Boris Johnson, The Clown Destroying an Empire

Boris Johnson is destroying the UK one ping at a time

Remember when the “conspiracy theorists” predicted the next step in the communist takeover plan was supply chain disruption?  Well Boris got the UK there faster than anyone else.  Supply chain in the UK is failing because of mandatory quarantines for anyone with a positive PCR test.  There are over 25,000 new cases per day in the UK now.

How could this happen?  After all the UK has one of the highest vaccination rates in the world.  Weren’t the vaccines supposed to save us from this great plague?

To any sane person the surge in cases would indicate the vaccines are not working.  Unfortunately for the British Boris is not exactly sane.  True to political form Boris is doubling down on something damaging that does not work.  The solution to vaccines that do not work is to have way more of them.

Mandatory vaccine passports: a shove, not a nudge — Institute of Economic Affairs (

I particularly like this line from the article.

“While liberty is very important” to us Brits, people sometimes need a little bit of coercion”. 

In Great Britain the path to Liberty is paved with government coercion.  I must be stupid.  Until I read this I thought liberty meant something else completely.  I stand corrected.

So are the Vaccines really failing in Britain?  Maybe, but that is not what is causing this problem.  The UK is in the 4th wave of a PCR Pandemic.  Boris is testing 3 times more than anyone else right now.

The UK is doing a ridiculous amount of testing.  The PCR test will lose its emergency authorization in December.  I guess Boris is trying to use up all the surplus stock.  It is summer and COVID is a seasonal disease.  A positive test will be either a false positive or a viral load so low the person will be neither sick nor contagious.  That is precisely why no one in Britain is dying.

Shop shelves in the UK are empty because store clerks and truckers are not allowed to work.  These people are not sick or contagious but they are not allowed to work.  This is to protect the public.  When did forced starvation become public protection?  Once again I must confront my own ignorance.  I thought Stalin starved to death 8 million Ukrainian Kulaks because he was evil.  Now I know it was just for their protection.

I am tempted to say that Boris Johnson is intentionally destroying Great Britain but I know that cannot be true.  Boris is not smart enough to pull this off even by accident.  Boris is, however, stupid enough to go along with whoever is doing this.

The western world is being “led” right now by a circus of clowns.  Trudeau, Biden, Johnson, Macron, none of these men are smart enough to coordinate this.  Biden apparently can’t coordinate wiping his own ass, but is very happy when someone else does it for him.

We need to find out who is wiping the asses of all these idiots before it is too late.


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  1. Erica
    Erica says:

    You are a beacon of intelligent humanity in a sea of massive brainwashed ignorance.
    I will die first before these sociopaths have their way.
    Holding the line in NYC,
    Thank you for your contribution to the cause it has and continues to be personally important to me

    • richardsuffron
      richardsuffron says:

      Thanks Erica. I started this blog with the hope of reaching people just like you. We do seem to be in perilous times. The left took over the public schools and over generations conditioned students to accept all things government and eschew critical thinking. Some of us managed to endure the indoctrination and come out the other side still capable of rational thought. I am hoping people who read this blog might be able to salvage a few who were not so lucky.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    I was thinking of asking Richard to sell bumper stickers that say “ I’m an idiot, I believe the govt!” But driving around Alberta I see people saying that loud and clear by either wearing a mask in their vehicle or having one hang from their rear view mirror.

  3. Erica
    Erica says:

    In the last week or so, things seemed to slide totally into dystopia with Jen Psaki openly saying that the White House is censoring people on social media. Doxxing people. I found this to be a massive deal, a total threat to the American ideal of freedom of speech and ideas…and it kind of went over a lot of people’s heads. Then the protests in Europe against vaccine passports…then Comrade DeBlasio pushing private biz to mandate vaccines and musing aloud that NYC might have vaccine passports…I truly felt horror at how perilous our situation is, as you said. It makes me love my country more. Sometimes it’s just so hard to believe this is happening but I’ve accepted it now and I’m very much in the fight. It’s shocking how many intelligent people DO NOT QUESTION the media/government, at all. Devoid of logic….since when it is cool to believe and do everything the damn government says??!

  4. Tim
    Tim says:

    I agree Erica. It’s never been cool and only fools believe government will help. The government has NEVER made anything better, more profitable or more efficient. We should say what John Galt said to government? “ Get out of the way”.

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