Following the Non-existent Science

The CDC has changed their mask guidance, AGAIN.

The CDC now wants vaccinated people to wear masks.  They have changed their guidance after discovering that vaccinated people can catch and spread COVID.  The CDC tells us that as the science evolves so does their guidance.  I think this article tells us much more about the CDC than the evolution of the science.  The clear conclusion from this article is that the CDC is staffed entirely with morons.

Let’s start with their statement that they are following the science as the science evolves.  Ok then, please show me the science that proves masks work.  Masks have been tried almost everywhere on earth and have made no difference anywhere.  Masks have been used in previous respiratory viral outbreaks.  Most notably during the Spanish Flu.  Masks have a perfect track record of failure.

It is not surprising that fabric with weave openings hundreds of time larger than a virus cannot stop a virus.  Chain link does not stop mosquitos either.  It is also not surprising that surgical masks designed to stop bacteria, which are 10 times larger than viruses, do not stop viruses.  So the CDC is advising the best way to stop transmission of a virus is to use something that was not designed to stop viruses.  By that logic why can’t we stop COVID by vaccinating everyone for measles?

What makes this even more ridiculous is that if you were following the science you should have expected that vaccinations would not prevent disease or transmission.  As I have discussed in previous posts the treatments only boost antibodies for a short time.  Without a T cell response people will still get infected and get sick.  They just won’t get as sick.  Even the vaccine manufacturers admit this.  Treatments success was measured by preventing serious illness not preventing illness.  I am not an immunologist or a virologist.  I am an Engineer in a completely unrelated field yet this was not hard for me to understand.  Why does the CDC not have a single employee that understands this?  Don’t any of them have any friends with engineering degrees, or even common sense?

At this point no one should listen to anything the CDC says.  They are unable to understand even the most basic concepts of science.  If you can’t identify, or understand science, how do you follow it?