When don’t Citizens matter?

Theoretically a government has an obligation to their citizens.  That obligation is very simple, enact policies that benefit the largest number of citizens possible.  There is great debate about what those policies might be.  Should the government re-distribute wealth or should they stay out of the way and allow people to create their own wealth.  It is an ideological debate with the same end point; benefiting citizens.

That is the theory, here is the reality.  Very few modern politicians believe they have any obligation to the citizens of their country.  For them the world is inverted.  Modern politicians believe their obligation is to the citizens of other countries.  Why else would they allow unrestricted illegal migration?

There is a deluge of people pouring over the American southern border.  Instead of treating these people for what they are, intruders, the US government is treating them as invited guests.  Taxpayers are paying to house these intruders in hotels all over the country and there are hundreds of thousands of them.  In New York alone 50% of the hotel rooms are occupied by migrants.

In 2019 there were 138,000 hotel rooms in New York City.  69,000 rooms with multiple people in each room means that in New York alone there are likely more than 200,000 intruders living off taxpayers.  Has anyone stopped to think about what this is costing?  There is of course the obvious cost of the hotel rooms but has anyone considered how many jobs will be lost due to this?

There are a lot of hotel rooms in NYC because normally a lot of people travel to NYC.  Hotel owners have no problem filling their rooms without freeloading invaders.  Normally these rooms are full of tourists and business people.  People who stay a short time.  The rooms get turned over regularly which requires and army of maids, laundry staff, bell hops, etc.  Not only do the normal occupants stay for a short period but they move around NYC spending a lot of money in restaurants, bars, shops, galleries, and theatres.  Those days of supporting thousands of jobs are over.

The rooms are now full of long term residents who do not go to restaurants or the theaters.  How long do you think it will be before these businesses start laying off staff?  This is not different than the lockdowns.  Wealthy political elite are pursuing their own selfish agenda.  Their agenda will be paid for by people with less than them.

Anything they do not get punished for they will do again.  In 2020 we allowed these sociopaths to classify waiters, maids, and bartenders as non-essential and force them in to unemployment.  For the greater good the lowest rung of the productive economic ladder were deemed expendable.  Here we are in 2023 and they are doing it again.  Gaining what they want at the expense of people who can afford it the least.  How many times will we allow them to do this before we say no?

Built Better for Whom?

Prior to Justin’s step father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau (PET) immigrants to Canada quickly assimilated and became Canadian.  Canada was a melting pot.  PET did not like that and he began to aggressively pursue multiculturalism.  New Canadians were encouraged to hold on to their culture and not assimilate because assimilation and getting along with others was now somehow bad.

Public Schools were enlisted to teach that the United States was a melting pot and Canada was multicultural.  I was of course taught that the Canadian approach was superior to the American though I could see no obvious advantages to multiculturalism.  It never made sense to me why someone would immigrate to Canada if they did not want to be Canadian.

Now that I am older multiculturalism makes sense.  I still have not found any inherent value in multiculturalism but I have come to understand the motivation behind it.  Politicians use multiculturalism as a weapon.

Western governments are also using multiculturalism to destroy our societies.  Prior to COVID multiculturalism was the most effective weapons governments wielded.  This is not about race it is about culture.  You can have a multi-racial society you just cannot have a multicultural society.  Culture is many things.  One of them is a common set of ideals and morals.  There is mutual agreement about what is right and what is wrong.

The political elite want to fundamentally change our societies but you can’t build something new before destroying the old.  History is very clear on how this can be done.  The best way to destroy a society that has persevered for centuries is to adopt multiculturalism.

The incentives for individuals to integrate themselves as Romans were also clear. A Gaul or a Spaniard did not get ahead by being a Gaul or a Spaniard but by becoming Roman. 

So why did Rome finally “fall?” In Der Fall Roms, Alexander Demandt famously provides 210 reasons. We will only consider one of the key reasons here: Rome’s shift from a “melting pot” to a “multicultural” system of managing its ethnic diversity. 

In a melting pot individuals get ahead by contributing to society.  In multiculturalism groups get ahead by taking from society.  Once each group claims their piece the society is gone; fragmented in to various ethnic and cultural enclaves.

