Time to Take the Truth to the Masses

Ivor Cummins linked a very good essay today.  It is long but worth the read.  The essay is not strictly about COVID, it is about Tyranny.  Scratch that on second thought it is 100% about COVID.  The essay is long but really is worth the read.  His central point is this.  Humans are herd animals.  We go along to get along.  Tyrannical governments (like every single government in Canada) use this to their advantage.  They know most people will not speak out.

That is precisely why it is our responsibility to speak out.  It is not enough to not agree.  You must let others know you do not agree.  I try to do this whenever I can.  So much so that my wife often tells me to be quiet.  She does not agree either but she is very uncomfortable letting anyone else know that.  I have known for a long time the wiring in my brain is different.  I do not seek validation from others.  Data leads me and sets my course.  That is rarely the direction the crowd is headed.

So please read this essay and then, more importantly, speak out.  Try to be respectful but do not back down.  The herd is led by only a few.  Be a leader.  You can find the essay here.


Most of the time I do not think of myself as a leader.  I am just someone who is guided by the truth.  There was a TV show in the 90s called the X Files.  The opening segment of the show always ended with the slogan “the truth is out there”.  No truer words have ever been spoken.  Some people believe the truth lies in religious texts.  I will not argue that moral truths cannot be found in religious texts, but moral truths are not the only truths.

As an Engineer I have always found that the truth is hiding in the data.  It is waiting to be discovered by anyone with an open mind and curiosity.  It is a shame that professional politicians have neither of those qualities.  So please, be curious and open minded, but above all else be loud.  It is time to stand up and be counted.

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  1. Trevor
    Trevor says:

    What a great essay, Richard. This author understands history like few do. I can’t add anything except that it’s a “must read”.

  2. Erica
    Erica says:

    This could not be more timely for me. I got sick of complaining to my husband (or rather, he did) and literally crying in my room about what is going on —the lies, the mental abuse of the public, the threat to freedom—I did send a mass email to my close friends and colleagues and it was HARD to be the one to question the narrative. In fact I had something of a breakdown. What’s harder is that most ignored me although I was clear, rational, respectful. They still aren’t seeing what is happening at this moment, I fear they don’t see the big picture. I blasted my biz partner and put my foot down before she could even think about asking me to vaccinate again after deBlasio suggested business do so. Hell NO. I spelled out what is happening forcefully but intelligently, referred to the protests in Europe, tried to make it clear. I cannot tell to how unlike me this is, I usually go along with everything she says. She backed off but told me I needed to take care of myself and perhaps should seek counseling,

    They always call the people who see the truth first crazy, don’t they?

    I am like Richards wife, harmony is important to me. I have flipped to leader not follower due to extreme emotional pain over this. I am reaching some people but it doesn’t feel like enough. I don’t want to be dismissed out of hand, so I try to be careful how I present things…I think a lot about strategy, to win hearts and minds and not alienate…this article helped.

    My husband is a natural leader, he speaks his mind. He is retired though and more focused on getting us out of NYC because there is an attitude among many that the USA is destined to break into the land of the free and the not free, and certainly the cities will fall. I don’t want to give up or believe this and there are no guarantees we can even salvage anything although there are millions I know who would fight. 71 million….

    I think it was JFK who said “May you live in interesting times.”
    I believe we are. God help us.

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