Excess deaths are not a Mystery

One of the most under reported stories of all times is the epidemic of sudden death that is currently entering its 3rd year.  If present trends continue countries like Denmark are on their way to extinction.

For 2 years in a row now deaths have significantly outnumbered births.  You would think imminent extinction would be a topic of some concern but you would be wrong.  The media believes that miss-gendering is a far more important story.

Thousands of people dying can’t be completely ignored however, so some journalists have paid a passing interest to the mounds of bodies.  Their usual approach is to treat the deaths as some sort of mysterious, unexplainable anomaly.

Tens of thousands more Brits were dying than expected and experts aren’t quite sure why that is.

He explained: “Once those poor people have been packed off, the remaining population should be healthier, there should be a period afterwards where deaths are lower than usual but that hasn’t happened.”

Everyone acknowledges that this is not normal but no one seems at all alarmed by it.  Not all deaths are created equal.  Excess deaths due to COVID gave us no option but to shut the world down and submit to the profit motives of big pharma.  These excess deaths are simply a curiosity to be reported on slow news days.

Despite being constantly reported as a mystery the rise in deaths and drop in births is easily explainable.  Every sane person in the world knows what happened in 2021 that resulted in such a dramatic shift in 2022 and 2023.  This was and is a crime.  People need to go to prison.