How can you make an Argument for Vaccine Mandates when you can’t make an Argument for Vaccines?

In March of 2020 there were a few cases of a new virus in a handful of countries.  This information was used to shut down the world.  The situation now is completely different.  There are excess deaths all over the world and we are doing nothing to stop it.  In fact we are forcing the likely cause on millions of people.  Airborne viruses are almost impossible to stop.  We spent trillions pretending that we could bend the virus to our will.  Vaccine related deaths are 100% preventable.  We don’t need to spend a penny to stop them so why don’t we?

They COVID jabs are not just the most deadly vaccines in history.  They are one of the most deadly products in history.  In less than 1 year they are responsible for thousands of deaths and millions of injuries.  Forget about vaccines, can you think of any product with this track record that would not already have been banned?  If ATVs produced this carnage the government would have banned them.  They certainly would not have supplied one and forced you to use it.

But it is better than the alternative right?  The lesser of 2 evils?  We are trading higher COVID deaths for fewer vaccine deaths, right?  Well tell that to the people in Taiwan.

The vaccines have killed more people than the virus.  A virus that we now know does not kill anyone as long as treatment is started within the first 7 days.

Unfortunately deaths from adverse reactions are just the tip of the iceberg.  These jabs kill in many other ways.  One of those ways is by facilitating the disease we were told they prevented.  Yesterday I showed data from Scotland that showed you are more likely to die of COVID if you have been jabbed.

The shocking thing is that these toxic jabs don’t just increase your likelihood of dying from COVID.  They increase your chance of dying of just about anything.  In the past few weeks I have done multiple posts of excess deaths in highly vaccinated countries.  These deaths are not just vaccine reactions and COVID.  Here is recent data from Ireland showing excess deaths since May have been greater than the official COVID totals.

Ireland, like most western countries, over reports COVID deaths to keep public paranoia high.  During the winter the official COVID totals are much higher than the actual excess deaths.  So despite chronic over reporting of COVID, the Irish authorities can’t explain the excess deaths since vaccinations started.

Today we have Scottish data showing excess deaths in each age group start when Vaccinations start for that age group.


These are not just deaths from adverse reactions.  If they were the lines would not be straight.  They would flatten as vaccinations are finished for each age group.  They are also not COVID deaths because they are happening in the summer when Official COVID totals are low as they were in the Irish example.


Every day the picture becomes clearer.  The COVID Vaccines

  • Accelerate the spread of the virus by turning vaccinated people in to asymptomatic super spreaders.
  • After they wane, Increase your likelihood of catching and dying from COVID.
  • Increase medical emergencies and mysterious sudden medical events.
  • Continue causing deaths long after vaccination.


Forget about destroying the argument for vaccine mandates.  The track record destroys the argument for vaccination.  There is only one reason governments are forcing people to take a treatment that increases deaths.  Spoiler alert, it is not their great concern for your general health and welfare.  Wake up.  The government is not your friend.    Quite the contrary, they are obviously your enemy.  Perhaps the biggest enemy we have ever faced.  Stop complying before you become another statistic.

Be Careful to Blame the Right Unvaccinated People.

I watched TV last night, just long enough to see 2 commercial breaks.  The same add appeared in both commercial breaks.  It was sponsored by the Alberta government and featured people waiting for various medical procedures, some of them quite critical.  The advertisement closed by stating this is what happens when hospitals are full of COVID patients and told people to be vaccinated.  The message was clear.  You are endangering others by not getting vaccinated.  This has been a constant theme for almost 2 years.  Anything but blind obedience to government makes you a murderer.  Ironically blind obedience to government does not disassociate you from murder.  It just makes you the victim rather than the fall guy.

If the people were actors this add is disgusting.  Just more government lies.  If the people were real this add is even more disgusting.  The Government is using people that they are depriving of medical services as propaganda tools.  Let me be clear, unvaccinated people are not preventing anyone from receiving medical treatment, the government is.  These services have been delayed for one reason, to make vaccinated people angry at unvaccinated people.  How is that any different than Nazis stoking anger towards Jews?

But the Jews were not clogging the hospitals, right?  Well I would argue that neither are the unvaccinated.  Why do we even bother admitting COVID patients to hospital?  Don’t get me wrong, I am not advocating withholding medical care from COVID patients, vaccinated or unvaccinated.  I don’t need to, the government is already doing that.