PET may have acted sooner than most but Canada is certainly not alone on this destructive path.  Every multicultural society is seeing the destructive nature of multiculturalism.  Different Ethnic groups are carving out their enclaves with violence and fraud.  The balkanization of western society at this point likely cannot be stopped.







Multiculturalism, COVID and Climate Change are all part of the same plan.  The elite are tearing down societies that took centuries to build in order to build back better for their own interests.  They are not just fiddling while Rome burns.  They lit the fire and every day they pour fuel on it.

Don’t follow the Hype, follow the Math

For some reason the ridiculous claim that COVID vaccinations saved 19 million lives is circulating again on twitter.  The claim was made last year in the medical journal Lancet.  The claim was based on extrapolating increasing COVID deaths essentially forever.  The fact that the pandemic did not continue to rage was taken as proof the vaccines worked.  It was politically motivated junk science that should have never been published.

The first thing any scientist must consider is whether something else could explain the phenomena you are studying.  No pandemic or infectious outbreak has ever lasted forever.  They all peak and fall off naturally so how do you now the decline in COVID deaths was not natural?  The authors of the lancet paper basically discarded everything we know about pandemics and declared COVID would never have ended without the vaccines.  There conclusions are bullshit.

Since the paper was published many people have done rather detailed math and concluded the vaccines likely save no one.

Moreover, 30% to 40% is not necessarily the true effectiveness. We have clear evidence of ‘healthy vaccinee bias‘, a type of confounding bias, in both the U.S. and the U.K.. People of the same age who were vaccinated against Covid were healthier, on average, than their unvaccinated counterparts, as evident by lower non-Covid mortality. Therefore, the unbiased VE should be smaller. For example, a modest bias correction factor around 1.5 would drive VE of 40% close to zero.

Billions have been vaccinated under the slogan”safe and effective’.

It was neither.

I don’t know why they bothered.  The math is really quite simple something I pointed out in October of last year.  You only need to consider 2 things.  First by their design it is impossible for the COVID jabs to prevent a single infection.

When the mRNA vaccines were introduced we were told that they were +95% effective at preventing infection.  Anthony Fauci and other hoaxers went on television to claim the vaccines would stop the virus in its tracks.  This was a lie.  It is impossible for any intramuscular injection to produce immunity to airborne viruses.  These charlatans know that to be true, this is why pharmaceutical companies are working on nasal spray flu vaccines.  For immunity against airborne viruses you must produce an antibody response at the point of infection which is the airways.

And that the ratio of deaths to infection did not change after vaccinating 90% of the population.

If the vaccines don’t prevent infection but do prevent serious infection then infections may not go down but deaths should.  The ratio of deaths per infection should go down dramatically after vaccination programs start.  So did that happen?  No it did not

Here is how that math works.  Let’s assume that over a set period of time 1% of people will get infected and die from COVID.  If no one gets jabbed then everyone is in the same boat and in a group of 10,000 people 100 will die.  Now we jab 90% of the people.  The jabs cannot prevent infection so the same number of people gets infected but the Jabs save 50% of the people.  Remember that is the claim the jabs do not prevent infection but they do prevent severe infection and death.

So without the jab 1% die but with the Jab only 50% of the 1% die.  The ratio of deaths to infection for the jabbed is 0.5% while the un-jabbed remain the same at 1%.  With that we get the following numbers.

  • In an un-jabbed world 1% of 10,000 people die so total deaths are 100.
  • With 90% jabbed and the jabs work 50% of the time we have 0.5% of 9,000 dying and 1% of 1,000 people dying. 45 jabbed people and 10 un-jabbed people die for total deaths of 55 people out of 10,000; a ratio of 0.55%.

Using that quick math we can see that a 50% effective treatment would have caused the infection fatality ratio to drop from 1% to 0.55% and that did not happen.  The only way the jabs could work without changing the death to infection ratio would have been if the virus suddenly became far more deadly to un-jabbed.  The 45 deaths prevented in the jabbed group would have to occur in the un-jabbed group so total deaths in the un-jabbed would be 55 out of 1000 or 5.5%.  Do you really think a virus would sudden become 5.5 times more dangerous?

