COVID Vaccines Offer no Protection. Just ask Pfizer

Pfizer Just released more results from their ongoing vaccine trials.  Yes you read that correctly.  The Vaccine that you lined up to take.  The one that governments and media assure you is 100% safe.  Those vaccines are still in the trial phase.  Anyway, I digress.  The results after 6 months can be seen below.

After 6 months the vaccinated group had far fewer infections but absolutely no fewer deaths.  The problem is there were very few deaths in either group.  In all fairness you can’t use reduction in Mortality as a yardstick for a vaccine against a disease that kills very few people in the first place.  That statement should give everyone a pause for thought.  Why the hell are we vaccinating the entire world for a virus that is so ultimately survivable?

According to this data all the vaccine did was protect you from getting the sniffles for 6 months.  The bad news is that after 6 months without a booster it does not even do that.  100% of the ICU patients in New South Wales Australia have been vaccinated.


The Vaccines do have one lasting effect.  There are now more young people getting seriously ill.  That is progress I guess.  Unfortunately the more things change the more they remain the same.  Chris sky said this more than a year ago.  He is yet to be wrong about anything.  Funny how you don’t need to be a virologist to predict what will happen.

Was he bang on or what?