The standard of care for a COVID patient in Canada is to do nothing.  We put them in a hospital bed until they need the ICU.  Then, in the ICU, we give them oxygen and watch to see if they die.  Why the hell do we bother?  We could send these people home with an oxygen tank, web cam, and a skip the dishes gift card.  The standard of care would be exactly the same and the food would be better.  At least the person could die at home surrounded by family.  Family that are not allowed in the hospital under the COVID restrictions.

It is not 100% correct to say that unvaccinated people are preventing vaccinated people from accessing medical care.  There is a very small subset of unvaccinated people behind this.  This crime is being perpetrated by the most senior politicians and health bureaucrats in the country.  I know that all of these people claim to be vaccinated but why would we believe such habitual liars?  These people have not told the truth once in the last 2 years.  Why would they tell us the truth about their vaccination status?

I have a very low opinion of people in the highest levels of government.  Most are just clever enough to be dangerous to others.  While none of these people are particularly smart they do hire people who are.  Those people have access to any data they want.  None of that data makes vaccination look like a good idea.  Take the latest data from Scotland.

I took the time to plot it here.

In Scotland you are far more likely to die of COVID if you have been vaccinated.  It is true that older people are vaccinated and many younger people are not so this might not be a fair comparison.  The report tries to age adjust the data but even the age adjusted data shows the same thing.  The difference is not as great but you are still more likely to die of COVID if you have been jabbed.  The COVID jabs have replaced obesity as the number one comorbidity.

There is no way that The Premiers and chief medical officers have not seen this data.  They even have people to explain it to them.  If you think any of these people have subjected themselves to the vaccine you are kidding yourself.

The New Normal is Absolutely not Normal

People are willfully blind when it comes to COVID.  For nearly 2 years millions have been willing to believe that COVID is akin to the black plague despite a total lack of supporting evidence.  Any way you slice the data COVID is nothing other than a bad flu.  But data be damned, it is a plague if the news says it is a plague.  As long as you do not avert your eyes from the TV screen this is easy to believe.

Now people are willfully blind to the evidence that the vaccines are dangerous.  A week ago I discussed the “mysterious” increase in medical emergencies in Alberta, traffic accidents in the US, and deaths in Europe.  Now we have this from the US,


And this from Australia.


A higher than normal volume of medical emergencies in one province could be just a statistical blip.  Abnormally high medical emergencies simultaneously in separate countries is a pattern.  Medical authorities should be concerned about this but they are not.  Their only concern is when they can give you your 4th COVID Jab.

It is not surprising that the average person is unconcerned about these strange emergencies because the average person does not see it.  Out of sight out of mind.  As long as the media does not dwell on it no one will be concerned.  What is surprising is how easily we accept things that are right in our face.  Things like professional athletes collapsing in front of thousands in the stadium and millions watching on TV.  Here is an article out of Germany documenting 75 athletes who have collapsed since June.

The authors of this article actually did some good science.  Certainly better science than Deena Hinshaw or Anthony Fauci have ever done.  The authors tried to determine if 75 high profile athletes collapsing in 5 months was outside the norm.  They could find no similar period that had numbers anywhere near this high.  That is not that surprising; it is not normal for fit healthy people to suddenly collapse.

35 years ago I competed in gymnastics.  My team mates were all 20 somethings in peak physical condition.  We were young, strong, and cocky.  We thought we were invincible.  Statistically speaking we almost were.  Our youth and elevated fitness made us unlikely to die of anything.  If one of us died in training it would have been shocking.  There would have been an immediate investigation.

That was then this is now.  In a post jab world athletes collapsing is common.  So common that the new normal is to carry them off the field and resume playing.  I am surprised there are not already rules setting how much time you can take to remove a body from the field.  By next year if your remove and then revive a fallen player you will be penalized for delay of game.

What the f$%k is wrong with people?  There is nothing normal about athletes collapsing in front of a live audience.  Something is horribly wrong and we are just ignoring it.  I am not sure Humanity can be saved from their own stupidity.  I am not sure it is even worth trying.

I have Seen Enough Parents’ Tears, It is time to Punish Those Jabbing Children

This video is heartbreaking.  That poor man found out the hard way that it is never a good idea to trust government.


On June 16th I published a post titled “Giving COVID Vaccines to Young People Should be a Criminal Offense”.  In the post I used data from Israel to calculate that for people under 20 the vaccine is more than 3 times as deadly as the virus.  Even that calculation understates the vaccine risk.

