This Winter Canadians will have to Choose, Freedom or Lockdowns

On Sept 24th I wrote this.

In a post Jab world asymptomatic transfer is very real and now probably the dominant transfer mechanism.  Not to worry though, this will be short lived.  There is a high degree of natural immunity in the un-jabbed population.  The virus only has so many places to go.

Then on October 31st I wrote this.

Most jabbed Canadians will lose their protection this winter.  We could see a very bad flu season which politicians will use as justification for another lockdown. 

I have not always been right but I think my track record has been very good.  Below is the testing data from Alberta.

As predicted the surge in infections due to vaccinated super spreaders was very short lived; and now we are in act 2.  COVID infections are increasing again.  These predictions were very easy to make.  I only needed to understand 2 things.

  1. The COVID Jabs are not vaccines. They do not prevent infection and the protection is temporary.
  2. Coronaviruses are seasonal. COVID will re-appear every cold and flu season.

The seasonality of corona viruses is something that is consistently ignored yet explains almost everything we have seen.  Here is a very good article pointing that out.

This is the most important point of the entire article.

i’m actually struggling to find anyplace highly vaxxed that has come into season and has done much better than previous season.

The COVID jabs have failed.  Most people just have not noticed yet.  The unusual early season surge due to vaccinated super spreaders and seasonality of the virus has managed to obscure the failure.  In a few weeks that failure will be painfully apparent to anyone with normal intelligence.  This season will be as bad as or worse than last season.  Thankfully last season really was not that bad.

We are going to see high levels of COVID infections this winter; that much is certain.  I also have no doubt that the government will lock us down again.  That prediction is easy to make if you understand the tyrannical nature of Canadian government.  The only thing that is not certain is whether people will accept another lockdown.

At this point I am only 90% certain that Canadians will accept another lockdown.  After 2 years and 4 lockdowns that number should be 0% but Canadians are very compliant and not very bright.  Despite my high confidence interval I desperately hope this prediction is wrong.  Canadians need to understand that if we allow another lockdown it will likely be that last one, because it will not end.