The only reason I can think of for these ridiculous claims to re-surface is that the government is planning a new vaccination program.  They are priming people to believe the vaccines saved them last time so this winter, when there is a new variant or a brand new virus, you will line up for the new “vaccine”.  Don’t fall for this again.  MRNA injections are not vaccines and they did not work.

To make things worse, apply Government Liberally

The only problems that government ever solves are problems that government caused in the first place.  Their solutions invariably make things worse and cause a whole host of new problems requiring government intervention.  Many western countries have a problem with escalating food prices.  This is 100% the fault of government.  Energy taxes, green energy, and rampant deficit spending have increased input costs and caused runaway inflation.  So far the solution has been to threaten grocery stores.

Minister of State Neale Richmond has called an emergency meeting of the retail forum for Wednesday afternoon amid soaring food and grocery costs, which are putting extra strain on families already hit by increases in energy bills.

Ireland has issued an ultimatum, either grocery stores voluntary start losing money or the government will force them to lose money with wage and price controls.  This is government 101 pick something that does not work and do it again.  The knee jerk reaction to inflation caused by government is always wage and price controls.  Wage and price controls are disgusting for 2 reasons.  First it is the government down loading their problems on the private sector and second they do not work and always make things worse.

Canada has a housing crisis which is causing rent escalation.  The solution in British Columbia is controlling prices by capping rent increases at 2% per year.  The problem is that government has escalated operating and mortgage costs way more than 2% per year.  Landlords can choose to go bankrupt or evict the tenant to sell the house.  The new owner is free to start over with a new renter at a much higher rent.  This now results in 85% of all evictions.

This province is an outlier in the national data for another reason revealed for the first time: The vast majority of evictions in B.C. — 85 per cent — are deemed to be at “no fault” of the tenants, and that rate is far greater than the national average of 65 per cent.

Eventually the government will move to stop this which will cause landlords to go bankrupt and default on mortgages.  Existing homes will fall in to disrepair and become unlivable while no new homes get built.  There will ultimately be fewer homes in a market that already has too few homes.  But that does not matter; according to Canada’s federal housing commissar more homes is not a solution to not having enough homes.

B.C. Conservative MP Tracy Gray questioned Houle, asking, “Would you agree part of the solution is we do need more building of houses in order to bring prices down?”

Houle replied that “this is not how housing works.”

Apparently the law of supply and demand does not apply to housing, at least not in Canada.  According to Marie-Josée Houle the problem is really capitalism.  She believes capitalism does not work and we should never have allowed housing to be sullied by capitalism.

She noted that “the market needs to be regulated,” adding that “markets are not working well” and that “we have let housing be market-driven.”

Housing must be regulated in order to avoid the current problems that were paradoxically caused by regulation.  For these insightful comments Marie-Josée Houle is paid $174,000 per year of your tax dollars.

This is precisely why Canada is rapidly becoming a failed state.  Our governments are stocked full of ideological morons like Marie-Josée Houle; people who believe market forces will bend to their will.  The solution to a housing crisis caused by government is not more government.  The solution is simple but not quick or painless.

  1. Stop pouring gas on the fire. Eliminate immigration until the problem is under control.
  2. Allow rents to rise to incentivize construction of more housing.
  3. Lower input costs by reducing taxes.
  4. Eliminate regulations that do nothing other than increase the time and money required to build new projects.

Canadian governments have created a problem that will take years to fix even if they get out of the way which they are not willing to do.  We need to stop giving government the option of getting involved.  It only ever makes things worse.

Not safe, and not worth the Risk

This morning I found and article detailing the trouble 2 women have had finding help for their vaccine injuries.  Both women suffered nerve damage.  One woman took AstraZeneca the other Pfizer.  The article was very sensitive to the women’s plight but did take the time to let you know that while serious vaccine injuries were rare.

At the same time, public-health authorities, anxious to promote vaccination, played down risks that were real if rare

That statement is true but in keeping with the standard of modern journalism it is also very misleading.  Rare is a comparative word.  Compared to the number of people who received the jabs severe reactions are rare.  Compared to the track record of other vaccines and medical treatments, COVID vaccine injuries are not rare.  This is obvious when you consult the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).  Injuries from the COVID vaccines dwarf the total of all injuries from all other vaccines.

