The Dose makes the Poison

I came across this study a few days ago that shows spike proteins can cause brain damage.  This is just one more study documenting the toxic effects of the spike protein.  So are we finally able to admit using the spike proteins as a treatment for COVID is very bad idea?  Vaccine advocates will point out that a natural infection will also expose you to spike proteins.  The question is then, what is the greater risk?  Do you get more spike proteins from the jab or from the virus?

This is a very important question.  Even water is dangerous if you consume too much.  I am not aware that anyone has tried to answer this question by actually measuring spike protein concentrations but I think we can let common sense be our guide.

A natural infection runs its course in 14 days.  After that the virus no longer replicates; no more spike proteins are produced.  Jabs and regular boosters cause your body to produce spike proteins for months after each injection.  Which do you think exposes you to more spike proteins?

Quite obviously the jabs expose you to a much higher concentration of the poison for a longer period of time than a natural infection.  That is precisely why the jabbed have problems that naturally infected un-jabbed people do not.  Serious problems like heart attacks, strokes, nerve damage and even blindness.

Everyone involved with the jabs knew the spike protein was toxic and that they could not control the concentration you would be exposed to.  They knew it was Russian roulette and they went ahead anyway.  Their profits were more important than your life.