated.  Twice as many people have died of COVID this year.  Last year the UK only had about 3,000 excess deaths.  A total far lower than the official COVID deaths.  The UK government was exaggerating the COVID number to scare people in to getting jabbed.  Now that everyone is jabbed not only are COVID deaths higher, all deaths are higher.  In a 4 month period nearly 20,000 more people died this year than last year.

These numbers are getting too hard to ignore even for the diehard COVIDiots.  Newspapers in the UK are now trying to craft a new narrative to cover this up.  In this article they are trying to claim that all the cancer patients in the hospital are only there because they did not get their third shot in time.

The logic is that all the deaths caused by the first 2 shots would have been prevented if we had only given more of the same thing.  That is the problem with lies.  They compound and contradict.  The old narrative was one dose was good, 2 was almost 100% effective.  The new narrative is that 2 doses is not nearly enough and that it is dangerous to stop at 2.

If you had written a novel 5 years ago where Government was killing people by injecting them with a toxin you might get it published.  That kind of evil from government is easy to believe.  If the characters in your novel were not fighting back but standing in line eagerly anticipating their next poisonous dose, you would not get it published.  The publisher would have looked you in the eye and told you there is no way people could be that stupid.  That manuscript would be pure gold now.


Using Math to hide Vaccine Failure

According to the Alberta Government the vaccines work.  As proof they show this on their website.

  • 67.4% of COVID-19 deaths (1,133/1,680) since Jan 1, 2021 were unvaccinated or diagnosed within two weeks from the first dose immunization date

This makes us believe that many more unvaccinated people die of covid than vaccinated and therefore the vaccines work.  That is not true, by starting in January and giving the 2 week grace period for the vaccine they are just using math to trick you.

Before we get in to the mathematical illusion I want to pause so you can consider the following questions.  If the vaccines work, why is anyone dying of COVID?  Shouldn’t we see 100% of COVID deaths occurring in unvaccinated people?

Now back to our prime concern, using math to hide the truth.  The vaccines do 2 things that obscure the truth.

  1. They are effective at preventing COVID deaths for a very short time.
  2. They turn Vaccinated people in to super spreaders. For a short period there is a surge in infections and deaths of unvaccinated people.  This surge is caused by the vaccine.

So let’s do this hypothetical exercise.  Let’s say that in the 2 months after vaccination no vaccinated people die but the vaccines cause 1000 unvaccinated people to get infected and die.  After that no more unvaccinated people die but 20 vaccinated people die every week.  So after 6 months (26 weeks) 1000 unvaccinated people died and 520 vaccinated people died.  Keep in mind all the unvaccinated people died right at the beginning.  Here is what that looks like when we calculate the percentage of people dying from COVID using the total since start of vaccination.

Using this data the Alberta government would tell you that the vaccines work because only 33% of COVID deaths are vaccinated people, even though 100% of COVID deaths in the last 6 months were vaccinated people.  So does the vaccine work because only 67% of deaths are unvaccinated or have they failed because 100% of people dying now are vaccinated?

It should be obvious from my hypothetical example that the percentage you calculate at any given time is irrelevant.  The only important consideration should be whether the percentage changes with time as it did in my example. The Alberta government updates these numbers daily but they do not show the history.  They do not publish the history because it would show the percentage changing with time and not in a way that makes the vaccines look effective.

I wish I could say that I have been tracking these numbers but I have not.  I simply have not been able to anticipate all the different ways government will lie to us.  Thankfully there are people cleverer than me and they have been tracking these numbers.  A friend of mine sent me these numbers from an Irish blogger.

The vertical axis is the % of people dying of COVID for each group.  The blue line is unvaccinated, orange is 1 dose, and grey is 2 doses (fully vaccinated).  They are using a cumulative % from the start of the vaccination program just like my hypothetical example.  The cumulative percentage for the unvaccinated group drops every week just as it did in my example.  This means that with every passing week more vaccinated people die from COVID than unvaccinated.  In fact for the last week of the data only vaccinated people died of COVID.

