Communism is not the Solution to Climate Change

I found this article yesterday.  A group of UK academics has come forward to save the planet from climate change.  They have a fool proof plan; all we must do is ration food and clothing.  If we can just make people cold enough and hungry enough the oceans will recede so quickly Al Gore’s beach front properties will no longer be in peril.  Immediately after reading the details of this clever solution to a nonexistent problem I went outside to shovel the driveway for the 3rd time in 24 hours.

I had time to think while I shoveled.  Or it might have been hallucinate since it was -25 C (-13 F) and I might have been hypothermic.  But, no matter how long I shoveled and thought I just could not agree with the academics’ conclusions. In fact I could not even understand why anyone would think a warmer earth would be a bad thing.

Fresh off saving the world from COVID by killing people with vaccines, academics and government have renewed their efforts to save us from climate change.  I wonder, how many people they will kill this time?  Make no mistake about it, climate change policies are deadly.  Far more deadly than warm weather.

It is not just the absurdity of ambulances trying to navigate around 15 minute prison bollards.


This is just routine government stupidity.  Routine government stupidity is deadly but usually only kills dozens.  The people at the top are never satisfied with dozens of deaths.  Their homicidal tendencies reach much higher than dozens of deaths.  Justin Trudeau has so much fun killing thousands of Canadians with COVID policies that he is ready to ramp up his game.  He wants to revive the largest killing apparatus of all time, communism.

Justin Trudeau is not fooling anyone.  His Just transition is just another name for central planning.  He is using the phony threat of Climate change to unjustly transition us to the Soviet economic system; a system that produced poverty, mass incarceration, and mass murder.

“This has been studied and studied and studied by an enormous number of people for a very long period of time. And the record of central planning has been miserable.”

Lee adds that “centralized planning collapses under its own weight” and needs an enormous amount of information and a “massive bureaucracy” to function, all while stifling innovation and healthy market forces.

Communism is not a solution for climate change.  Climate change has no, and requires no solution.  Scientists agree that CO2 has warmed the planet by 4 to 5 Celsius degrees already.  It did this by capturing about 80% of the available radiant energy.  Simple math tells me capturing the remaining energy will result in only about 1 degree of future warming.  When real scientists, rather than fake media experts, study climate they find we can expect 1 to 2 degrees of warming.  1 to 2 degrees of warming will be highly beneficial to humans; certainly far more beneficial than communism ever has been.

COVID was a small problem turned in to a disaster through government intervention.  CO2 induced global warming isn’t even a problem.  It is actually beneficial.  You must be a complete moron to believe that longer growing seasons and higher crop yields are something to be avoided.  The only reason we even speak about climate change is the unusually high concentration of morons infesting government, academia, and media.  Take this woman for instance.  She doesn’t just want to ration energy she wants to steal it back.


She believes the energy you paid for to charge your electric car actually belongs to her.  You were just storing it for when she might need it.  It is very convenient for her that you were storing it in the battery of the electric car that she forced you to buy.  Idiots who think they are geniuses are dangerous.  When they control governments like Justin Trudeau they are extremely dangerous.

During COVID we dutifully wore our masks, stood on the dots and followed the arrows on the floor.  Trudeau watched with joy and utter amazement for 2 years.  Our complete and unwavering compliance to the most ridiculous conditions ever imposed on a “free” society emboldened him to issue vaccine mandates.  Almost everyone lined up to take a treatment they did not need that they knew nothing about.  We proved to Justin that he can do anything he wants and what he wants is communism.  He has been very clear about that.

Compliance never leads to less tyranny.  You have a choice to make.  You can surrender everything to the government or you can push back.  If you want my advice don’t wait for the bollards to go up before you push back.