The virus kills only ill children.  The vaccine kills perfectly healthy children like the teen in the video.  If we were to compare healthy children killed by the virus to healthy children killed by the vaccine, the vaccine would prove to be infinitely more dangerous.

I was able to determine this with published data 5 months ago.  Nothing since then has happened that would change my conclusion.  What has happened is that the FDA approved COVID vaccines for children.  They did this despite receiving several presentations detailing vaccine injuries.  One Expert presented a risk analysis demonstrating the vaccine is a greater risk to anyone under 40 than the virus.

So a quick examination of the data 5 months ago made it clear people under 20 should not be given the vaccine.  A more detailed analysis moved that cut off up to 40.  To the FDA that was iron clad evidence that we should give it to 5 year olds.


A society will be judged by how it treats its weakest members.

—  Harry Truman, 1884-1972, American President [1945-1953]

The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.

—  Mahatma Gandhi, 1869-1948, Indian leader of independence


What group is weaker or more vulnerable than children?  Historians will judge us all harshly for what we have allowed to happen.  This must be stopped and the people behind it must be punished.

The Banality of COVID Evil

The Moronic man-child is overseas plotting the continued destruction of our society.  He produced thousands of tonnes of CO2 flying to a conference so that he could announce Canadians will not be allowed to produce CO2.  CO2 is essential for life.  Without it we all die, yet somehow now it is selectively evil.  It is not a problem when our Prime Minister produces it but it is an existential threat when we produce it heating our homes.

Extraordinary claims must be backed up with extraordinary proof.  That is a very simple concept that should be followed but is considered impolite by Canadians.  The theory of Anthropogenic Global warming is an extraordinary claim.

For 4.5 billion years climate has changed.  It has gone through extreme heat and bitter cold multiple times.  Hot periods teamed with life while cold periods brought extinction and disease but through it all the planet survived.  So all of the available data tells us climate is never stable, the earth is highly resilient, and a warm earth is easier to live in than a cold earth.  Then one day climate activists came along and told us none of that was true.

We should have demanded ironclad proof before we agreed to a single sacrifice.  We of course did not get iron clad proof.  All we got was computer models and angry accusations that we did not care about the planet.  We should have laughed at these lunatics, instead we knuckled under and agreed that we must have been wrong all along.  The sky was not blue.  We must erode our standard of living in a vain attempt to control the uncontrollable.

Our capitulation to the global warming mob has led us to where we are today.  In March of 2020 our governments made an extraordinary claim.  A great plague was upon us.  Unless we do things that have never been done before we were all going to die.  If we do not comply we would be responsible for thousands of deaths.  On the day that Alberta Premier Jason Kenney made this fantastic claims Alberta had only 3 confirmed cases.  We should have demanded extraordinary proof to back up these extraordinary claims.  Unfortunately the Global warming mob has already conditioned us not to do that.

We did not push back 2 years ago and look where we are today.  For decades we believed segregation is evil, human rights are not negotiable, and an individual has bodily autonomy.  We believed these things so deeply they were enshrined in law.  None of that now applies.  Evil people claimed the great plague meant all of that was wrong and we accepted it without proof.

Many people will tell you that global warming and epidemics are technical problems too complicated for the average person to understand.  We must always acquiesce to the experts.  It is true that the science can be complicated but you do not need to be a scientist to understand that what is happening is wrong.  That is something Dr. Julie Ponesse explains with great eloquence.  Enjoy.


Following the Science can take you to Unexpected Destinations

If you asked me 2 years ago if I was pro-vaccine I would have said yes.  In no way could I be considered an anti-vaxxer.  Even though I knew that plumbing and nutrition had a larger effect on infectious diseases than vaccines I always thought of vaccines as the coup de grâce.  Vaccines were the final stroke that eliminated viruses for good.  It is not surprising that I thought this, after all it was taught in school.

Despite being pro-vaccine I still decided not to be vaccinated for COVID.  I was pro vaccine but even more pro science.  I was aware that coronavirus vaccines have been under development for decades without success.  The rational of injecting everyone on earth with a vaccine that has not worked previously, and has no long term safety data, escaped me.

When I made my decision I knew very little about mRNA vaccines.  I decided to educate myself on mRNA vaccines.  I found many things including the fact that they are not vaccines.  This only reinforced my decision to sit on the sidelines and wait for results before I took an experimental treatment.

