Are People Finally Waking Up?

My track record for predictions has been very good during the Pandemic.  Despite all the breathless reporting about some surprising new development most of what we have seen is entirely predictable.  Take this report for instance.

Heart attacks are up 25% in Scotland but the reporter wants you to think the cause is a complete mystery.  This is not a mystery it was one of the most predictable occurrences imaginable.

We took an experimental treatment, never before used on humans, and forced everyone to take it.  This is a treatment that failed 100% of the time in all previous trials often causing serious health problems with the test animals.  During the abbreviated human testing myocarditis, pericarditis, and other circulatory problems were identified as side effects.  Then shortly after mass vaccination began we discovered that 60% of recipients had blood clots.

We know that blood clots and heart inflammation (myocarditis and pericarditis) cause heart attacks so why the f&%k are we surprised about increased heart attacks?  Like I said, this was as predictable as lockdown and mask failure.  The science was very clear but we are constantly asked to believe that science does not apply to this virus or vaccine.

Predicting virus and vaccine effects has not been that difficult.  We have a lot of science to guide us.  Predicting human behavior is very difficult.  The science is far less clear.  That is probably why my predictions about our response to the virus have not been nearly as accurate.  Despite my cynicism I find that I still underestimate 2 things.

  • Politicians’ capacity for evil.
  • How willing the average person is to accept that evil.

Every time I have predicted that people are waking up and will push back I have been wrong.  It makes me reluctant to even make those predictions anymore.  Despite my perfect track record of failure in this regard, here I go again.  I think the tide is finally turning.  People are fed up, except of course in Canada.  Canadians are still quite comfortable with tyranny.

So what makes me want to go out on a limb again on something I have been so fabulously wrong on in the past?  Well 2 things happened recently that really got my hopes up.  Yesterday there was this.


The people of the Solomon Islands burned down their parliament buildings.  The news was quick to label this as anti-Chinese racism but they did not burn down the Chinese embassy they burned down their own parliament.  The people are furious and their anger is directed at their government.  Gee I wonder why?  Maybe it has something to do with the COVID curfew that they were violating when they took to the streets to protest/riot?

Sorry in 2021 I don’t even know what to call burning down government buildings.  The American media has so bastardized both of those words I don’t know if either has a meaning any more.  While the media has deprived me of a word to describe this, I am still certain that burning down government buildings means you are angry with the government.  Typically you get angry with the government over something that they have done, and what have they done in the last 2 years that was not COVID?

The next example comes from the UK.  Chris Whitty was giving a presentation that was interrupted by angry protesters.  Chris Whitty is the UK’s version of Anthony Fauci.  Like Fauci he is a serial killer.  There is no word as to whether he also tortures animals but once you graduate to killing people that point is moot.  A few months ago not many people were willing to label these lab coated monsters as serial killers but that has definitely changed.


Finally the natives are truly getting restless.  They are now even discussing on the news that history will not be on the side of the vaccines Nazis.


You know people are no longer afraid when they start to mock the tyrants.