Lockdowns are a Deal with the Devil and the Devil Always Wins.

Chris Sky called it.  The evil Troll loves the lockdowns too much to give them up.


Once again Jason Kenney and his merry band of UCP Idiots could not stick to a plan.  This time the restrictions were to be lifted when hospitalizations fell below certain benchmarks.  As always just when we thought it might be over the goal posts were moved.

The only constant through this whole farce is the constantly moving goal posts.  When this started, saving hospitals by flattening the curve was the goal.  We quite quickly learned the hospitals were never in danger of being overwhelmed.  The only epidemic hospital staff had to deal with was an epidemic of boredom.  Thank goodness for Tik Tok.  There is no telling how many health care workers would have been lost if they could not have danced their way through the end of the world.

We are told that lockdowns are a necessary medical intervention.  With any medical intervention there are potential side effects.  These side effects can be deadly as Dr. Scott Atlas points out very clearly.


Canadians have shoved their heads in the sand and refused to acknowledge that lockdowns come with a horrible cost.  We want to believe that we are saving lives.  It is not easy to show that we have saved any lives.  To make it worse, now we know any benefits have come with an equal or greater cost in human lives.  We are not saving lives we are trading lives.  As a society we have decided to sacrifice young people to save seniors.

Lockdowns are the first medical intervention in History where the side effects afflict someone else.  They are a deal with the devil.  We have chosen souls that we wish to save.  In return we agree to let the devil take as many other souls as he desires.  Dominatrix Deena and her evil Troll love this bargain.

I have watched enough movies to know that once you are in league with the devil you cannot walk away.  In the movies no matter what you try the devil has you for life.  That is the first thing I thought of when I came across this disturbing interview with Dr. Knut Wittkowski.


Lockdowns breed more lockdowns.  The devil makes every deal for eternity.  Here are some points from the interview.

Because otherwise, we need that [restrictions breeding variants] urgently, because otherwise we run the risk that there will be no new epidemic in a few months [sarcasm]. Because the lockdowns are essential for the virus to develop new strains.

“because of the lockdowns giving the virus enough time to mutate, we had escape mutations that started the wave in November. So, we are currently experiencing the result of the lockdowns. Without lockdowns, we would not have any COVID right now.”

Our immune system develops typically something like five or six different types of antibodies to protect us from mutations that might happen while we are infected to make sure that even if there is a mutation in one of the epitopes, the targets of the antibodies, if there is a mutation, then there should be other antibodies that still are sufficient to prevent the virus from being replicated and from spreading.

However, if you give the long enough and the virus mutates at a rate of one or two mutations a month. So if you give it three months, there’s a good chance that there will be six consecutive mutations, one for each of these antibodies.

And at the end, the human immunity does not capture the virus anymore. And the virus can spread.

We have, even though it’s technically mostly the same virus, but experience as if it were a totally new virus. And this is what we’re seeing right now.


Even If a lockdown works; it does not work.  You might extend the life of a few seniors by months.  In return you steal decades from someone else.  I do not mean to be crass or dismiss the value of seniors lives but how is this trade moral?  Worse still is the possibility that you are enabling mutations that could kill more seniors.  We may have sacrificed the young only to kill more seniors.  We should have been tougher with Satan when we negotiated this deal.

Any new virus will come with Tragedy.  People will die.  The victims will invariable the old and the frail.  Lockdowns did not save these people.  All they did was escalated the damage and misery. Politicians are narcists so full of hubris that they believed they could regulate a virus.  I can’t say it any better than Dr. Wittkowski did.

Politicians think they know everything better, everything better than nature. And they can control a virus like the tide. We cannot control the tide and we cannot control a virus. We can only make it worse.


Politicians blundered in and made things worse.  What they did makes no sense until you surrender that this is not about a virus.


Makes perfect sense now doesn’t it?