While sitting on the sidelines researching mRNA vaccines I also found information on traditional vaccines.  I previously posted a TED talk that clearly demonstrated that all vaccines are not created equal.  Some vaccines do cause more harm than good.  My vaccine education is completely changing my perception of vaccines.  I am now not sure any vaccine is worth the risk.  This video a friend sent me finally tipped the scales for me.


The video is long and rambles a little but the data is eye opening.  For me the first and last part of Dr. Humphries’s presentation were the most interesting parts.

Dr. Humphries opens by showing data confirming what I have said.  Infectious diseases were declining rapidly before vaccines arrived.  What I found interesting is that when you see the entire history it is hard to make a case that vaccines did anything.  You cannot prove a negative.  By that I mean you cannot prove what would have happened had we not taken vaccines.  However the trend indicates that we would have been in the same place with or without vaccines.

The video opens with data indicating there might be no benefit to vaccines.  It closes with data indicating that they could be quite harmful.  Lab data shows that immediately after vaccination multiple genes are activated.  The activated genes are different in everyone.  There is no way to predict what will happen, each person reacts differently to the vaccine.  Many of the activated genes are responsible for serious illnesses including cancer.

No one knows if this gene activation is temporary or permanent.  We don’t know this because no one will fund the necessary long term research.  Our governments will not fund research that has the potential to cast doubt on vaccines.  The official narrative is that vaccines are essential and 100% beneficial.  2 years ago I did not realize how little data there was to support this argument and how much evidence there was to refute it.

We are seeing the same behavior repeat with COVID.  The benefit of these treatments have been grossly overstated and the harmful effects are being ignored.  No one is studying the risk/benefit of the COVID jabs because they are afraid of the answer.  Everyone is sticking to the party line.  The world will end unless everyone gets jabbed.  These ridiculously unscientific statements and my own research have definitely moved me out of the pro-vaccine camp.  Thanks to COVID I may never take another vaccine.

“It is just”, The phrase that destroyed our World


Do you get it yet?  Our governments are pushing us down the stairway to hell one step at a time.  In March of 2020 if government told us business closures, masks, and lockdowns were permanent no one would have cooperated.  Instead we were told it was only for 2 weeks.  That is how this works.  As long as people believe their old life is only weeks away they will comply.

Every lockdown comes with even more “temporary” restrictions that stay in place after the outbreak is done.

Some politicians like Doug Ford are even saying vaccine passports are a temporary measure.  How stupid must you be to believe this?  Vaccine Passports are as permanent as everything else and just like everything else their use will be expanded.  I have no doubt scanners will be installed on every home.  You will need to scan your passport to open your own door.  That way the government will know when you are available to be dragged out of your own home.


Most people viewing this video will still no doubt believe there is no way this could happen.  Canadian’s in particular are so trusting of government that they will believe the soldier at the door is doing a welfare check.  Because proactive social work is what armies do, right?

Politicians have been carefully following the great reset playbook.  First they remove our rights then they confiscate our property.  Most people will still refuse to believe this could happen.  To those people I ask this.  Why do you think that mass murderers would be reluctant to take your property?  Their morals prevent theft but not murder?

I wish that statement was hyperbole but it is not.  The Canadian government has murdered thousands and I am not talking about residential schools or even vaccines.  The Canadian government has murdered 29,000 Canadians over the last 20 months.  Their weapon of choice was enforced medical neglect.  I will let this roundtable of experts state my case for me.


Did you catch the last part of the discussion where 2 doctors who have treated over 6000 patients confirm they have never lost a patient when treatment is started within the first 7 days?  Early treatment involves Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine; neither of which is legal to administer to COVID patients in Canada. Canadian doctors who used these drugs have been threatened or fired.

It is not just these drugs or even early treatment that is prohibited in Canada.  Any treatment for COVID is frowned upon.  Here is the Canadian COVID Treatment Protocol.  When a person presents with flu like symptoms the following steps need to be followed.

  1. Perform a PCR test and run as many cycles as need to get a positive result.
  2. Send the patient home untreated while you force quarantine anyone they have ever met in their life.
  3. If the patient returns to hospital with more severe symptoms, admit them to the ICU without checking anything other than their vaccination status.
  4. In the ICU administer Oxygen and possibly asthma medication if you are feeling compassionate.
  5. Wait for patient to either recover on their own or die.
  6. If the patient recovers pressure them to be vaccinated.
  7. If the patient dies report the case immediately to the chief medical officer for propaganda purposes.

