A Hard Truth Based on Facts

When this whole COVID 1984 farce started we were told 3 things.

  1. This virus was the most infectious virus we have seen in Decades.
  2. This Virus was far more deadly than influenza.
  3. The only way to stymy the spread of the virus was to turn our economies off.

Of course, we now know that none of these statements are true.

At the time that these bold statements were made there was only data to support the first one.  In the lab the Sars CoV-2 virus seemed to be very contagious.  Not having data to support the last 2 did not stop politicians from repeating them.  It is not unusual for politicians to say things that are factually incorrect.  Most Politicians are incapable of telling the truth.  Incredibly, they do not even define truth the same way everyone else does.


To a politician it is possible to be truthful even if those pesky facts contradict your “truth”.

If you watch the news at all you might be surprised that I say the first statement is not true.  After all every night you are told of hundreds of new cases.  The pesky truthful fact is that only 2 countries have positive cases exceeding 10% of their population.  Right now, Canada sits at 2.4%.  This is after 2 full seasons of COVID.

So, in the lab COVID is very infectious but in a real system (the world) COVID only infects 1.2% to 5% per year.  Politicians will be quick to tell you that proves the 3rd statement is also true.  That would just be another “political truth” which in layman’s terms is a lie.  Not every country used harsh lockdowns.  After 2 seasons even places that did not use harsh lockdowns also have very low total infections.  Those that had a light touch (Finland, Sweden, Florida) range from 1.2% – 9.2% (0.6% and 4.6% yearly).  Those that did nothing (Belarus, South Dakota) range from 3.2% – 12.9% (1.6% and 6.45% yearly).

So why doesn’t the lab agree with the real world?  As an Engineer I regularly work with data from a real system that does not seem to match the theory.  Young engineers often tell me that is because the book is wrong.  I tell them the same thing every time.  If you are not using the book you are doing it wrong.  If you are getting results that you cannot explain it is because there is something about your system that you do not understand.

The misunderstanding often leads to a false assumption.  With COVID models the false assumption is that we are all susceptible to the virus.  The data would indicate that the majority will never get Covid.  By now this should be obvious and not all that surprising.  It is not unusual for some people to be more resistant than others.

Despite the precedent and the evidence our medical bureaucracies stubbornly refuse to accept that some sort of natural immunity exists.  This could be stupidity or simply that they have too much invested in their predictions to admit their mistake.  If you are not part of this clique it is not hard to see the truth through all those pesky facts.  This statistician notes that the models only work if you dramatically reduce the number of susceptible people.


To make the models work he had to assume up to 80% natural immunity.  This is not that farfetched.  Remember 83% of the people quarantined on the Diamond Princess did not get sick.  Also contact tracing shows 82% of people living in the same home as an infected person do not get sick.

As far as I know no one has tried to establish what the level of natural immunity to Sars CoV-2 is.  The data would indicate that it is quite high.  And now of course we suspect that it is largely due to cross T cell immunity and vitamin D sufficiency.  Here is another article discussing that.


contrary to what Joe Biden thinks you cannot have truth over facts.  Facts are the foundation of truth.  With the facts that are readily available to everyone you can define this truth.  Politicians destroyed lives and spent billions foolishly “fighting” a virus most of us will never get.