Dr. Chetty on the Spike Protien

I have a number of people who help me by sending interesting information when they find it.  One of those helpful readers sent me this interview with Dr. Shankara Chetty.  Sorry I can’t embed the video.  You can see it here.


The interview is long but it is worth it if you have the time.  Dr. Chetty has a private practice in South Africa.  When COVID first appeared Dr. Chetty noticed what many other doctors noticed.  People did not die from the virus.  They died after the infection was over.  Dr. Chetty observed that the symptoms developed quickly after 8 days and were the same as a severe allergic reaction.  This led him to treat it as such.  He has had tremendous success by administering high doses of antihistamine steroids on day 8.

This got me wondering about the McCullough protocol.  Dr. McCullough was having great success as well.  He must also be using some sort of anti-inflammatory.  I went back and checked his flow chart that I posted on Sept 22nd.

There it is on day 5, Prednisone, a drug used to treat severe allergies.  So 2 doctors working independently on opposite sides of the earth figured out how to treat this disease.  They did not have any double blind trials or assistance for government.  All they had was their training, experience, and common sense.

I am not at all surprised by this, In fact I predicted it would happen in March of 2020.  Before starting my blog I had an email discussion group.  In one of my early emails I stated we do not need to panic because doctors and nurses are not stupid.  They will quickly figure out how to treat patients.  I was confident doctors would solve this puzzle but it did not occur to me that government would prevent them from using or discussing the solution.

Unfortunately In March 2020 I was naïve, I thought this was about a virus.  The last 20 months have changed my perspective.  Governments obviously have an agenda.  An agenda that requires fear and murder is a great way to instill fear.  Usually the general incompetence of Government makes all of their programs highly ineffective.  That is not the case with their COVID policies; they have been very effective.  Governments are still killing and people are still fearful.  Killing comes quite easily to government.

As Dr. Chetty points out the weapon governments are using is not the virus.  The weapon is the spike protein.  The virus is just the delivery system.  As a delivery system the virus left a lot to be desired.  It turned out 80% of us were resistant to it.  Government needed a better delivery system and they found it with the vaccines.  All you need are passports and mandates and viola, everyone gets their very own spike proteins.

Governments have spent 20 months funneling us down the road to mandatory vaccination.  This is for their benefit not ours.  Stand up before it is too late.  If the government tricked you in to the first 2 jabs say no to the third and for goodness sake do not jab your children.

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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    Incredible. Thank you. Thanks to you and others I’ve been aware all year of what has gone on and I’m still shocked over and over at what’s happening. And how too many people aren’t picking up on what dangerous ground we are on.
    I started my own blog to help combat the info warfare. The name is courtesy of Naomi wolf…hoping these supposed liberals around here (NYC) who are so comfy not questioning authority and going along unthinkingly with the program will be piqued and visit.


    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      Erica, I checked out your blog. Nice work, keep it up. Since the start of this farce I have been guilty of believing the tide was turning when it was not. Now it seems different. It does seem that people are starting to wake up and smell the tyranny. We need to keep spreading the truth. Feel free to use any of my information. I know I will not be shy about using yours.

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