The CCP Must be Proud of their Protégé Boris

On May 23rd I discussed how the government did not care if you got vaccinated.  What they want is a reason to force a smartphone app on you.  A cell phone app that must be scanned for admission everywhere is the evolution of the Chinese social credit system.  I thought western governments would be very covert about this.  I thought wrong.  The worst Prime Minister in British History is openly discussing implementation of a Chinese social credit system.

Britain’s most expensive mistake justifies this as a matter of public health.  Well of course he did.  Even Boris is smart enough to learn the lesson of the last 18 months.  He can do anything he wants in the name of public health.  He rolled back 800 years of human rights using the threat of cold and flu season.

Boris is correct, taxpayer funded health care systems have an inherent problem.  When people don’t directly incur the cost of health care they use it indiscriminatingly.  Many people live unhealthy lives and ultimately burden taxpayers with the expense of caring for them.  Improved public health is a worthy goal but that is not Boris’s objective.

If you are reading this blog you understand that this is not about public health.  If it was Boris could have chosen easier options that did not violate people’s rights.  Options like having users pay for some of their healthcare costs.  If you had to pay 10% or 20% of the cost to use the system you might start making better choices.  In Canada under the least left of our recent prime ministers there was a tax credit to enroll children in sports.  That tax credit could apply to anyone of any age.

There are always options that do not involve violating privacy and other human rights.  It is too bad we live in an era when leftist garbage like Boris never choose those options.  This does not end when public fear over COVID subsides.  It only ends when Boris and his ilk are removed from office and punished.  For my children’s sake I hope that day comes soon.