Lockdown Pushback is Happening Everywhere but Alberta

Rand Paul is at it again.  He is a very curious politician; he has a habit of telling the truth.  It makes me wonder how he ever got elected.


Notice how quiet the show hosts are when Rand Paul points out there is very little evidence to support masks or lock downs.  The hosts of this Fox morning show have been enthusiastic cheerleaders for mask and lockdowns.  They were dumbfounded when confronted with the truth.

Rand Paul is not the only person noticing how ridiculously ineffective the COVID regulations are.  In this video when an airline tries to remove a child for not wearing a mask dozens of people get up and leave.


To me, this is the most joyful video I have seen since the video of children burning masks.  These people put their money where their mouth is.  They all risked forfeiting their airfare to take a stand.  This is the kind of reaction and solidarity we need to end the lockdown.

The passengers on that plane simply got tired of being pushed around by small-minded people overstepping their authority.  This sentiment is rising all over the globe.  This video shows demonstrations that were held on March 20th.


I bet you did not know about these demonstrations.  If there was such thing as honest journalism, it would have been front page news.  Even 10 minutes of honest Journalism would have had Anthony Fauci fired months ago.  Instead, the little weasel is still spouting gibberish that is lapped up by the media.  Here he is warning Ireland that they need to be concerned about the lack of covid cases.


According to St Fauci you need to be masked up and Locked Down when you have COVID.  You also need to be masked up and locked down when you do not have COVID.  It makes me wonder what difference COVID makes to that equation.

People are finally starting to demand an end to the lockdowns.  So, what can we expect when the lockdowns are lifted?  If we use Iowa as an example the answer is not much.  Iowa was in full lockdown and then their governor saw the light.  She lifted all restrictions 7 weeks ago on February 5th.  Below is what happened.  The red lines indicate the date lockdowns were lifted.

Lifting the lockdowns was a complete nonevent.  Cases and deaths have continued to drop.  7 weeks ago, the media criticized Governor Kim Reynolds for lifting the lockdown while the threat of new variants loomed.  Apparently new variants only affect you if you believe in Lockdowns.

It is not surprising that lifting lockdowns made no difference because instituting them also made no difference.  There is a lot of debate over the effectiveness of a lockdown.  There were papers published after the first season that concluded lockdowns worked.  After season 2 now we are seeing more papers concluding the opposite.  So, which is true?

I am an Engineer.  I work with real life problems every day.  One thing I find useful is finding the exceptions.  This is very difficult to do with Covid Lockdowns.  There seems to have been some collusion between countries over lockdowns.  Almost everyone locked down early on, so everyone looks the same.  There is one interesting test case, however.  Singapore delayed a little and I find the results very interesting.

Singapore saw cases earlier and locked down later that Europe.  That is not the only difference.  You may have remembered in March how the media constantly described how cases were growing exponentially.  This was language designed to frighten you and in almost every case it was false.  Exponential growth is a straight line on a semi log plot.  Singapore was one of the few countries that experienced exponential growth.  The orange line is a logarithmic scale, and you can see by the green line Singapore saw cases grow exponentially for 2 months.

This predictable exponential growth makes Singapore a great test.  Any Covid measure that worked should knock you below the line in 4 to 5 days (the incubation period for the virus).  Singapore closed their borders but initially took no internal measures.  On March 27th they instituted social distancing measures.  By March 27th almost every other country in the world was already locked down.

If social distancing worked, Singapore should have fallen below exponential growth within 4 to 5 days.  They did not.  Singapore found something that did not work so in typical government fashion 11 days later they did more of it.  On April 7th Singapore locked down.  About a month after most of Europe.

Cases in Singapore continued to rise exponentially for another 3 weeks.  The lockdown changed nothing.  Measures that failed to prevent the spread of the virus will not suddenly cause an outbreak when they are lifted.  This will come as a shock to all the lefties, but the virus is unaware of which regulations it is to follow.

Right now, cases are rising slightly in Alberta.  Neither lifting nor maintaining the lockdowns will have any effect on that.  Frankly, cases are rising in Alberta because not enough of us have been exposed to the virus.  Only about 3% of Albertans have tested positive.  Half of the countries in the world are already higher than that.  Herd immunity not lockdowns stop an outbreak, and we are probably not there yet.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    Number 1 DO NOT go get tested. Why give the province more numbers? Number 2 The Evil Troll does what the media ( who are told by the Ndp ) tell him to do. Vote his ass out in the next election, vote separatist.

  2. Tyrel
    Tyrel says:

    1. Awesome post
    2. Don’t get tested. Don’t buy into the scam.
    3. Vote Wild rose Independence Party / Maverick(wexit party). It will take time but voting for career politicians will make no change.

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