And VAERS is just the tip of the iceberg.  There has been a coordinated effort to manipulate VAERS data by eliminating injury records.  One of the victims is an MD and she tried to report her injuries to VAERS 9 times without success.

She says she filed nine reports with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, or Vaers, the government surveillance system that is supposed to track possible side effects, and “nobody has ever contacted me.” She also filed reports with Pfizer, which she says didn’t respond.

This is the state of science in the 21st century.  A single hot day or storm is irrefutable proof CO2 is destroying the planet but millions of vaccine injuries are not proof the COVID jabs are unsafe.  In science the purpose of experiments and data collection is not to prove your theory, it is an attempt to refute your theory.  Millions of pieces of supporting data are inconsequential if there is one single data point that does not fit.

It does not matter how many people got jabbed without complications.  That is does not prove the hypothesis that the jabs are safe.  What matters is how many people were injured.  With the COVID vaccines we have millions of data points that say the vaccines are not safe.

The question always should have been are the risks worth it?  Still, more than 2 years later no one is asking that question.  No one is asking because everyone already knows the answer.  The Jabs are not safe and are not worth the risk.

Excess deaths are not a Mystery

One of the most under reported stories of all times is the epidemic of sudden death that is currently entering its 3rd year.  If present trends continue countries like Denmark are on their way to extinction.

For 2 years in a row now deaths have significantly outnumbered births.  You would think imminent extinction would be a topic of some concern but you would be wrong.  The media believes that miss-gendering is a far more important story.

Thousands of people dying can’t be completely ignored however, so some journalists have paid a passing interest to the mounds of bodies.  Their usual approach is to treat the deaths as some sort of mysterious, unexplainable anomaly.

Tens of thousands more Brits were dying than expected and experts aren’t quite sure why that is.

He explained: “Once those poor people have been packed off, the remaining population should be healthier, there should be a period afterwards where deaths are lower than usual but that hasn’t happened.”

Everyone acknowledges that this is not normal but no one seems at all alarmed by it.  Not all deaths are created equal.  Excess deaths due to COVID gave us no option but to shut the world down and submit to the profit motives of big pharma.  These excess deaths are simply a curiosity to be reported on slow news days.

Despite being constantly reported as a mystery the rise in deaths and drop in births is easily explainable.  Every sane person in the world knows what happened in 2021 that resulted in such a dramatic shift in 2022 and 2023.  This was and is a crime.  People need to go to prison.

The Dose makes the Poison

I came across this study a few days ago that shows spike proteins can cause brain damage.  This is just one more study documenting the toxic effects of the spike protein.  So are we finally able to admit using the spike proteins as a treatment for COVID is very bad idea?  Vaccine advocates will point out that a natural infection will also expose you to spike proteins.  The question is then, what is the greater risk?  Do you get more spike proteins from the jab or from the virus?

This is a very important question.  Even water is dangerous if you consume too much.  I am not aware that anyone has tried to answer this question by actually measuring spike protein concentrations but I think we can let common sense be our guide.

A natural infection runs its course in 14 days.  After that the virus no longer replicates; no more spike proteins are produced.  Jabs and regular boosters cause your body to produce spike proteins for months after each injection.  Which do you think exposes you to more spike proteins?

Quite obviously the jabs expose you to a much higher concentration of the poison for a longer period of time than a natural infection.  That is precisely why the jabbed have problems that naturally infected un-jabbed people do not.  Serious problems like heart attacks, strokes, nerve damage and even blindness.

Everyone involved with the jabs knew the spike protein was toxic and that they could not control the concentration you would be exposed to.  They knew it was Russian roulette and they went ahead anyway.  Their profits were more important than your life.

The Choice of mRNA cannot be Defended

The COVID vaccine study co-authored by Dr. Christine Stabell Benn that I discussed in April 2022 has finally been published.  The study looked at the various COVID vaccines over a longer period than the 6 month fraudulent studies produced by the manufacturers to get emergency use authorization.  Instead of focusing solely on COVID this study considered overall mortality.

