We kill Babies to Protect Seniors

A friend sent me this interview 2 days ago.  Dr. Nagase is the central Alberta doctor who was fired on the spot for prescribing Ivermectin.  It is a firing offence in Canada if a doctor tries to prevent COVID deaths.  A reporter caught Dr. Nagase at a freedom rally.  Dr. Nagase had some interesting things to say about vaccines and pregnancy.


13 still births in a single day at a Vancouver hospital and no one is investigating.  In Waterloo there is a hospital that has 86 still births in the first half of 2021.  Normal would have been 2-3.  Still births are 30 to 40 times higher than normal and all the mothers were vaccinated.  Why isn’t this being investigated?

Not only are governments refusing to investigate vaccine deaths and injuries some are even making investigations illegal.



How do you investigate vaccine injuries when no one is allowed to speak ill of the vaccines?  The answer to that is obvious, deaths like the ones in Vancouver and Waterloo will never be investigated.

Throughout this dangerous farce the mantra for COVIDiots has been “if it saves only one life it is worth it”.  Well I know how to save thousands maybe millions of lives.  Stop vaccinating, lift lockdowns, and imprison every politician in the world currently holding any elected office.  A very simple prescription that will not result in any more still births.