The Power of Big Pharma

This video both interesting and disturbing.  I do not know anything about this news station or news anchor.  I have seen her do some very unflattering stories on Justin Trudeau.  She was far more honest and accurate than any Canadian news media has been with respect to the man-child ruining Canada.  In this video she turns her attention to Pfizer.


Most countries have granted vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity.  They can not be sued for any damage their product does.  Even if the Damage was due to negligence.  Pfizer could roll out a toxic batch of vaccine because of an avoidable lab mistake without any repercussions.  This is incredible.  This is like a company selling cars without brakes having no responsibility for the accidents they cause.

Even that is not good enough for Pfizer.  Pfizer is apparently worried that government assurance and laws are not enough.  They want to hold government assets in trust that they can seize if the courts turn against them.

Think about what Pfizer is really saying here.  Pfizer is worried that the problems with their vaccine will be too large to be ignored.  They are worried that the damage will be so large that politicians will be forced to renege on their promises.  They are not exactly confident in their product, are they?

This is not surprising.  I have seen interviews where Pfizer’s president refused to say that the vaccine worked or that it was safe.  In another video he admitted that he has not taken it himself.

“I am 59 years old, I am in good health, I am not in the first line, so for my type it is not recommended to get vaccinated now,” explained the senior executive in an interview with CNBC . “As soon as I can, I will .”

After this interview Pfizer’s PR department realized just how damaging it was.  They issued a press release later stating the president has now been vaccinated.  In related news injuries from flying pigs are causing insurance premiums to rise worldwide.

Politicians all over the world jumped on the “COVID is the end of times” bandwagon.  They did this to improve their personal ratings.  They also found it way easier to govern when people voluntarily surrendered their rights in return for government protection.  All the politicians had to do was stoke fear and keep it alive.

Governments have been too successful at stoking fear.  Their people are now so fearful that they are demanding Vaccines at any cost.  Governments are finding the power they had is now in the Hands of companies like Pfizer.  Fear is a rabid dog.  Politicians used fear to get what they wanted.  They did not look ahead to when that rabid dog would turn and bite them in the ass.

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