The New Normal incudes dangerous Precedents

In the spring of 2020 we were put in to a funnel that ended with forced vaccination.  Some like Justin Trudeau are trying to re-write history claiming that no one was forced to be vaccinated but that is simply not true.  Refusing the vaccine would result in unemployment and travel restrictions.  How many people do you know are financially independent and don’t need to work?  How many people do you know that have commitments that necessitate travel?  The people that tell Justin what to say knew that 80 to 90% of the population would have no choice but to get vaccinated.  They were not forced they just had no other option.

Under some circumstances forcing someone to take a proven vaccine can be justified but these things were not proven; they were not even vaccines.  That was the point of the whole exercise.  With COVID government established two very dangerous precedents.  First, that you can be forced to take any treatment the government chooses.  And second, that new drugs no longer need to be rigorously tested.  Anything Pfizer wants to sell will be approved by a handful of shareholders dissecting a few dozen rodents.

It is no wonder that Albert Bourla is giddy about the future of his Pfizer shares.


This is the dawn of a new age.  If you thought pharmaceutical profits were high before you ain’t seen nothing yet.  The new normal is exaggerated viral threats, lockdowns, forced vaccinations, wealth transfer, and obscene profits for the ruling class.  I bet you missed the part when they explained the end point of 2 weeks to flatten the curve.  I didn’t, it was there you just had to read in between the lines.  You never get back power you allow government to take.

Pfizer and government have achieved all their goals.  Not only have they set new precedents many people agree with them.  Many people don’t even need to be forced to accept new treatments.  The media managed to convince them the new treatment saved their life in particular even though there is no evidence any lives were saved.   Such is the power of marketing.

It is disturbing so many people were willing to accept everything without question.  That means this can all easily happen again.  There will be a new virus, a new threat, and a new mRNA injection.  It is not a matter of if, it is when and the answer to that is soon.  They are already planning the next one just as the planned COVID.


It was no accident that the funnel ended at forced vaccination.  This was all planned and part of the planning was to eliminate all known medical remedies.  Why else would the French have decided to make HCQ unattainable mere months before declaring a pandemic?  Do you really think that was a coincidence?  Nothing about COVID was natural.  The virus was engineered and intentionally released.  Then a carefully rehearsed plan was enacted.  It was always about profits and was never about a virus.