This treatment protocol is entirely devoid of any effective medical treatment.  It is not designed to produce positive medical outcomes.  It is designed to produce bodies.

If you don’t believe me go to Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson’s website and listen to her father’s ordeal.  Her father was in the ICU for COVID Pneumonia.  He was not being treated.  He was not even being fed.  They were waiting for him to die.  Laura-Lynne had a personal supply of HCQ and Ivermectin.  The hospital refused to use them, so she secretly administer them.  Her father’s turnaround was immediate.  That man did not need to be in the hospital, he just needed a government that did not want to kill him.

Canada does not have a single COVID death.  We have thousands of people murdered by their governments and medical authorities.  Theft is nothing for these evil people.  You can keep denying this, but when these criminals come for your home remember, “It is just a house”.


How to get away with Pharmaceutical Murder

Relatively speaking very few people have been adversely affected by COVID.  As I have mentioned before, I did not personally know anyone who had it until vaccinations started.  Even now I still only have first-hand knowledge of one case.  There must be others with similar experience.  If we were to judge by our own experience we would not say there was an emergency.  But of course there is an emergency.  I know that because the news tells me there is.

Every COVID case and any death even remotely linked to COVID was fodder for the evening news.  We had an emergency because someone 1000 miles from me died of COVID.  Death usually fascinates the media.  So why don’t the thousands of vaccine deaths hold any interest for them?

It is true that relatively speaking very few people have been harmed by the vaccine.  The average person knows dozens of people who had no problems after vaccination.  Very few people know anyone who had a problem.  That is why people think the vaccines are safe but by that standard so is the virus.

Our perception that the virus is dangerous and the vaccine is safe comes from the information we have.  We have loads of information of virus problems and none on vaccine problems.  This is of course by design.  Enormous effort was spent documenting and even fabricating virus injuries.  Very little effort has been put to discovering vaccine injuries.  I don’t think Canada even has a system to collect and track vaccine injuries.

The US at least has the VAERS system.  Unfortunately it seems to be nothing more than window dressing.  There has been a concerted effort to discourage its use.  Despite that hundreds of thousands of events have been documented but the FDA and CDC are obviously not using the data.

How can I make that statement?  How do I know this data is being ignored?  Well if the government was looking at this data why did this information need to come from private researchers?

100% of the reported vaccine deaths in VAERS came from 5% of the Vaccine lots.  Isn’t this exactly why you operate a system like VAERS?  One of the obvious problems with any product is quality control.  Identifying and addressing quality control problems is the easiest way to improve vaccine safety.  Why didn’t the FDA or CDC do this analysis?  For that matter why didn’t Pfizer and Moderna do their own analysis?

I wish this was simply laziness and negligence by both parties, the manufacturers and the regulators, but that is not the case.  The report details prove this was not shoddy quality control.  In fact it appears to be very careful quality control because the bad batches were evenly spaced throughout the country.  Think about that for a minute.  If you make TV’s you do not hold back some of each lot to mix in with the other TVs you build.  You ship the TVs as you build them.  You also don’t use the same truck to delivery TVs to New York and California on the same delivery.  One lot goes on one truck to New York a different lot goes on a different truck to California.

According to the VAERS database, these normal shipping patterns happened with the benign lots.  They tended to be very geographically focused.  It was only the problem batches that were sprinkled throughout the country.  This also was also not just one manufacturer.  Moderna and Pfizer did the same thing.  This was carefully orchestrated.

This is how you get away with mass murder.  If you put the contaminated lot all on one truck it winds up concentrated in very few spots, just as the benign lots did.  Many people would have died in the same locations.  If 100 people die in 1000 locations the media can ignore it.  If 100 people die all in the same vaccination center that gets very hard to ignore, even for CNN.

The CDC and FDA did not do this analysis because they already knew what they would find.  They approved Pfizer when at the very least they should have suspected quality control issues.  Issues that should have gotten them suspended rather than approved.  The FDA was following a script that did not require data analysis.

The scary thing is that this is not over yet.  Countries are mandating boosters.  This means the government can cull the herd at will.  This is the perfect tool for controlling the population decline these tyrants all desire.  They can decide how many people need to die every 6 months to achieve their goal.

Did you see this reported in the main stream media?  People do not have the information.  They do not perceive there to be a problem.  People will obediently line up for their booster every 6 months without ever knowing they are playing Russian roulette.  Even worse they are playing the game with a gun loaded by their own government.