The Irish and Alberta Governments want you to believe the vaccines work even though every week far more vaccinated people die from COVID than Unvaccinated people.  Some weeks 100% of COVID deaths are vaccinated.  I don’t know about you but I don’t find this to be compelling evidence of vaccine effectiveness.

Dr. Chetty on the Spike Protien

I have a number of people who help me by sending interesting information when they find it.  One of those helpful readers sent me this interview with Dr. Shankara Chetty.  Sorry I can’t embed the video.  You can see it here.

The interview is long but it is worth it if you have the time.  Dr. Chetty has a private practice in South Africa.  When COVID first appeared Dr. Chetty noticed what many other doctors noticed.  People did not die from the virus.  They died after the infection was over.  Dr. Chetty observed that the symptoms developed quickly after 8 days and were the same as a severe allergic reaction.  This led him to treat it as such.  He has had tremendous success by administering high doses of antihistamine steroids on day 8.

This got me wondering about the McCullough protocol.  Dr. McCullough was having great success as well.  He must also be using some sort of anti-inflammatory.  I went back and checked his flow chart that I posted on Sept 22nd.

There it is on day 5, Prednisone, a drug used to treat severe allergies.  So 2 doctors working independently on opposite sides of the earth figured out how to treat this disease.  They did not have any double blind trials or assistance for government.  All they had was their training, experience, and common sense.

I am not at all surprised by this, In fact I predicted it would happen in March of 2020.  Before starting my blog I had an email discussion group.  In one of my early emails I stated we do not need to panic because doctors and nurses are not stupid.  They will quickly figure out how to treat patients.  I was confident doctors would solve this puzzle but it did not occur to me that government would prevent them from using or discussing the solution.

Unfortunately In March 2020 I was naïve, I thought this was about a virus.  The last 20 months have changed my perspective.  Governments obviously have an agenda.  An agenda that requires fear and murder is a great way to instill fear.  Usually the general incompetence of Government makes all of their programs highly ineffective.  That is not the case with their COVID policies; they have been very effective.  Governments are still killing and people are still fearful.  Killing comes quite easily to government.

As Dr. Chetty points out the weapon governments are using is not the virus.  The weapon is the spike protein.  The virus is just the delivery system.  As a delivery system the virus left a lot to be desired.  It turned out 80% of us were resistant to it.  Government needed a better delivery system and they found it with the vaccines.  All you need are passports and mandates and viola, everyone gets their very own spike proteins.

Governments have spent 20 months funneling us down the road to mandatory vaccination.  This is for their benefit not ours.  Stand up before it is too late.  If the government tricked you in to the first 2 jabs say no to the third and for goodness sake do not jab your children.

That didn’t age very well, did it?

Austria was the first country in the world to lock down unvaccinated people.  That policy lasted only 4 days.  The entire country is locked down now.  Locking down unvaccinated, as with everything governments have done, was destined to fail.

Austria already had a vaccine passport system.  Unvaccinated people could not access most venues without proof of a recent negative test.  Vaccinated people only had to show their vaccine passport to gain entry.  The implications of this are obvious but since COVIDiots struggle with the obvious I will break it down.  The only people in these venues that could prove they were not infected were the unvaccinated therefore they were not the source of the outbreak.

The constant surveillance of unvaccinated people proves only one thing, the virus is spreading among vaccinated people.  Not only that but it is spreading more quickly among vaccinated people than it did previously in unvaccinated people.  Austria now has the highest rate of infection they have ever seen.

65% of Austrians have been jabbed and they are blaming the un-jabbed for the record levels of infection.  How stupid do you need to be to believe that?  It is simple cause and effect.  After Jabbing 2 out of every 3 people, or more than 3 out of every 4 adults, your problems are now larger.

The solution of course is to jab everyone.  By February 1 all Austrians must be part of the experiment.  It is shocking that this is happening in Austria.  The Nuremberg code was developed and accepted worldwide because 80 years ago an Austrian forced people to take part in medical experiments.  I guess that code is not a “thing” any more.  How the hell did humans become the dominant species when so many of us stubbornly refuse to learn from our mistakes?

