A Tale of 2 COVID Strategies

Countries with High vaccination rates are discussing new mask mandates and a return to lockdowns.  The policy makers in these countries are morons.  If masks and lockdowns worked why did you need vaccines?  If vaccines work why do you need lockdowns and masks?  The data below is readily available to anyone with an internet connection and an ounce of curiosity.

The UK, Spain, and France relied on lockdowns, masks, and vaccines.  Mexico, Indonesia, and India relied on Ivermectin.  The first step in Science is to develop a theory that fits the data.  This data is very clear.  How can you hold on to the theory that the only solution is mandatory vaccination?  That theory is obviously wrong.  Seriously after all the talk of following the science, don’t you think it is time to actually do it?

It is time for some common sense.  We do not need to go back to strategies that don’t work or invent new ones.  The road map already exists.  Why the hell can’t we use it?