COVID policy worked perfectly, just not for COVID

The Surgeon General of the US has just discovered that isolation is not good for public health.  It is so bad that the impact on premature death is comparable to smoking.

 “Lacking connection can increase the risk of premature death to levels comparable to smoking daily,”

Wow this is huge.  The top doctor in the US has re-discovered science that is more than 1000 years old.  It is well documented and ancient science that tells us stress and isolation causes premature death.  So now the US surgeon general is finally questioning whether lockdowns were really a good idea after all.  I guess he is finally conceding that lockdowns were a bad idea but he still has no clue why lockdowns even happened.

But the crisis deeply worsened when COVID-19 spread, prompting schools and workplaces to shut their doors and sending millions of Americans to isolate at home away from relatives or friends.

Apparently it is just another COVID mystery what prompted businesses and schools to close.  I am a little confused by this.  I thought businesses and schools closed because sociopath Politicians and Bureaucrats mandated the closures.  But, I guess I am wrong.  When the political elite get on TV and tell you that if you don’t close you will go to prison you don’t really need to close.   Somehow you would have been allowed to continue operating your business from prison.  It really is odd that anything closed then isn’t it?

Governments knew that lockdowns would not work and would be harmful.  Lockdowns were designed to increase the number of people who died and it worked.  So did medical interference.  Government increased the body count by preventing doctors from re-purposing safe effective drugs.  Ivermectin was banned in many countries.  The excuse was that it had not been approved for off label use.  This is a lie.  Ivermectin already had many off label uses and now that the COVID narrative has collapsed it is suddenly approved for off label use again.

After a 628 day ban for no medical reason, the Australian TGA has decided that our doctors will be allowed to prescribe ivermectin “off label” again, like they did for decades without a problem.

Lockdowns and medical intervention did nothing other than increase the number of people who died.  That was the point of the whole exercise.  This was never about a virus or public health.


There is really only one unanswered question about the COVID pandemic; will you let them get away with this?

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