A medication that does not reduce overall mortality should never be approved yet sadly not all COVID vaccines reduced overall mortality.  In fact there was a wide difference in outcomes with a clear winner and a clear loser.  The clear winner was Johnson and Johnson and the loser was Pfizer.  Over the study period J&J reduced overall mortality while Pfizer increased mortality.  You read that correctly, Pfizer killed more than they saved although the difference was not statistically significant.

It does not surprise me that one treatment might be better than the other.  J&J and Pfizer use different technologies and doses.  J&J is a single dose using an adenovirus as a delivery mechanism while the Pfizer mRNA technology is multiple doses using lipid nanoparticles.  What I find much more interesting is something that the study does not address; which one did we use more often?

The most effective vaccine J&J was the least used of the 4 major vaccines.  Pfizer the most deadly of the 4 choices was used the most by a very wide margin.

As I mentioned these results were already out in preprint by Q2 2022 yet governments everywhere continued to use the vaccine with the worst track record.  People given the J&J vaccine were even coerced into taking a Pfizer booster.  There was a better choice and government did not take it.  You should be asking why?

I still maintain that the best choice was always to do nothing for anyone other than high risk groups.  Even the J&J vaccine did not prevent infection or transmission so there was still no public health benefit.  For low risk people COVID was easily as survivable as the vaccine.

None of the vaccines made any sense if you do not consider profits and kickbacks.  The mRNA vaccines were more expensive to buy, store, and transport than the Adenovirus vaccines.  They did not make sense scientifically or financially.  You were robbed of your taxes and your health.  This was a crime.

If only the courts would save us

Canadian Vaccine mandates are finally being challenged in the courts.  The BC Supreme Court has allowed a carter rights challenge to proceed.

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has rejected an attempt by provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry to throw out a case alleging her office infringed on the Charter rights of health-care workers when she issued orders requiring they get two COVID-19 vaccines to continue working.

This is nice to see but I wish it were happening outside of Canada.  A suit like this has almost no chance of succeeding in Canada.  The basis of the lawsuit is that vaccine mandates violate Canadian’s rights.  The problem with that approach is that Canadians do not have rights; it says so in our charter of rights and freedoms.

Rights and freedoms in Canada

1 The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees the rights and freedoms set out in it subject only to such reasonable limits prescribed by law as can be demonstrably justified in a free and democratic society.

The very first paragraph of the document says that governments can at any time pass a law that limits any of the rights found in the document.  That statement means there are no rights in the document; only privileges that can be revoked at any time.  It is enshrined in Canadian law that Canadians do not have rights.

Even if Canadians had rights the chance of success would still be low.  Every institution in Canada is corrupt including the courts.  The basic fundamentals of a functioning democracy in Canada are broken beyond repair.  Canadians can be criminally prosecuted for disagreeing with Justin Trudeau and health services are contingent on displaying fealty to government.

Canada has a reputation on the world stage as a caring just society but it is all a façade.  In the real Canada, government taxes you into poverty and then offers assisted suicide as the only way out.  You read that correctly.  The Trudeau Liberals solution to poverty is to kill poor people and then import millions more from third world countries.  Canadian government is not just immoral it is insane.  If we had a functioning judiciary none of this would have happened.


The futility of Elections

A couple days ago this great short clip on the club of Rome was posted on twitter.  The Club of Rome was a bunch of rich people who believed that they were special and therefore should rule the world.


That clip was from 50 years ago and even though the players have changed the game has remained the same.  Rich powerful people have managed to place themselves above governments.  They determine policy and hand it down to useful idiots like Justin Trudeau.


People you do not vote for and do not know are the ones making all the decisions.  Governments just enforce the decisions.  That is why you were subject to COVID house arrest and cameras are being installed to enforce 15 minute prisons.  No one voted for any of that but we got it anyway.  We can vote for different politicians but the moment our rights infringe on the “plan” we will lose them again.

This will continue until we stand up en-masse and say no.  Sadly I think COVID told us that will not happen.  The new kings and queens of the 21st century will continue to rule from the shadows without opposition.

It is worth noting that none of the computer model predictions from 1973 came to pass.  The people behind the curtain are not special.  They are not smarter than you are me.  Given their unblemished record of being wrong 100% of the time, we can conclude they really are not all that smart; but they are dangerous.  Stupid people, who think they are smart, or worse think they are gods, are very dangerous.