Pretending to save the planet is unaffordable in more ways than One

Politicians love to spend other people’s money which is why politicians love climate change.  Climate change is a great excuse to spend money.  I mean real money, billions and even trillions.  Justin Trudeau just gave Volkswagen 13 billion for his climate crusade.  According to Justin taking money from profitable enterprises to give to companies producing products that still require further government subsidies, is how you build an economy.

To put it lightly Justin is not much of an economist but that does not keep him from trying.  I am certain that this 13 billion will spur huge economic growth even though we have little to show for the previous billions he has spent.  Justin is willing to flush billions down the climate change rabbit hole but Justin is a piker compared to Joe Biden.  The US is planning to spend 50 trillion dollars without any expectation of changing the temperature.


Senator Kennedy just exposed the biggest absurdity of the climate cult.  The Cultists want to spend trillions to reverse climate change even though they have no idea if it will work.  I have discussed this in previous posts; the science is far from “settled”.  There are no equations that can be used to predict the temperature of the earth based on CO2 concentrations.  Sure there are climate models but every model gives a different answer and none of them reflect what actually happens.  Every single one of them is wrong.

A lie repeated a thousand times is still a lie.  There is no evidence that the planet is burning up because you did not spend $70,000 on a Tesla.  In fact there is no evidence that what we are seeing is not natural.  The temperature and rate of change is well within what should be considered normal.


Nothing unusual is going on.  The climate emergency is a fake emergency.  It is even more artificial than COVID.  At least with COVID there was an actual virus, albeit an engineered one that was released to convince us of an emergency.  People need to wake up.  You need to ask yourself if COVID and Climate change were both real emergencies how come these 2 very different situations have the same solution; lockdowns.


The COVID pandemic response had nothing to do with a virus just as climate change policies have nothing to do with climate.  They are both instruments of control and wealth transfer.  Politicians will spend until the public treasury is exhausted.  After that it will not matter because you will be imprisoned in your 15 minute city.  You will have no choice but to work for our new kings and queens in exchange for insects to eat and your prison cell.