The Tides are Starting to Turn.

I saw this interesting video on Ivor Cummins twitter feed.  The video explains why it was so easy for politicians to get us to surrender our rights.


The norm for humans is to go along to get along.  Humans are a social animal.  It is uncomfortable even stressful to be rejected by the group.  To gain acceptance individuals will mold their beliefs to conform to the group’s beliefs.

The video makes an effective example of slavery.  Most people now believe that slavery is immoral.  Did everyone agree with slavery before?  The reality is that in the US 1.4% of people were slave owners.  That is a little misleading because ½ of the states had no slave owners and it was the head of the family who was the registered slave owner.  If you consider only where slavery was legal and the % of families that held slaves, the number rises to 20%.  Still, that means that even where slavery was legal 4 out of every 5 people did not participate.

The overwhelming majority of people had nothing to do with slavery yet very few people spoke out against it.  Go along to get along has very deep roots indeed.  Society is like a giant game of whack a mole.  If you keep your head down, you do not get hit.  For centuries people kept their heads down when it came to slavery.

I am sure it was easy to justify silence about slavery.  Most did not participate so it did not affect their lives.  They might have even voiced support just to get along.  Think about when it comes to Covid.  How many of the lockdown supporters have lost income?  The lockdowns do not affect their life.  They have no reason to stick their head above the crowd.

The problem of going with the crowd is that the crowd could be wrong, as it was with slavery.  Remember a small percentage of people who benefited from slavery were able to get the majority to accept slavery.  Think about the very small group of people pushing the “COVID is the end of the world” narrative.  The benefits to them have been enormous.  Politicians have secured their future income with election victories.  Billionaires have stolen wealth from ordinary people.

Historically small groups of people have been able to manipulate the mob by somehow claiming the moral high ground.  Very few people risk opposing them and be branded uncaring or heretical.  Covid regulations are enforced as much by Karen as they are by the government.

History shows that the tides do eventually turn.  Evil once considered righteous eventual is recognized for what it is.  When that happens, the rats will abandon the ship.  After WW2 people who cooperated with the Nazis tried to assume new identities and scatter into the wind.

The media have been the most important Karen of COVID 1984.  The destruction of lives and livelihoods could not have happened without them.  Lately the media has started to deny their involvement.  They are starting to criticize the lockdowns.

This is my favorite line from the article.

The burden of proof rests with those imposing such a dangerous policy, and they haven’t met it. There is still no proof that lockdowns save any lives — let alone enough to compensate for the lives they end.

Not only is the media trying to deny their involvement, but they are also pointing fingers directly at the government.  Apparently, they hope that no one will question their involvement.  They want us to overlook it was their job to demand the proof that was never provided.

The tides are turning; even politicians are starting to notice.

Someone needs to remind Dominatrix Deena and her evil Troll what happens when the tides turn.  People who enforce and support lockdowns do not occupy the moral high ground.  They will soon be recognized as evil.

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    • Trevor
      Trevor says:

      Wow! Good find Jason. That is something you would read in the most extreme dystopian novels or in a few bad dictatorships in history.

      These “people” are off the charts sick. To pay celebrities to say nice things about you murdering people with your destructive policies. We used to invade third-world countries to oust bad dictators like this. Now we elect them ourselves and their poll numbers go up the worse they hurt us. Hitler and Mao would be jealous.

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