The Indian Variant by any Other Name is still Harmless, Until Government gets Involved

Australia is in lockdown again over the Delta Variant.  This lockdown is not going as smoothly for the government as the last one.  It appears Australians are fed up with lockdowns.  This is a video of a Australians protesting the latest Government tyranny.  According to the news it was dozens of people attended.  The police admit to 3,500.  You can see for yourself It was way larger than that.


What a difference a name makes.  You remember the delta variant right?  That is the dreaded Indian Variant that could not stand up to Ivermectin in India.

The smart thing to do would be to distribute Ivermectin but when do left wing governments ever do the smart thing?  Left wing governments are very good at dishonesty, however.  So, of course, the only solution for handling a variant easily controlled by Ivermectin is to rename it and ban Ivermectin.

The 2 key ingredients that make Lockdowns possible are dishonesty and Stupidity.  Leftist western governments have an abundant supply of both.