It is time to let People Like Byram Bridle drive the Bus

Dr. Byram Bridle has become the biggest COVID Vaccine critic in Canada.  A Druthers reporter caught him on the street and he gave a 30 minute impromptu interview.  He covers a lot of ground and it is well worth the 30 minutes.


Dr. Bridle is able to give a coherent 30 minute interview at the drop of the hat for 2 reasons.  He knows what he is talking about and he is telling the truth.  The High Priest of COVID, Anthony Fauci, and other vaccine advocates are not be capable of this.  Even the ones that know what they are talking about can’t keep the lies straight for 30 minutes.

Fauci and his gang of liars are the kings of the 5 minute interview.  In 5 minutes they can deliver the newest talking points.  If they go on for more than 5 minutes they risk accidentally regurgitating an old talking point that contradicts the new talking points.  The truth is easy to remember because it does not change.  It is very difficult to keep COVID lies straight since they change almost daily.

This 30 minutes is like being hit with a firehose of COVID technical information.  My inner nerd loved it but it was a non-technical point that I thought was the most important part of the interview.  Dr. Bridle has been maligned by other professionals, most of whom have never read his work.  He has offered to discuss or debate any of his positions but not one of them has accepted his offer.  They snipe from the sidelines and get more media attention than he does.

Brave men defend the truth.  Cowards hide behind lies.  The Cowards criticizing Dr. Bridle are beneath contempt.  Unfortunately for us they are the ones driving the bus right now.

In a Post-Jab World everyone gets COVID, Multiple Times

In a pre-jab world most people had nothing to fear from COVID.  Multiple studies showed that 80 to 90% of the population had some sort of pre-existing immunity or tolerance to the virus.  This was also confirmed by contact tracing.  77% of the time symptomatic people did not infect anyone else in their household during quarantine.  For 80% of the population the virus was not a pathogen.  It did not cause infection or disease.

But we don’t live in a pre-jab world anymore.  That is why we now see things like this.

The Ottawa Senators Have a 100% Vaccination Rate—and 40% of the Team Has Tested Positive for Covid – WSJ

In a pre-jab world this would have been a nearly statistically impossible occurrence.  There is no way you could have infected 40% of any sizable group because only 20% of them were susceptible in the first place.

For months I have been warning that the jabs do 3 very undesirable things.  They cause ADE, destroy natural immunity, and cause a general weakening of the immune system.  ADE makes infections worse while the last 2 make infection more likely.  Thankfully we have not seen much ADE.  The case fatality rate from the last vaccine induced surge was not any higher than previous.  Of course the case fatality rate for this virus has never been that high and if government got out of the way it would be zero instead of near zero.

What we are seeing is increased infection rates.  Rates that are likely much higher than what is being reported.  If you are jabbed and not a professional athlete you only get tested when you show up at the hospital. Even in the pre-jab world most COVID cases did not result in hospitalization.  As the winter drags on more and more people will show up in hospitals.  It will soon be apparent to everyone that the jabs have made things worse.  We are already seeing that in places like Gibraltar.

Not only has Gibraltar jabbed 120% of the population (yes you read that correctly they have jabbed more people than actually live on the island) 40% of the population has had a booster.  Despite all this medical intervention cases are spiking again in Gibraltar.

This year with 100% vaccination and 40% boosters Gibraltar has 5 times as many COVID cases as the same period last year.  It is tempting to say that the jabs have made no difference but that would not be correct.  The jabs have made a big difference.  This would not have been possible without them.  Gibraltar already has a 20% infection rate; if it was not for the jabs there would be no one left to infect.

These 2 cases prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that the jabs do not work, they only make things worse.  We would be better off without them.  The vaccination programs should be stopped yet governments are moving the opposite direction.  We are now jabbing children and placing un-jabbed under house arrest.  This is not stupid it is criminal.

It is not that the government does not care, they care deeply, just not about your health.  The jabs are working exactly as the government hoped.  They are increasing the number of people who are at risk of infection.  How do I know this is their desired outcome?  Well actions speak louder than words.  The first thing the government does after you have been infected is to urge you to be vaccinated.  Their top concern after you have recovered is making sure you get sick again.

Wake up.  This is not about a virus.